Broken Beginnings

Chapter 17: Rescue Mission

Ok guys, here’s the next chapter! I hope you are not too angry with me for leaving the last chapter in a cliffhanger, but if you are then this should make up for it.... Hopefully.

Alexa POV

I instantly got up and sprinted back to the camp, the ground blurred below me as I felt a surge of adrenaline. The steady thump of my footsteps echoed in my ears and I felt a bead of sweat roll down my forehead as I raced at the speed of sound!

I continued running for what seemed like longer than it should have taken to get back to the camp, but I guess it was because I want, no, need to get back so fast. A distinct old dead tree came up on the path that meant that I should be able to see the huts around the next bend. Forcing my legs to push harder I kept my sprint, I had to be quick Rendal was depending on me. I rounded the bend in the path and came to an abrupt halt.

‘Master!’ I called and he came to find me.

‘Alexa what’s going on?’ He asked concerned.

‘It’s Rendal, he.... He.....’ I stuttered, shaking my head profusely. My mind was whirring at a million miles an hour and my body began to quiver.

‘Calm down.’ Anakin gently placed his hands on my shoulders. After a few seconds I was able to slow my breathing and answer his question.

‘After I went back to the village I saw Dooku question a little boy, he said that the boy had stolen a communicator and tried to contact someone else where for help, the boy told him he didn’t and Dooku was going to have him shot! Then Rendal came out of nowhere and attacked Dooku!’


‘Dooku has now captured him and he’s being held there!’

At this Anakin looked to Master Kenobi, who stared at us shocked!

‘Looks like we’ll have to moves this along faster!’ Anakin mused.

‘We must think of a plan and fast!’ Obi Wan agreed.

So everyone was called out to discuss a strategy and come up with some kind of a plan, but they couldn’t seem to agree what would work best and despite the danger my new friend was in the group continued to argue amongst themselves! It was night before they finally came to a decision and then they said that it would be to risky to attempt an attack in the dark with so many civilians that had been captured!

When my Master told me to go to bed tonight, my head was filled with concerns for my friend and even though it’s not really my style to get upset about such things I had trouble getting to sleep. Once I did though, I wished I had stayed awake.

Screams filled my head and I saw Rendal lying strapped to a metal table, surrounded by droids while Dooku was standing over him.

‘Are there more Jedi?’ Dooku asked.

‘I don’t know.’ Rendal replied through gritted teeth and an interrogator droid came forward, hovering dangerously in the air, and stabbed him with its drug injector!

I winced as I heard his scream once the chemical found its way into the blood stream, no doubt they had already used a serum to lower his pain threshold and were now just seeing how well it had worked.

‘Where is your Master?’

‘I don’t know.’

The interrogator droid now used its bone fragmenters and elicited more ear-piercing screams from the boys mouth as his arm was snapped like a twig with a deafening crack! I watched as he writhed and struggled against the bonds, cutting his wrists and ankles in the process.

Now Dooku said nothing and turned to the door, leaving the droid to do all the work, as Rendal screamed for mercy!

‘NO! Don’t leave me with this thing!’

I bolted up gasping for air, my eyes wide in fright. I could still feel the excruciating pain that had been causing through him and what was worse was I know it was real.

I then got up and crept over to Anakin’s tent, silently I grabbed my training saber and headed out of camp, I know it is possible to change the settings and make it as powerful as a normal saber which I did and with that I was ready to go and get him.

I didn’t care if the others would find out, I didn’t care if they got angry or thought it was too dangerous. My friend is in pain and I am going to save him, no matter what.

I ran through the darkness, using nothing but my senses to guide me to where I needed to be, only pausing when I reached the perimeter. I waited there until I saw an opening and I slipped past the dimwitted droids over to the building, their looming exterior seemed was ominous in the night and I hid in the shadows as two tinnies walked past.

‘Why do we always get the night shift? It’s so boring.’

‘Well at least we don’t have to worry about being attacked.’

‘I guess that’s true.’

‘Not anymore it isn’t’ I growled before kicking both their heads off and stomping on them as the hit the ground, ignoring the fizzle of broken wires and circuits beneath my foot.

I then glanced around trying to spot the building that they had taken Rendal into, but it was then I noticed that they all looked the same in the dark and decided to go on what my gut was telling me instead and I snuck in. Luckily it was empty, though the lights were on which meant I had to be careful and choose my hiding spots wisely.

However I needed to keep moving, glancing around corners and creeping down hallways until I reached some kind of a map room. There I found a map of the structure and I discovered that (unsurprisingly) there was nowhere that was clearly marked “torture room.” But it wasn’t a complete waste of time going there as I did find evidence that they were planning on building another droid factory somewhere close by. Of course that project would have to be terminated, just like Dooku is going to be when I find him!

Speaking of whom, I could sense him now. His formidable presence loomed not to far away. Though as I closed my eyes I could feel something or rather someone else..... Rendal!

I went to walk out of the map room and gasped as I almost walked into a squad of clankers that were coming the other way! In a flash I hid under one of the tables, making sure that I would remain invisible in the shadow. The idea seemed to work as the droids came into study the maps, but they had no idea that I was there listening to them.

