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A Twist In Clockwork Fate

Chapter 2: Welcome To Yorktown

“Redcoat...? What??” Luca muttered under his breath. He shook his head. “Look. Whatever you may be thinking, I am not a redcoat! I won’t hurt you, I swear.” He said. He put up his arms. “See? I’m unarmed. I’m just a generic, uh, immigrant - yeah - who’s pretty lost and is in dire need of your help right now.”

The woman eased up a little, beginning to trust Luca. “Alright then... Um, what is it you need of help with?”

“Well, like I said earlier, I’m pretty lost right now. So, uh, first of all, what is this place? And most importantly, what year is it?”

“You’re in Yorktown, sir. And it’s 1773. (If I get this wrong, then my apologies. I’m an Asian who’s just trying his best to get some information on Google. Feel free to fact check me on this, and I’ll be happy to edit this part. Thanks!) How are you not aware of the date? Certainly, folks like you in Britain know what the year is.”

Luca grinned, awkwardly. “Yes, yes of course. I, just... Uh, have the most terrible memory in the world, so---”

While the two were talking, the little kid was eyeing on Luca’s watch. Curiosity and interest sparked within the child. “Hey, what’s that?” The child asked, pointing to Luca’s oh-so modern-looking digital watch.

“Oh, um, uh... It’s... It’s nothing, really. Just some, uh, fancy accessory ’s all.” Luca stammered. “Anyway, thank you for your time, ma’am. I best be off now. Bye!”

And with that, Luca scurried off into the distance. “I almost screwed up history there,” He sighed. He was about to maybe sit on a bench and just take out some stuff and try to contact Angelo or something, but he can’t risk accidentally changing history. Who knows what may happen...

But one thing’s for certain is that Luca just took off his hoodie and shoved it into his backpack. That red hoodie is gonna be a curse to him while he’s going to be around these parts. Another thing is Luca mentally freaking out about all of this. 17-freaking-73. Not even Luca’s grandparents were born yet!

He walked around town and scrutinized his surroundings. It seemed to be getting a bit dark, so he has to act fast.

Luca seemed to take interest in a small tailouring shop he spotted. He thought that maybe he could work there in exchange for some food and shelter. He was equipped with the skills that he would require for this job, so he was rather hopeful.

He took in a deep breath and walked inside. Opening the door, it hit a little bell above that alerted the shop clerk of someone entering in. Luca seemed to feel nostalgic all of a sudden.

The shop clerk smiled, “Oh hi, what could I do for you?”

Luca hid his hands in his jean pockets to prevent the shop clerk from noticing his watch. “Hi, um... This may seem very sudden, but uh, I-I’m new around here, and I don’t really have a place to stay. I was hoping that a kind gentleman like you could help me out. I’m willing to work for you, sir. I can sew suits and dresses, and interact with customers. I could do anything you’d like for me to do, sir!”

While Luca seemed quite loud and proud, he was dying inside; fidgetting with his fingers, steaming up, and screaming horrendously inside his mind.

The shop clerk chuckled heartily. “Of course! I can tell you really aren’t from here. You’re an immigrant from Britain... Right?”

Luca’s actually an British-Asian immigrant to Canada but because of his accent, and he doesn’t even look like he’s from the west, but he’s just gonna roll with this. It’s not like he’ll explain to every single person about the details of where he came from.

“Yep, totally!” Luca answered.

The shop clerk laid out a hand for Luca to shake. Luca took it and they both shook each other’s hand with a smile. Luca scrutinized the appearance of his new boss and possibly new friend. The man was tall and muscular. He had scruffy black hair as well, and was dark-skinned. Despite the intimidating body build, he had one of the most loving and amiable gazes Luca has ever seen.

The man also had a navy blue bandana wrapped around his head. He also seemed a bit older than Luca is. Let’s say, a few years older.

“My name is Hercules Mulligan. You?”

“Luca. Luca Lounsbery. Nice to meet you, sir!”

“It’s nice to meet you too, Luca.”

Hercules then showed Luca around the place and explained to him all that he has to do and what there is that Luca should be aware of. While Luca made sure to understand every bit of it. Luca wouldn’t really be working until tomorrow according to Hercules. He stated that Luca could just watch and relax for a bit. Luca was grateful to have a kind boss like Hercules. He’s felt that he has hit the jackpot and that he has gone to the right place.

Night falls and the shop was closed for the night. Hercules just lead Luca out into the back area, because the house and shop were both connected to each other. Hercules prepared some food for them both, and afterwards they ate together.

This gave Hercules the opportunity to talk to Luca and get to know him better. “So, Luca...” Hercules started. “Not to be offensive or anything, but... You seem quite young to be off on your own. May I know your age, by the way?”

Luca gulped. “...I’m seventeen, sir.”

“Really? Don’t you have a family?”

Luca almost choked on his food. He needed to swiftly make a life story and stick with it for as long as he’s here. “I-I do... But u, the problem is that they’re, uh, back in Britain. I was sent here to find a job opportunity... Yeah, that’s it!”

He was eating all his words, but Hercules was seem to be buying it, so he’s just rolling with it. He didn’t know what to say so he just used what Angelo told to him that one time - about OFWs. (OFW is an acronym that stands for “Overseas Filipino Worker”. The meaning is already obvious.)

“Really?” Hercules goes.

“Y-Yes!” Luca stammers. “I was sent here to work. After two years, I’ll go back to them and give them the money I’ve earned.”

Hercules smiles. “That’s very sweet of you, Luca. My shop may not be much, but I’ll guarantee you that you’ll have fun being here with me, and that your family across the sea will be very proud of you!”

Luca smiles back. “Thank you, Mr. Mulligan!”

“Please, just call me Hercules.”

“Alright then.”

And so, Luca and Hercules continued to banter all throughout the night. They learned a lot about each other. Luca’s very Asian appearance is rather questionable, especially since everyone just seemed to claim he’s British all because of his accent. While this is partially true, Luca is only half-British. His looks lean more on his Asian side rather than his British one.

Hercules gave Luca a little room upstairs and left him to do whatever he wants in there. “Feel free to feel at home, Luca.” He smiles as he closes the door and lets the boy be.

“Mhm. Alright, thank you!” Luca smiles back.

After Hercules closed the door, the first thing Luca did was groan loudly as he threw his backpack onto the wooden floors and flop onto the bed. He hauled the pillow over to him and screamed his loudest into it. ”HOW AM I NOT DEAD YET?!" He screamed out into the pillow again.

A few moments later, Luca flipped over and faced up to the ceiling with a tired sigh. He had all of his belongings in his backpack now. He was going to try and contact Angelo somehow but even his walkie-talkie is in the backpack. Luca sat up and unbuttoned his blouse. After doing so, he just threw it onto his backpack. Now, don’t get too perverted. He has an extra shirt underneath.

Anyway, he laid back down and groaned once more. He flipped over to his side and tried to get some sleep for the night, because tomorrow will be a brand new day. He doesn’t really know what he’s going to do tomorrow. Everything is very scary and confusing.

But he has Hercules with him, so that’s a start. Plus, he has a job, food and a place to stay as well. He’s lucky to be able to survive like this.

More and more questions roll into his head as tries to fall into slumber.

One thing’s for certain is that he’s a teenage boy from the future that’s living in a world from centuries ago.

Welcome to Yorktown, Luca Lounsbery.

And so,

The story begins...

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