Broken Beginnings

Chapter 14: Anakin's Bath

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Anakin POV

It surprised me that Alexa could appear to be such a strong confident girl on minute then ask me for permission to stay up to an average bed time. To anyone else she would seem awfully strange, but not to me.... To me she is she is an amazing, powerful, sweet girl. She is a beautiful mystery that the Force wants me to solve and luckily enough I have a long time to do that.

The two of us walked to the centre of the camp and joined the rest of the group who were sitting around the fire that Graffin had started just mere moments ago. I made sure that I sat close to Alexa, just in case she had a change of heart and wanted to tell me about what she had seen or felt earlier. However, I soon became distracted as Ahsoka came and sat down on the other side of me.

‘Well done on the fire Graff.’ Tila smiled at the Trandoshan.

‘Thanks.’ Came the gruff reply as he shot her a small smile in return.

‘Indeed, if only we had some food to cook on it.’ Connas murmured and we laughed as his stomach rumbled.

‘Do you always have think about your stomach?’ Tila asked, hitting her brother playfully.

‘Most of the time.’ He smirked.

‘Well then I suppose you’ll be awfully glad to see this then.’ Ahsoka pulled out some local food from behind her back and began passing the wooden “plate” around.

Everyone took some of the food and ate, the only exception being my padawan whom I could sense was still feeling troubled though she tried to hide it. All the same I left her alone and decided it was best to let her come to terms with it herself, rather than bugging her.

‘The palace guards seemed to learn quickly in their lessons this morning.’ Obi Wan mused.

‘Yes, they did well for their first try.’ Connas agreed.

‘We’re a little closer to bringing peace back to this planet.’ Tila nodded.

‘Yes.... We accomplished much today, but we still have a lot to do before we are ready to take down the Separatists and their base.’ Ahsoka murmured, determination shining in her sea blue eyes.

‘I agree, on both counts.’ I nodded.

‘We will have to discuss future strategies, but not tonight. I think that soon we should all be getting some rest.’ Obi Wan suggested and we all nodded sleepily.

‘In that case, why wait? Goodnight.’ Alexa murmured before getting up and returning to her hut.

‘I think you should follow your fellow padawan’s lead, Rendal.’ Obi Wan mused turning to his own apprentice.

‘Very well, goodnight everyone.’ The boy smiled and headed to bed.

The rest of us adults continued to talk for a while, until I started to yawn and my eyelids became too heavy for me too keep open.

‘You should get some sleep, Master.’ Ahsoka nudged me.

‘You’re probably right.... And it’s Anakin now, remember?’

‘Right, sorry, it’s going to take a while for me to get used to that.’

‘Heh, me too Snips.... See you in the morning.’

‘Night.... Skyguy.’ She replied and I went to bed, instantly falling asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.


The next morning I woke stiff and sore; these thin mats really aren’t very comfortable to sleep on. I mused as I sat up and stretched my neck from side to side.

‘Good morning.’ An orange smiling face popped through the fabric “door.”

‘Ahsoka!’ I almost shouted as the Togruta invaded my privacy.

‘What?’ She asked smirking as she took in my less than perfect appearance.

‘What do you think you’re doing?! You don’t just barge into other people’s quarters! For all you know I might not have been decent!’

‘Sorry Anakin.’ She winked before ducking out.

I shook my head as I pulled back the blankets and got up off the ground, shaking off any stray leaves that I had on my clothes from the previous day and after smelling the rather potent aroma that was radiating off myself decided that I needed to find a place. Admittedly I’m not exactly the most uptight when it comes to personal hygiene, but after two days with almost constant exercise and no shower I smelt foul! I needed to bathe and soon!

With that thought in mind I headed out into the camp and walked straight up to Ahsoka since she knew the area well and would know about any places that were suitable to wash in, but my mind was screaming at me not to get to close and hope she wouldn’t smell me!

‘Ahsoka, do you know if there’s a stream anywhere near here?’ I asked tentatively as she raised a brow, suspicious.

‘As a matter of fact I do.... I was just about to head there myself, so I’ll take you if you want.’

‘Great, lets go.’

She lead me through the cool, lush rainforest, often pausing to point out native creatures that we saw or a particularly interesting native plant as we walked along and soon I was able to hear the sound of flowing water.

‘Here we are.’ She smiled as we entered a clearing where the river pooled out into a swimming hole, complete with rocks to sit on and a magnificent waterfall.

‘Wow.....’ I breathed taking in the surroundings.

‘That’s what I thought when I first found it.... My Father brought me here when I was young, all the children in the village used to come and play here on hot days.... It was fun....’ She smiled sadly at thoughts of her childhood.

‘Sounds like it would have been great.’

‘It was.... But before I say too much I think you should get in for a swim, you’re beginning to make the shrubs wither around us.’ She laughed and I blushed embarrassed.

‘Very funny, but what are you going to do? It’s hardly appropriate for me to wash with you watching.’ I quirked a brow. She giggled as her face reddened.

‘Don’t worry, I’m going to head upstream a little and get some water for the camp to drink.’

‘Is that safe to drink?’ I asked unsure.

‘We have a filter, so yes, it’s perfectly fine. Now enjoy your bath.’ She smiled and kept walking, disappearing amongst the green foliage.

I smiled to myself as I watched her leave.

Ahsoka POV (Bam! I bet you weren’t expecting that!)

‘We have a filter, so yes, it’s perfectly fine. Now enjoy your bath.’ I grinned before turning on my heel and walking away.

I smirked to myself as I felt his eyes on my back. Once I was out of sight and I felt there was enough distance between the two of us I went to the edge of the river and knelt on the bank. I then filled up the jug I brought with the water and once it was done I deemed it best just to stay where I was until I was sure Anakin was done.... I didn’t want to come back while he was still..... Indecent.

I smiled inwardly, what a shock that would be!

I shook my head, what was I thinking? As if he and I could ever be together? For starters Jedi aren’t allowed any emotional attachments, I remember that rule as clear as day since that was one of the biggest rules in the code. Besides I know Anakin is happily married to Padme..... He never was one to score by the rules.

Then there was the fact that I was nothing more than his old padawan, how could he ever have feelings for me? I bet he still thinks of me as a kid. I sighed in defeat. It’s probably better to just forget about it.... But that didn’t mean I was above climbing a tree just to see what I could see....

Staring down at the swimming hole I saw him swimming freestyle for a few laps until he fully submerged himself and disappeared beneath the water. I smiled as he burst out of the water and with one swift move flicked his beautiful chocolate coloured hair back out of his hair, little droplets of water spraying of it perfectly. However I almost squealed as he headed toward the bank and he looked to be getting out!

Instantly I slid back down the tree and sat on the ground, shocked at what I had almost seen.

After waiting almost half an hour I decided it was safe to head back, only to find Anakin half dressed and about to pull his shirt off a nearby tree that he must have hung it on.

‘Feel better?’ I asked.

‘Much.’ He nodded as I took in his well sculpted form, all the way from his damp, slightly scruffy brown hair, firefly eyes and strong jaw to his lean toned chest and chiseled abs.

‘G-Glad to hear it.’ I blushed, mentally face palming for stuttering.

‘Shall we head back?’

‘Yeah, I think we’d better.’ I nodded and we walked back to camp.

This was already looking to be an interesting day....

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