Star Trek Defiance: Abduction

Chapter 7

Once they were outside and walked a few steps till Michael stopped as he looked at his tracker and saw four aliens that are heading towards them from the room on the left and Michael raised his hand to stop the others. Michael turned and whispered, “Four coming from the left!” He looked at Arsenal and said, “Arsenal, do what you do best.” Arsenal smirked and he stood in front of the door, ready, and when it started to open Arsenal roared, charged and smashed the door down as he clobbered the alien soldiers and slammed them up against the wall or trampled them under his feet rendering them unconscious. They turned down the left hallway next to the room and three more soldiers appeared, surprising Michael, and in quick session Michael vaporized them all before they raised their guns. Michael looked at the tracker before he pulled out the key card and was about to slide it at the door to his right when suddenly Arsenal kicked it down and charged at the lone alien that was standing over Minos and slammed the alien’s back up against the wall before Arsenal let him crumpled onto the floor unconscious. Michael looked stunned at Arsenal, as Goku tried to wake Minos, before looking at the card and back at him and tossed it over his shoulder and said, “I’ll just leave the door access to him.” Once Minos is awake Goku ripped the straps off before Minos grabbed his sword and sheathed it behind his back. Minos said, “Do you know where the ship is?” Michael pulled up his tracker and said, “It should...” All of a sudden four alien soldiers appeared at the doorway with their laser guns drawn and pointed at them. The lead one made demanding moaning sounds and Michael raised his hands, as did the others in confusion, except Chloe as she glared at the aliens when suddenly she threw a fired a blade from her right wrist and struck the far left alien in the throat as it stumbled back while grabbing its throat as green blood began oozing out. The other aliens stumbled to the side as if they were shocked as they either looked at her or their comrade as he fell and squirmed on the floor and Chloe immediately kneeled and pulled out one of her hand guns and fired two rounds hitting two aliens directly into their faceless heads. The fourth alien aimed its gun at Chloe but as soon as it did the forward half of his arm is chopped off as Minos swung his sword, leaving the alien making loud moans that seem like it was on the verge of screaming as it swung its stumpy arm spraying green blood everywhere till it fell and squirmed on the floor.

Michael and Goku cringed at the messy site and Michael said, “I hate to be those dudes.” They exited the room, stepping over the squirming alien, when all of a sudden six more alien soldiers appeared right in front of them. Before they could aim their guns Chloe fired at a pipe over the aliens heads and the pipe ruptured and rained water down on them. Chloe then fired at what appears to be a cable box to the left of the hallway and it blew apart sending a severed cable falling down and touching the wet deck and the aliens convulsed and shook as they are electrocuted till the water stopped spilling out from the pipe and the alien soldiers, now looking charcoal black fell on the dry deck lifeless and smoking. Two more alien soldiers appeared from a room on the left side of the hallway and just as they noticed Michael and the others, Chloe threw two stars and struck each of the aliens directly at their faceless heads and they crumpled onto the floor. Michael looked at Chloe with an impressed expression and said, “Not bad babe.” Chloe glared at him and said, “Don’t call me that, and next time watch your tracker before stepping out into the open moron.” Michael looked away irritated and said, “Come on. Let’s move before more of them arrive.” He looked down at his tracker as he and the others continued onward, stepping over the smoldering alien carcasses.

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