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All my horror stories


This will be about the horror stories I have written in my free time. This is just something random.

Natsuki Gacha
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My experience with Slender Man

Hi there I am Natsukigacha but I am mostly called Natsuki. I have always been a huge fan of creepypastas and their backatories. One that really caught my interest was Slender Man. If you haven't heard of Slender Man then I'll give you some information about him, he's a tall, nonhuman male with no face. He wears a black suit. His appearance seems... off. Anyway, it was a nice night outside and I wanted to get exercise, so I walked to a near by forest. I had my phone with me, blasting its music at a loud rate. I normally did this to block people out. The wind was blowing in my hair, it was extremely windy outside tonight. "I should've bought my jacket with me." I regret not wearing my jacket, I was freezing. However, I didn't want to leave just yet, so I took my focus off of the coldness of the air and turned to my phone. Which was losing signal. This never happened before. My phone's connection was always good, maybe it's the forest.. or so I thought. My music stopped and glitched, I turned my focus to my phone. My phone glitched and crashed. Panicking, I started to run in any direction I could go. That's when I saw him. Slender Man. I went to put my flashlight at him when the light flickered and stopped working. Then.. everything went black.
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