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Lessons of Life and Love


Megan Done
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Regular Days

Summary: Sasuke and Sakura are starting their third year in college and are still going out. Everything is going great until Sakura gets an amazing offer to go to Tokyo. But how will Sasuke feel. Now Sakura must choose. Stay in Konoha with Sasuke or leave for a few months. What will she choose and what are the consequences? Will Sasuke and Sakura make it or will everything be broken.

Genres: Romance, hurt/comfort, humor, little angst, and drama

Chapter 1

Regular Days

The blankets on the bed rustled as a body beneath them stirred. The body began to lengthen releasing it from its curled position. Pink hair moved slightly on the white pillow as her head adjusted itself on the pillow. She felt movement next to her. Opening her eyes slowly she looked over the form of her boyfriend to the clock on the nightstand. 7:23 the red numbers blared.

She had class in an hour and a half and she knew that she should probably get out of bed, but it was too comfy. She continued to lie in bed next to the now still figure of her boyfriend. She moved into him more and felt the arm that was around her waist tighten slightly. Her mind thought about all that had happened in the past few years.

The summer after graduation Sasuke had taken Sakura to America with him. His parents were going to do some business and he had invited her to join them. They had traveled to New York City. It was Sakura's first time out of Japan and she enjoyed seeing the new city. While in New York she was able to get to know Sasuke's mother Mikoto better. They had spent time shopping and a lot of time talking. Sakura knew that the older woman had liked her since meeting her at the festival.

Sasuke's dad was another story. The man still gave her cold looks. He had always imagined Sasuke with a girl with supposed 'higher' standards then she possessed. She knew that Fugaku would rahter have Sasuke with a girl from a wealthier family but Sasuke stood firm on his decision of dating her. She had actually caught the tail end of an argument between the two about her when Mikoto was showing her around the building that the Uchiha Corporation would be taking over in New York to expand their business.

After several weeks in New York they returned to Tokyo where she also spent a few days. She hadn't been to Tokyo before and was excited to spend a few days in the city to tour. But after those few days Sasuke and Sakura returned to Konoha to start attendinf Hidden Leaf University or HLU.

HLU was a smaller prestigious University. Sasuke was studying to become a Business Major. His father wanted him to have a solid education concerning business before he took over the company which his idiotic brother turned down because he wasn't the 'business' type. She also knew that Sasuke couldn't go back to Tokyo until he had a four year degree in business equivalent to a bachelor's degree. Sakura didn't know the full extent of that conversation nor did she really want to.

Sakura was studying medicine to become a doctor. It was her life long goal and Sasuke was proud of her for that. She had gotten a job at the Konoha Medical Center or KMC after her first year in school. She was starting out at a nurse but was gaining favor with everyone at the hospital and all knew that she would make a fine doctor.

The rest of the group had also been accepted to HLU. Though they weren't all sure about their majors they had fun just going to school again. Though it was funny to know that after their first year Naruto got up the courage to ask Hinata to marry him and she, of course, said yes. The boys were struck dumb. Naruto, the dobe, was getting hitched before they had even really made a move. WTH!

Then halfway through their second year Sasuke popped a question. Not the 'marry me' question but the 'move in with me' question. Sasuke had a nice, expensive apartment, more like condo, located twenty minutes away from the University and fifteen minutes from the hospital. Sakura of course said yes, not wanting to miss the opportunity to live with her boyfriend. The others were still living on campus but after four had left the two remaining girls and the two remaining boys got their own apartments located just off the campus. Even though the group was spread out a little, they still hung out.

Beep beep beep

The body Sakura laid next to shifted so the person could turn off the alarm clock. The hand that had been removed from her waist to turn off the clock returned except it was now on her shoulder gently nudging her to wake up. An emerald orb opened to look into an onyx one. The eyelid closed taking the emerald away.

"Sak." the hand nudged her. The girl groaned. "Sakura, you have class in an hour." a grunt from the girl. "Come on Sak. We need to get up." Pink hair shook, she didn't want to get up. She suddenly felt the warmth and blankets remove themselves from her body. She shivered.

"That's what you get when you don't get up." the voice smirked.

She chucked a pillow at him which he easily dodged. "You're mean." she grumbled getting out of the now cold bed.

After she took a long hot shower leaving no hot water for her mean boyfriend she changed into slim blue jeans and a dark green top. She walked down the hall towards the kitchen and she smelt the tea brewing. She didn't like coffee that much. She grabbed the piece of that toast that had just popped up from the toaster and buttered it before taking a bite.

"That was mine." A voice said behind her.

"Not any more." She smiled and went to get a cup of tea. "Besides I have class in a half hour. I don't want my professor to be upset with me if I'm late. I am his best student after all." she winked. Sasuke raised an eyebrow. He didn't care for the professor she was talking about.

