Star Trek Defiance: Abduction

Chapter 8

They followed Michael till the hallway changed where the right side has windows viewing the outside and they saw the Runabout being towed by a tracker beam from one of the flying saucers. They all looked either shocked or disappointed and Minos said, “Great, now how are we supposed to get to it?” Michael looked at his tracker and scrolled through the screen as his robotic eyesight translated the language till he found the word, “Transport” and it created a line on the map where they are located to a set of stairs leading down. Michael pointed in that direction and said, “I think I found a way.” He lead them down the stairs as they ran to a hallway with more rooms but the doors were spaced out more and are hardened metal. As they continued a large set of doors opened to their right and around a dozen alien soldiers appeared to their amazement. The soldiers suddenly raised their rifle and before Michael and the others could react Goku extended both of his hands and fired a red energy beam as he screamed and there was a large explosion where the soldiers were as Michael and the others covered their eyes from the light and blaze. When the light dissipated, Michael and the others looked and saw parts of the area in front of them is covered with flames with no soldiers in sight. They entered the hallway where the alien soldiers were and Michael looked at Goku, frowned and said, “Not bad.” Chloe looked at Goku angrily and said, “You could have caused a hull rupture you fucking moron!” Goku looked at her frustrated and said, “Hey, a thank you would be nice!” Michael got between them with his hands up and said, “Okay you guys lets...” There was a sound of tromping boots and more alien soldiers appeared behind them. As soon as one of them raised its rifle Minos drew his sword and in one swing he sliced off the hands of the soldier as it fell back and moaned loudly in pain while green blood sprayed/oozed out of his wrists as he fell back.

The alien soldiers and Michael and the others looked at each other and at Minos amazed. Michael noticed the soldiers are holding onto their rifles tightly and Michael and the others looked worried and stood ready to fight when Michael shouted happily, “Time to rock and roll baby!” He pressed a button on a CD player on his belt and it played, barely audible, “Spirit in the Sky” By Norman Greenbaum. Chloe and the others looked confused, but the alien soldiers ignored the music and raised their rifles and laser sidearms only Goku saw they first and sped through and kicked and punched each of them across the face, stomach and back in a flash. Arsenal roared and barreled through crushing any soldier’s in his wake and grabbed random soldiers and tossed them to the side like they are toy dolls. Chloe screamed in anger as she charged at the surprised soldiers that were distracted by Goku and Arsenal as she jumped in the air and punched the nearest soldier in the throat and kicked its chest sending it flying on its back. The alien soldiers quickly approached Michael only he charged at them and immediately punched one directly in the ribs and immediately crumpled and moaned loudly in pain as Michael grabbed and twisted another’s arm and repeatedly punched it in the face before grabbing it, lifting it up over his head as he yelled and threw the soldier in front of him, knocking down three others in his path. Chloe elbowed one in the face when another alien grabbed her and tired to pin her to the wall only for Chloe to put her feet up against it. She pinned the alien’s head under her chest and arms as she pushed herself off, flipped over and landed on the deck with a loud snap noise as she snapped the alien’s spine.

In the massive brawl the aliens continued to charge after Michael and when one ran up to him Michael kneeled, grabbed hold of it and threw it over his head. As another approached Michael kicked it in its midsection and it flew backwards hitting the far wall of the hallway outside and bounced off and landed on the deck unconscious. One of the alien’s aimed its rifle at Michael’s face, but Michael immediately grabbed it and turned his head to the side as the alien fired and vaporized one of his colleagues behind Michael and Michael yanked the rifle from his grasp, swung it and hit the alien across the face knocking it flat on the floor as Michael looked at the butt of the rifle and saw it was smashed off. Michael frowned impressed and tossed the rifle to the side as another alien charged at him and he punched it directly at its faceless head and knocked it flat on its back. Minos swung his sword and cut through an alien’s body armor before he kicked it in the chest and as he saw two aliens drawing their rifles Minos swung his sword up, cutting one alien’s arm, before bringing it down, and cutting off the other alien’s arm and the two aliens moaned loudly as they fell to the floor with green blood oozing from where the arms were. Goku continues speeding through the fight punching and kicking alien soldiers out of his way, sending them flying into walls or on the floor like they were rag dolls till he grabs a couple of the alien soldiers and threw them to the wall where they bounced off and kicks each of them in the head. The rest of the aliens then moaned hysterically and they ran away from them in the hallway that they first appeared from as Michael and the others stood waiting as if more were coming, but no one did. Michael breathed heavily and said, “I guess we’re too tough to handle.” Chloe sarcastically replied, “Spare me.” They continued down the short hallway till they reached a large set of reinforced steel doors with the word “Transport” labeled above. Michael made a weak laugh and looked at Arsenal and said, “Arsenal, your up.” Arsenal made an agreeable growl and approached the large doors, grabbed each end in the center and began pushing them apart. There was a straining metal sound as Arsenal grunted and the doors started to peel back when sparks began to issue forth from the sides.

The doors opened slowly as Arsenal continued to push till he extended his arms all the way leaving a large gap enough for him to walk through. Arsenal then stood on the side and made an agreeable grunt and Michael smirked and nodded at him and said, “Thank You bro!” Just as the others were about to enter two alien soldiers appeared in front of them with their laser rifles raised and pointed at them. They began to make speaking moans when suddenly Goku disappeared behind Michael and Chloe and in lighting speed kicked both the rifles off the alien’s hands before grabbing both of their heads and slammed both of them together, rendering them unconscious. Michael looked at Goku in amazement and said, “Oh you have to show me how to do that.” Goku said, “Sure, once we get out of here in one piece!” Michael and the others entered the bare room with only a large control console in the center and Michael pushed various buttons cautiously and Goku looked at him concerned and said, “You do know how to work this right?” Michael shrugged his shoulders and made a worry grimace and said, “Sort of.” Chloe, Minos and Goku looked at him shocked and they all began speaking at once and Michael looked irritated and said, “Dudes chill! I’m trying to read their language here! Just, give me a second!” Goku, Chloe and Minos looked at each other worriedly and shook their heads while Arsenal, meanwhile, crossed his arms behind them and shakes his head a little. After a few moments, and pressing almost pressing all the buttons and pulled all the levers, five separate transporter like pads appeared from the floor in front of the console and Michael said, “All right, get on.” Goku looked at him questionably and said, “Are you sure?” Michael sighed and looked irritated and replied, “Yes I’m sure, go!” They all stepped onto the pads hesitantly as Michael pressed a few more buttons before rushing onto his pad and they all dematerialized.

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