Star Trek Defiance: Abduction

Chapter 6

In Arsenal’s dream he is outside laying on the lawn chair with Carrie laying on top and cuddled close to him as Ty and Joey played in the yard before them. Carrie sighed and said, “What a beautiful day.” Arsenal looked out into the yard with a blank expression and he said, “Do you want to go inside?” Carrie replied, “Later.” She embraced him more as she moaned agreeably and said, “You’re the most amazing husband anyone can ask for. Protecting and caring so much for me, and willing to do anything to keep me happy and safe.” Arsenal looked down at her and smirked before he started stroking her red hair. Carrie said, “I love you Arnie.” Arsenal grimaced as he struggled to speak and finally said, “I, love you, too, Carrie.” And he wrapped his other arm around her as he embraced her.

Once Michael opened the door one of the lab coated alien’s looked directly at him, but before Michael could react a scalpel flew from behind him and struck the alien directly in the middle of its faceless head, deep, before it flopped to the floor. The other alien over Arsenal looked up and made a shocking moan as it happened and Chloe jumped forward as she ran and punched the alien directly into its faceless head, knocking it to the floor. Michael saw the third alien sitting behind a computer and he threw his key card at it and the card flew by slicing its throat and sending green blood spraying across the room and at its computer monitor as it grabbed its own throat and made gurgling noises before it flopped forward on its desk lifeless with green blood still spilling out.

Arsenal continued to stare out into the yard as the children played till he fell asleep. As he slept he heard Carrie’s upset voice and angry voice as she spoke and ridiculed him of having no emotions because he is just a machine and will never understand what she is feeling before he was forced out of Tenchi and Ryoko’s home. In his growing anger of Carrie ridiculing him he heard unpronounceable moaning sounds and felt a sharp instrument next to his right hand. Just after the alien was punched in the face by Chloe and knocked down the alien scrambled up and grabbed an air breathing mask and is about to apply it over Arsenal’s mouth when suddenly Arsenal grabbed the scalpel next to his right hand and stabbed the alien directly into its left ear as he tore the restraint apart with ease and twisted the scalpel, making a sharp snap sound before the alien fell to the floor with green blood leaking out of its ear. Chloe looked at Arsenal in shock as he killed the alien and he tore through his other restraints with ease as he grabbed the table he was laying on, ripped it right off its hinges from the floor in one pull and threw it, as he roared, at the two way window. The four aliens standing behind the window stood there as if in shock and when Arsenal roared and threw the table at them, they had little time to react when the table smashed through the window and knocked them all down at once. Arsenal breathed heavily as Michael and Chloe looked on in shock and Chloe said, “How were you able to wake yourself up?” Arsenal looked back and said, “Bad memories.” As Arsenal suited up in his black robotic suit and helmet, Michael looked down at the tracking device, turned and pointed at the wall behind them and said, “Okay, behind this wall is where Goku is...” Before he could finish Arsenal charged forward as he roared and smashed through the metal wall with his fists with ease and crushed an alien behind it as it sat behind a computer terminal. Michael looked on in shock and said, “Or you can do that.” He and Chloe entered the observation room as Arsenal opened the glass door and entered where Goku is strapped down when suddenly the alarm went off. Michael sighed and said, “Well that’s just great.” Goku suddenly awoke and yelped, “Hey what’s going on!” He looked up to see Arsenal standing over him and Goku cringed in fear as Arsenal made a low growl and said, “Escaping.” And he tore the restraints off Goku with ease before he, Michael, Chloe and Arsenal stood next to the door and he said, “Hey, where’s Minos?” Michael replied, “We’re going to get him, just follow my lead.” He looked at the tracker and saw various red dots moving about but not in their direction yet and Michael opened the door and looked out to see the coast is clear, even as the alarm continued to sound, before they left the room.

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