One of her professors that taught medicine Yakushi Kabuto had blatantly flirted with her in front of him. Sakura had to restrain him from hurting her professor, physically. She had to drag him away from her professor after saying goodbye to him politely. Then she had to get after Sasuke for being so jealous. He didn't remember the warning Naruto had given him in High School when Naruto said never piss off Sakura. Her last boyfriend did and he got a nice black eye. He got a yelling, thankfully. He just silenced her ranting by kissing her and then she forgot about what she was yelling at him for. One of his special abilities.

"Can I borrow your car. I don't have the time to walk to class?" he heard Sakura call from the living room.

"Yeah." he said putting a piece of toast in the toaster, again. He didn't have class until one and she always came home after class which ended at eleven. She came into the kitchen kissed him on the cheek, grabbed the keys and left to go to class.

She drove his car to the University. It was the same Mustang he had had back when they were going to Konoha Academy. And how she loved this car. She usually walked everywhere since the distances weren't that far but since she slept in this morning she was a little rushed. Parking the car she soon found her self outside of her first classroom. Of course none other than her professor was there to greet her."Hello Sakura." Kabuto said. Sakura smiled. Kabuto couldn't be much older than her but he already had gray hair and glasses. She didn't find him attractive as he apparently did her but then a lot of people did.

Sakura walked into the classroom and took a seat next to a girl named Mina. The blond was studying to become a pediatrician. Sakura and Mina had become friends in the class after the first day. She sometimes saw Mina at the hospital interning.

"Hey Mina." Sakura said sitting down.

"Hey Sakura. Kabuto hit on you again." Mina giggled. Everyone found it amusing that he attempted flirting with her.

"Yeah. He should really give up." Sakura shook her pink locks.

"He never will. Oh are you going to be at the hospital today?"

"No, I have the day off. I work tomorrow." Mina looked slightly disappointed. "Sorry." Sakura said feeling a little guilty.

"Oh, its not a problem." Mina out in quickly. "I was just wondering."

Their attention was soon turned to the front of the lecture hall when the door closed abruptly and loudly.

"Today we will be...." Kabuto's voice began and Sakura groaned. She really didn't like this class.

The hall filed out as the students left as soon as they were done with the surprise test. This was college dangit! Not high school. Sakura was one of the last out. She was up late studying for a different class that she had tomorrow. She placed the test on Kabuto's desk.

"Sakura, hold on a sec." Kabuto's voice called to her.

'Heaven help me. Where's Sasuke?' Sakura thought.

"Yes Professor?" Sakura said sweetly, though she wanted to hit something.

"I was wondering if you were busy this weekend?"

'Is he asking me out?'

"Yeah, my boyfriend is taking me out." Sakura emphasized the 'boyfriend' part.

"I see. Have a good day." Kabuto said looking back down at his desk. Sakura turned, rolled her eyes and walked out of the classroom as fast as possible without being noticeable.

She opened the door to the condo as she called out Sasuke's name.

"In here." A reply came from the ktichen. Sakura took off her coat and threw it on the couch along with her bag. She walked into the kitchen to see Sasuke finishing making them lunch.

"You didn't have to make lunch." Sakura said sitting down at the four person table.

"I wanted to." was all he said. She had long given up on trying to convince him that he didn't have to do anything. He placed some sushi in front of her. She had actually found out that he wasn't that bad of a cook and was actually quite good.

"Itadakimasu." they both said before starting to eat their sushi.

Sasuke went to his class at one, so Sakura had the whole condo to herself for two hours. So she decided to again take another long shower before sitting down to study some more.

Sasuke entered the class and was immediately swarmed by girls. Even in college he still couldn't keep them at bay. His many girl admirers were about as bad as Kabuto was with Sakura. Sasuke took a seat at the top of the lecture hall. The professor a crabby old man soon entered the classroom and immediately gave them a question that would cause a headache.

Exiting the class he quickly made his way towards his car to head back to the condo. He walked into the apartment and went straight to the bedroom where Sakura was sitting cross-legged on the bed, her hair in a messy and wet bun, wearing a spaghetti strapped shirt and running shorts leaning over several medical books. He walked quietly towards her and placed his large hand on her back where there was exposed flesh. Her body jumped.

"Sasuke." she cried sitting up quickly from her hunched position.

"Hello to you too." he smirked. She loved that smirk.

"Hey, how was class?" she asked closing and moving her books so he could sit in front of her.

"Boring and annoying."

"Girls again?"


"Well to make you feel better Kabuto asked me out again."

"Again? And how is that supposed to make me feel better?"

"Because that makes you realize I will only go out with you." she said poking his forehead. "So why don't we relax tonight and watch a movie. We haven't done that in a while." She said getting off the bed.

"Come on. We can watch several movies!" she left the room. Sasuke watched her leave and sighed. 'Still as perky as ever'. He followed her out of the room.

The two crawled into the bed. Sakura snuggled into his chest as he wrapped an arm around her.

"Good night." she said kissing his lips gently.

"Good night." Gripping her tighter to him.

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