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The shrimp i adore | Kagehina


After Hinata's boyfriend Kenma committed suicide, Shoyo has to move on. All he has now is his best friend Kuroo and not very friendly Tobio Kageyama. Shoyo strongly dislikes Tobio in many ways. However, when bullies beat up Shoyo, Tobio runs to help. Shoyo begins to notice that Tobio is actually calm and caring in his heart. But, the pressure of Shoyo's past with Kenma leaves him blind to Tobio's affections. Finally, when a mean boy, Kei Tsukishima, threatens to come between them, Tobio has to act fast. But will they ever find the important love that they deserve? Written by: kenma_kozum I OWN THE ARTWORK ON THE COVER OF THE STORY I ❗DO NOT❗ OWN THE CHARACTERS USED IN THIS STORY

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Chapter 1: Tears and screams


Yesterday 12.3.2019, a boy (15) loudly screamed and cried in front of high school Karasuno. Around were at least 90 people whom the situation caught off guard. When we arrived to the place, the boy was sitting on the ground, crying. Here we have an interview with person who watched this situation.

Q: What actually happened? Did you see or hear anything, that would cause this?

A: I was walking out of school, when i saw a boy with orange hair and another with black hair. They looked very serious and one of them was on the verge of tears. It looked like they were talking about someone who died. Suddenly when i passed by them, the orange haired boy screamed "no" and broke down in tears.

Q: Do you know those two boys?

A: I don't know them in person, all i know is that one of them is a member of a volleyball club in our school. I think his name is Shoyo Hinata.

Q: Why do you think they were talking about someone who died? Could it have been something else?

A: I don't think they were talking about something else. They looked really sad.

Shoyo has spent all day laying in his bed, reading the newspaper.

"It looked like they were talking about someone who died..." Shoyo read out loud with a tear falling down his cheek.


"Hey, Hinata." Kuroo approached Shoyo.

"What happened Kuroo? You look really down. Wait, are you crying??" Shoyo said and wiped the tear off Kuroo's face.

"Um, i..have something really... important...to tell you." Shoyo looked confused. Kuroo sighted.

"...Kenma.. committed suicide." Kuroo said and more tears fell down his cheeks.

Kuroo could actually hear Shoyo's emotions shatter into little pieces. His whole world has disappeared right in front of his eyes.

"No. No. No. NO. NO!!" Shoyo screamed and broke down.

Kuroo wiped the tears off his face, put his hand inside his pocket and pulled out a letter. Then he crouched down and gave it to Shoyo.

Kenma's last letter to Shoyo.


After a while Shoyo put newspaper on his table and took out the letter. Another few tears has fallen down his cheeks. He wiped them off and started reading.

Hi Shoyo,

This is me, Kenma. I know you're sad. But please don't cry. I know you're hurt. I know i hurt you. I know.

I just couldn't take it anymore. I was too depressed and anxious about everything and i just couldn't.

I hope you'll have a wonderful life, even without me. I know, it'll hurt for a while, but please, move on. Forget me. Thank you for being an amazing boyfriend. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you. No one in the world loved and cared for me like you did.

I love you ❤️ and i will forever ❤️

P.s. don't get into fight with Lev again. I know, he's annoying. But i'll be watching you! If you two fight again, be aware!!


"I love you too..." Shoyo smiled and put the letter on his chest.

"I will try to be strong. I will make you proud Kenma." He said and closed his eyes.

"You will be proud of me..." He said and immediately fell asleep.


"Oi! Hinata!" A very known voice has spoken behind Shoyo.

"What, Kageyama?" Shoyo turned around to face Tobio.

"Why are you so down lately?" He asked, straight to the point. Shoyo turned around and slowly started walking away.

"None of your business." He added. Tobio sprinted behind him.

"Tell me! You can't play volleyball like that! You're getting worse in everything." Tobio tried to take Shoyo's hand.

But suddenly Shoyo pushed Tobio to the ground and angrily looked down at him.

"I said it's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS." Shoyo screamed.

"IT IS MY BUSINESS!" Tobio screamed back and quickly jumped up.

"Oh hey hey hey, what's going on in here, chibi-chan?" Tobio looked at the person talking to them. It was Kuroo, boy from enemy's volleyball team.

"Is that your boyfriend?" Tobio looked at Shoyo. He closed his eyes and frowned. Then he turned around.

"My boyfriend is dead." Shoyo said and walked away.

"Wait, what does he mean 'dead'?" Kuroo looked at him, slightly frowning and sighted.

"2 weeks ago i got a message from my best friend's mom. She told me that my best friend.. who was Shoyo's boyfriend has committed suicide." Kuroo looked down.

Tobio looked the way Shoyo has left and then at Kuroo.

"Oh. I-i'm sorry. For your loss." He looked down.

"It's alright. You should be saying that to Chibi-chan too. Don't you think?" He said and turned around.

"I came here all the way from Tokyo so i could try and give it all to helping my last best friend. Don't you dare ruin it. Or you will pay." Kuroo said and walked off.
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