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It's Quiet Uptown [Oneshot]


Alexander has really hit it low; he cheated on his wife, ruined his career, and now his eldest son has died - the son he ever loved first and foremost. What more could be worse? Oh, that's right. The man he hates the most, Thomas Jefferson, to come into the scene... Wait... He's not here to argue with him?

Fantasy / Drama
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Today was a gloomy day. There are times where the words go deep. There is suffering to terrible to name. And there are times where it feels like it’s easier to just drown. Alexander and his family move uptown as they try to live with the unimaginable; the death of Philip Hamilton.

Philip was a young man who has died too early. Just like his father, he was inspirational and rather bold. Despite only being nineteen, his mind was older. On that one faithful day, his pride got the best of him. George Eacker, the current year’s fourth of July public speaker, talked ill about Alexander which enraged Philip.

And while Philip took his revenge, George took his life in exchange.

Philip’s death was more devastating than anyone could ever imagine. During his funeral, three people even needed to help Alexander to stay standing before he just collapses there. You could call someone who lost their parents an orphan, but what do you call parents that have lost their child?

Can’t think of an answer? That’s how painful it is.

What’s worse is that Eliza and Alexander aren’t exactly on good terms with each other after a certain scandal.

Alexander was surely depressed. He took some time off of work to spend more time with his family --- something he should have down from the start but now, it’s too late for that.

The brunette walked around the streets with his head hung in shame and sorrow. He glanced around his surroundings before moving along with a small chuckle. “Philip, you could’ve liked it uptown. It’s pretty quiet here.” He mumbled to himself.

He dragged his feet along. He wasn’t really sure where he was going, but he didn’t bother to know anyway. Some witnesses say that he has walked the entire length of the city, but that didn’t seem to be a bother to Alexander. He just wanted to walk. See where his feet take him. Erase his mind of every thought that lingers. Let himself take a break.

A few moments later, he paused in his tracks. His eyes down to the paved ground. A silent sigh was all he uttered.

He lifted his head up to glance over his surroundings and to see where he ended up at. His eyes were a little blurry from all the tears that have emerged, so he wiped them and blinked profusely --- slowly getting a clearer figure of the building in front of him.

It was a church.

Subconciously, he dragged himself inside, sat down on one of the wooden benches, bowed his head, clasped his hands together and prayed. Although without noticing it, there was actually somebody who followed him over to the church.

A few minutes of praying later, Alexander got up and left. As he did, outside, he was presented with a familiar face; dark-toned skin and fluffy black hair --- it was none other than Thomas Jefferson.

When Alexander saw the man he has loathed so much. Of all the people, he could see today, why him? Why Thomas?

“Oh hey there, Hamilton.” Thomas greeted which Alexander seemed to despise a lot. He frowned at the sight. “I know I’ve said that you are the worst person in existence, but today - I really mean it.” He growled with a dark glare.

“I just wanted to give my condolences to you and your family.” Thomas answered, seemingly unfazed by Alexander’s insult. “It must be really hard to go through this.”

Alexander let out a sigh of grief as he took a seat at one of the benches outside. “What would you know about what I’m going through?”

“Because I witnessed the deaths of five of mine, plus my own wife.” Thomas answered. Alexander felt chills run down his spine with Thomas’ answer. He looked up at him and had a sudden realization that this man in front of him, no matter what happens, is still human. He’s always had unreasonable aggression towards Thomas and has portrayed him to be someone who’s inhuman. But that one response stroke to his mind like a lightning bolt.

After all that Thomas Jefferson has done, he is still human like everyone. He feels pain and sorrow like everyone would. He has regrets of his own - whether it would be because of something he has done or something he would have wished to change.

Alexander bit his lip, unknowing of what to answer. “...I’m... I’m so sorry to hear that.” That’s all he could utter.

Thomas just sighed as he sat beside Alexander and pulled out a bowl of mac and cheese that he actually had earlier - which is also the reason why he’s here; to comfort Alexander with some food. “Mac and cheese?” He offered.

Alexander cocks an eyebrow at him. “What?”

“Do you want some mac and cheese?” Thomas rephrased himself. “I made this for you.”

“Really?” Alexander responded skeptically.

“Yeah, that’s why I was trying to look for you. And then I ended up finding you here at the church. I thought you needed some company.” Thomas explains. “Well, thank you Jefferson.” Alexander flashes a small smile at Thomas’ generosity as he took the bowl of mac and cheese.

“No problem.” Thomas smiled back as he handed Alexander a fork. He watched the brunette take his first bite of his homemade mac and cheese. This is the very first time Alexander ever ate his cooking.

Thomas smiled proudly at the sight. “So, how does it taste?”
“It tastes pretty great.” Alexander grins. “It’s just like you, Thomas.”

Thomas seemed baffled of where Alexander was going with this and what he meant by it, plus Alexander just called him by his first name which was a bit of a shock to him. Well, they aren’t really in the office or anything so there’s no need to be formal, but it’s still pretty surprising - especially if it’s coming from Alexander Hamilton. Yet before he could respond, Alexander continued with his words, ” You’re pretty great too. I guess you’re not so bad after all, Thomas.”

Thomas really was stupefied. Nonetheless, Thomas thought that this could be the start of a new friendship, perhaps. I mean, Alexander seemed to like his cooking and he has called him by his first name. Normally, Alexander would think of all sorts of ways he could do to insult him using his last name. So this surely is something new.

He let out a soft chuckle as his hazel and Alexander’s purplish-blue eyes connected.

“You aren’t so bad yourself, Alexander.” He replied as he subconciously lapped his free hand over Alexander’s in a caressing manner.

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