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The Hobbit: Dragon Fire and Ruin


My blood is poison to my life, but it may just be the thing to save my friends and the love of my life. We must slay the dragon and reclaim the lonely mountain before its too late.

Fantasy / Romance
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Once Upon a Time

Long ago the Fairies ruled the woodland realms. Known for their magic as well as ferocity, they were respected by all, well, almost all. An ancient evil had crept across the lands of Middle Earth first taking a foothold in the realm of the fairies. The Fae King, Carpus, knew that the fae’s magic must be kept from this great evil. Without giving in to the dark lords demands that the fae join him, the fairies were slaughtered one by one. The King’s son, Prince Morel, was the only fae to escape. His only chance of escape was to take human form, but for fairies they can remain in such a state for only a day before their lives are spent. In his last moments he fled to the realm of men to find the one he loved. A young human maiden, Amara. Spending their last day together, Amara and Prince Morel conceived a child of with one of Fae and human blood. In order to keep magic of his people hidden, Prince Morel decreed that none of his bloodline would be granted the powers of his people until needed and deemed worthy of such a gift. As the sunset over the horizon Prince Morel breathed his last under the colorful and bright sky of the setting sun with his Amara by his side.

Hundreds of years past and the dark lord fell. Word had spread that his great deeds of evil were because of the aid of the fae people. Rumors spread of how the fae encrusted his ring of power with a curse to corrupt even the purest of hearts, but such is rumors. Some even believe the once placid fairy folk turned so dark that the transformed into the hideous fire breathing beasts, much like the one that had destroyed the city of Dale and hoarded the gold of Erebor. Anyone who held the mark of a fae were to be slaughtered, written off as enemies of Middle Earth, but that was then, and this is now. While the story of the fairies become tales of legend, the story went on. Years after the passing of Morel and Amara their bloodline grew producing dozens of different generations of sons and daughters. Non had ever been deemed worthy of their great grandfathers gift until one cold February morning when a country maiden gave birth to her first child, a daughter, Amelia.

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