Broken Beginnings

Chapter 15: Padawans Unite!

Alexa POV

I woke up later than usual this morning, I had gotten barely any sleep last night and spent most of it tossing and turning or trying to listen to what the adults were saying..... Which unfortunately hadn’t been of any real interest to me..... So, naturally, I am in a foul mood and who can blame me?

I’m being forced to stay in a small camp with a bunch of strangers that I’ve never met until two days ago, we are doing practically nothing to help take back Damerel, I am sick of having to listen to Rendal and his stupid questions all day and there’s nothing to punch around here except trees!


What I wouldn’t give to be back in then lower levels of Coruscant where at least there were discarded boxes and old drainpipes to bust up!

But I tried to put all that aside and rubbing my eyes I forced the drowsiness from my mind and got up, heading out to face the day.... Unfortunately it seemed like Rendal must have had a similar idea and the two of us soon slammed into each other!

‘Ugh!’ I growled picking myself up off the ground for the second time that morning. ‘Watch it!’

‘S-Sorry, Alexa.’ The boy stuttered as he offered his hand to help me up, which I refused to take.

‘Forget it.’ I snapped and walked past him.

I needed something to relieve my anger, too many days of trying to be polite and keep things to myself was driving me up the wall! I began walking directly towards a large tree, highly tempted to just ram my head in to it! However before I did an idea hit me instead! A run! That is what I need!

So with that I took off, I had no idea where I was going or how long I would keep going for, but didn’t care! I am loving the feeling as my heart began to pound rhythmically in my chest while my feet and legs propelled me forward, pushing off from the forest floor. My lungs worked tirelessly, sucking air in like a jet engine as I sprinted through the lush surroundings.

This is the life! I wish I could just run forever!

Rendal POV

This morning had not started out well. I sighed as Alexa walked away, I know I bumped into her, but it was an accident and I said I was sorry! What more can I do? I can’t exactly take it back! Maybe I should just let her go and cool off....

Then again that might not be such a good idea!

I saw her face morph into a hateful scowl and she speed-walked straight at a tree! I gasped as I thought for a moment that she was going to run straight into it, but instead I saw her light up and then dash off into the rainforest!

Now where is she going? Ah well, only one way to find out I suppose.

In a snap decision I decided to rush after her, using my skills with the Force to sense where she went. Boy she is fast, I admit I am struggling to keep up with her and she is my only link to getting back to camp, if I loose her I’m lost! That is assuming she knows the way back.....

All I can do is hope and continue to run after her, but the more I followed the more she ran, I don’t even know if she realised I was tailing her and if she did then why wouldn’t she stop? Unless she was just trying to wear me out... Or get me lost in this jungle-like place as revenge for knocking her over!

That second option was looking to be the case as soon I found myself along amongst the rich green foliage in a small clearing. I shook my head both in anger and frustration, how could I let her disappear like that?

Looking around I realised there was no way I would be able to find my way back, all the trees looking the same and I must be too far away from the camp to sense it!

‘What am I gonna do?’ I asked myself aloud.

‘What’s the matter, Rendal?’

My eyes darted around the trees looking for the source of the voice.

‘Alexa? Come out and talk to me!’ I asked tentatively.

‘What’s wrong? Don’t you like it when I watch where you can’t see me?’ Her voice echoed around the clearing.

‘Alright Alexa, I get it, I’m sorry I followed you! I just wanted to make sure you didn’t get into any trouble by yourself!’ I called back.

There wasn’t an immediate reply this time, instead I watched as Alexa’s form appeared from the trees and she walked out to talk to me.

‘Look Rendal, I may not know my way around here completely, but my senses are completely turned into this environment.... I can feel everything.’ She allowed herself a brief smile before looking serious again. ‘I wish people wouldn’t worry about me, I took good care of myself long before I met Anakin!’

‘Right.... Sorry.’ I replied, though I couldn’t help wondering what she had been doing before she became a Padawan.

Everyone had heard stories of the wild child that Master Skywalker had taken as his apprentice, but out of all the tales I had no idea which (if any) were true..... And given her nature I don’t think that asking her is a very good idea...

‘Alright, I guess I should take you back.... Unless you’d rather try yourself?’

‘No!’ I cried. She laughed in response.

‘Then come on.’ And the two of us walked back to the camp, though we did have some fun on the way....

‘Tag, you’re it!’ I shouted tapping the Togruta girl’s arm and running ahead!

‘Not for long!’ She was soon charging after me and I smirked as I noticed the tables had reversed from our previous escapade just moments ago.

The two of us continued to play until Alexa guided us safely back into camp, however our masters were not pleased to see us....

Alexa POV

‘Alexa where have you been?!’ Anakin asked furious.

‘I’m sorry Master, I went for a run.’ I replied, casting my eyes downward.

‘You can’t make a habit of this! This makes twice that you’ve just gone off to do whatever you like!’

I briefly looked beyond him for a moment to where Obi Wan was beckoning Rendal to come away from us and over to him. Reluctantly the boy obliged, managing to catch my eye and give me some reassurance before he went to his own master to explain what happened. No doubt in a more private way than Anakin and I.

Speaking of whom, the man continued to abuse me for the next five minutes and all I did was glare at the ground and see how much pain I could inflict upon myself as my nails dug into my palms.

‘What would happen if you left without telling us and you got lost? We wouldn’t have the faintest idea where you would be! You would be stuck alone to fend for yourself!’

Like I was before I met you?

‘What if some creature had found you instead? You don’t have a lightsaber, how would you plan on defending yourself?’

Uh, with combat? Sticks? Skills? Like a non-Jedi would!

‘I really am sorry, Master.... I just-’

‘It was my fault, Master Skywalker.’ Rendal ran back over.

I stared at him confused as did my Master.

‘What do you mean?’ Anakin asked looking down at him.

‘It was my idea, I wanted to go and have some fun so I left and Alexa had to come find me and lead me back. If she hadn’t led me back here I would probably still be lost.’

I was shocked! He lied! I didn’t think Obi Wan’s kind and “rule abiding” padawan was capable of such a thing! And to help me! Why?

I would have expected more from you young one, but it’s not my place to reprimand you, I will leave that to your master, I just hope you realise what a foolish idea it is to go wandering alone around here without telling one of us that you’re leaving.′ He shook his head then walked away.

‘Over here.’ I hissed, grabbing his tunic and dragging him into my hut. ‘Why did you just lie for me?’

‘Well I thought you didn’t need to get into anymore trouble with your Master and you wouldn’t have gone if I hadn’t made you angry by knocking you over.’

‘It wasn’t angry just because I fell over, I was just in a bad mood, but.... Thank you, for what you did.... Not just with taking the fault, but also for following me and coming up with the idea to play tag.... It was fun.’ I added meekly.

‘I’m glad you think so and you’re quite welcome.’ He smiled.

‘If you tell anyone I said that I will deny it.’

‘Cross my heart I won’t..... So what does this mean?’

‘What do you mean?’ I asked confused.

‘Are we.... Friends?’ He asked unsure.

I thought about it for a moment before nodding.

‘I guess we are.’

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