A Relea-cess To Be


I do not own the copyright of this book, only the version I wrote --- Relea lost her mother at a young age, her father remarries a widow with two twin-daughters, her life takes a turn for the worst when she discovers their true personalities — Cinderella in my version is written a tat differently, but still contains some old version...

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“Mama, mama I caught something,”

Elea shouted at the top of her lungs. She ran as fast as she could to her mother with the little insect bouncing inside her hands; she stopped in her steps, almost bumping into her mother.

“Careful Elea, don’t hurt yourself,”

Her mother demanded with a smile; Elea opened her hands, showing the little butterfly to her.

“Look mama, isn’t she beautiful?”

She questioned as she stared at the little insect big-eyed. She pointed her thin little finger towards her wings in amazement.

“And look, mama, she even has pink little dots on her wings, I haven’t caught one this beautiful before right mama?”

She questioned once again as she stared at her mother brightly smiled. Her mother had long black hair rolled up in a braid with flowers, her dress was always neatly flattened and her shoes always neatly cleaned.

“Oh, she is beautiful dear, where did you find her? We must take her back to her family. Poor thing must miss them and dizzy from your running, he,”

Her mother stated as she gave a small giggle, Elea brightly smiled at her as she giggled along.

“Right mama, let’s take her back,”

Elea held the little butterfly tightly in her hands as they walked to where Elea found the little insect; she opened her hands and placed the little butterfly back on the plant where she picked her up.

“Goodbye, little butterfly,”

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