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You'll Be Back [Oneshot]


Samuel Seabury has always been a loyal subject to the mad king of England, King George III. He even romantically loved him, and surprisingly the king reciprocated those feelings. But when stress overthrows love, things become different...

Fantasy / Romance
e s h i
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“I am through with you!” The brunette yelled - something no one has ever seen him do before.

The king that stood before him was rather exasperated by this disrespectful tone of voice his royal advisor and personal servant had. He glared down at him, his icy blue eyes piercing right through the lad. “Excuse me?” He responds with his voice laced with venom.

The brunette continued on with his frown and glared firmly at his superior. “You heard me!” He yells out once more. “I am sick and tired of this job and the ‘extra’ way you treat me!” - this stressed man was Samuel Seabury; the king’s long-lasting royal advisor, personal servant and above all, the king’s only real friend.

Before the king could respond, Samuel continue on with his rant as he threw his letter of resignation at the king’s face. Everyone around gasped in shock to witness Samuel’s act of treason. Even the guards around were rather flabbergasted.

Of all people to rebel against the king, why Samuel? Possessed is the word that looms in everyone’s mind right now. It just seems so impossible for someone as loyal and kind as Samuel to even dare speak to the king of England like that. But alas, they were wrong. Samuel was ticked off to his limit. Samuel has had enough.

“Farewell to you, sir!” Samuel groans, storming out of the throne room with his personal belongings - proceeding to leave the large castle for good. Everyone watched as he trailed off, stupefied at what just happened.

All eyes turned to the king - George William Frederick III - as the tension thickens with sorrow and anxiety filling the air as silence momentarily coming out as victorious during this current situation.

George stared down at the letter that has fallen on the floor during the argument. He stepped down to acquire the letter. Silence ensued as he stared down at the letter.

A high-ranking guard stepped up bravely and broke the silence with his question: “My king, should I have a squadron be sent to acquire information about Seabury’s current whereabouts? We can bring him back and call the executioner.”

“No,” The king surprisingly answered.

“But your highness, he---”

“---Are you questioning my authority?”

“No.. Of course not. My sincerest apologies, King George.”

“That’s what I thought,” And without another word, the king walked out of the throne room and into his bedroom. The tension got thicker and thicker as murmurs filled the air. Servants around whispering about the current problem at hand, theorizing about the king’s state and what’s to come next.

Meanwhile, with the king himself - he was isolated in his lavish royal bedroom. He sat on the side of his large bed as he uncovered the letter and read its contents. There was nothing much but a message of resignation from Samuel. Yet even so, George’s eyes began welling up in tears as his hands began shaking from the simple letter.

“What am I even worrying about?” He chuckled in a manic manner. He relinquished the letter as he began oddly laughing insanely, though tears were still trickling down his bloodshot eyes.

George fell backwards and laid in his bed. “He’s not going to last long in the outside world!!” He claimed, suddenly letting out a scream of pain. The guards outside would be worried, but it isn’t really an unusual occurrence for the king to have moments where he breaks out into insanity.

George was always a bit out of sorts...

Especially now, that he has lost his only friend. The only one he truly cared about. Samuel Seabury wasn’t always just a servant to him. Samuel was his best friend. Samuel was special to him. He depended many things on the man. He loved Samuel, yet sometimes his type of love is something that can be questionable. Despite all the love and affection George has showed to Samuel, the lad has had enough with dealing with George’s outburts, George becoming a nuisance with his kinks and affection, and more.

Samuel could even make an entire list as of why he wishes to stay far away from this eccentric king. No wonder Samuel decided to leave him.

While Samuel can keep his emotions in tact and live a life without King George, the king himself cannot.

George’s chuckles turned into wheezing as he still claimed to himself that Samuel will return even though he really wasn’t.

“He’ll be back... Yeah... Sammy won’t ever leave me!!~”

George continued to laugh, scream and cry as he forced himself to think that after a while, Samuel will return to the castle and work for him once again.

Because if he won’t...

George has other plans to remind Samuel of his love~

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