Star Trek Defiance: Abduction

Chapter 9

Once they rematerialized onto the bridge of the Runabout, they immediately went to their seats and Michael pressed a button and all the lights and various systems powered up. Michael pressed a few buttons and said, “Weapons status?” Arsenal replied, “Operational.” Michael said, “Target the main tractor beam array at the underbelly!” Arsenal pressed a few buttons and said, “Locked on.” Michael yelled, “Fire!” Arsenal pressed a button and a single phaser beam fired from the Runabout and struck a satellite dish beneath the saucer and it exploded releasing the Runabout from the blue beam that was surrounding the ship. The Runabout then turned hard about and sped away at full impulse as one of the small flying saucers suddenly appeared right in front of the Runabout. Arsenal pressed a couple of buttons till he pressed a red button on his console and two electrical blue balls of light fired from the attached weapons platform on top of the Runabout and struck the saucer sending bolts of electricity dancing about the ship as it drifted in space. Arsenal said, “Ship immobilized.” Michael said, “Engage warp drive now!” Minos looked at Michael nervously and said, “What heading?” Everyone, except Arsenal, turned to Minos and said, “ANYWHERE!” Minos looked both stunned and frightened before quickly turning back to his console and the Runabout turned to starboard as the saucers started approaching them when suddenly the Runabout went to warp leaving a blue streak from their warp trail behind it.

Michael and the others fell back in their seats and sighed with relief. Michael said, “Status.” Arsenal replied, “Not followed.” Michael said, “Good, I can take over from here. You all get some rest.” Chloe said, “Wait a minute, who are those things and why did they abducted us? For all we know they could be in league with you know who!” Michael sat back in his chair, relaxed, and said, “Don’t worry about the Minders, they are not in league with Serenity.” Chloe, Goku and Minos looked at him confused and Goku said, “Minders?” Michael replied, “Yes, they abducted people in order to see their dreams or created their own versions of reality shows so they can have something to see. After all, they can’t see or taste like any normal people do.” Minos said, “So they abduct people in order to satisfy their pleasure of sight?” Michael replied, “Exactly.” Goku said, “What about food? If I was them I would be going crazy!” Michael said, “Unfortunately I don’t feel like sticking around there longer to find out.” Goku frowned and said, “Point taken.” Minos said, “What do you suggest we do in the meantime?” Michael then reached beneath the console and pulled out a CD that said, “Groove Mix Vol. 2” And he inserted the disk in the CD player on top of his console before pressing the play button and he said, “I don’t know about you, but I’m going to chill.” Then the song “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley played as he sat back in his chair with his hands behind his head as he tried to relax while Arsenal, Minos and Chloe (as she rolled her eyes) left and Chloe said to herself, “Give me a break.” Leaving only Goku accompanying Michael as he also sat back and said, “This doesn’t sound so bad.” Michael smirked and said, “Nope, it does not.” And Michael propped his boots on top of the console as he leaned back and hummed to the music.

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