All the same I don’t have time to just sit here, I realised as I felt a surge of pain run through me. Rendal is still in trouble and I need to find him! With that thought in mind I activated my lightsaber and slashed through the droids legs before rolling out from under the table and finished them off!

I then made a strategic dash out if the room and up a flight of stairs, where I finally came a cross a locked door. So far in my experience a locked door is basically a silent way to say “keep out” and actually means “there’s something in here we don’t want you to see.” So naturally I am going to get in there.

I then used my senses to try and see if there was anyone and just to make sure I pressed my ear against the cold metal to listen to what was going on inside. Both of my tests proved that the room was empty of Separatists so I activated my blue lightsaber and plunged it deep into the door. I grinned to myself, maybe I will manage to become a Jedi!

I was soon able to cut my way through the metal door and get in, I let out loud gasp as I saw Rendal cuffed to the table using large metal binders, just as he had been in my dream!


‘A-Alexa?’ He asked, his voice hoarse from screaming.


‘What are you doing here?’

‘Rescuing you of course.’ I replied releasing the binders and freeing him, though he continued to lie on his back. I then took a better look at him and I felt my face fall as I saw how bruised and beaten he looked, he was covered in blood and the majority of his skin was purple and black! His left arm and right leg were incredibly swollen, and I winced as I realised they were probably broken.

‘Y-You shouldn’t have come....’ He groaned and tried to sit up.

‘Easy.’ I helped him and gently swung his legs over the side of the table. ‘I had to come, I couldn’t leave a friend behind.’

‘T-Thanks.’ He gave me a wobble smile.

‘Now we need to get you out of here before someone comes and finds us in here.’ I looked at him with uncertainty, how in the world I am supposed to help him walk? I may be strong, but I’m not that strong!

‘Ok, let’s do this.’ He slowly eased himself on to the floor, but he cried out as soon as he tried to put weight on his leg! Instantly I slipped my arm around him and put his good arm over my shoulders.

‘Lean on me.’ I instructed and he did as he was told. ‘That’s it, I guess I’ll just have to help you.’

With that the two of us headed for the door, I new this was going to be hard, especially when there were droids crawling around every inch of this place, but I will get us out! We managed to make it down the corridor before I realised we had a problem.


‘What are going to do?’ Rendal asked unsure.

‘I don’t know, but there is no way we are using these. We’ll just have to use an elevator.’

‘Assuming there’s one of them nearby.’

‘There’s got to be.’ I replied looking around. ‘See there’s one!’

We then hobbled over to it and I pressed the call button to go down, but as the door slid open a squad of battle droids turned to face us.

‘Hey what- the prisoner! Don’t move!’ The pointed their blasters at us!

I gave Rendal a quick glance before quickly slipping my arm from around his waist and activated my lightsaber! I was soon carving through the droids tin bodies, getting a sick satisfaction from hearing their metallic cries and hearing the fizzle of their severed circuits! Once they all lay in pieces I went back to help to Rendal into the elevator.

‘That. Was. Amazing!’ He grinned.

‘Thanks.’ I tried to smile casually, though I could feel blush starting to creep into my cheeks. ‘Come on, let’s get out of here.’

‘I’ll be glad to get back to the camp.’

‘Me too and we have to hurry because um..... Well.... The others don’t actually know I came after you....’

‘What?! You are going to get into so much trouble!’

‘Hey! Remember who started this mess in the first place?!’

‘Ah..... Yes... Well I couldn’t let Dooku kill the boy, could I?’

‘No.... Actually if you hadn’t stepped in, I have a sneaky feelings our positions would be reversed.’

‘I’m glad their not.’ He smiled, staring into my eyes.

‘I guess I am too.... I don’t know how I would handle having to be saved.’

‘What? Don’t you think I could have come in here and rescue you?’ He asked a little disappointed with my comment.

‘I didn’t say that.... Look let’s just focus on getting out of here.’

‘Fine.’ He nodded, giving me a small smile letting me know he wasn’t really upset.

I returned the expression briefly before we exited the elevator and walked to the door, I admit I was glad to be out of there, but we still had to get across the compound and through the rainforest before we were safe.

‘We can do this.’ I said taking a deep breath and I guided my friend out of the cover of the building and into the open area of the compound. If there was a time we would get caught, it was now. It wouldn’t take much for someone to spot us and blow our cover.

I could see Rendal was pushing himself as hard as he could, limping quickly, and it pained me to see how much he was hurting. I can’t believe I ever doubted his stamina, I doubt even I could do this well if I was in his condition. However it became to much for him and he collapsed!

‘Rendal!’ I gasped as his arm weighed down heavily on my shoulders while I tried to keep him up.

‘I.... I can’t do it.... Leave me here.’ He said weakly as he sat painfully on his knees.

‘No! Come on, you can do this! We are so close! Once we get into the cover of the forest you can stop alright? Please!’ I begged him quietly.

‘But it hurts!’ He hissed.

‘I know it does.’ I whispered. ‘Hush now. I will get us out of this.’

‘Hey look over there! Spies!’ I heard the voice of a clanker and our cover was blown!

‘Go! Please!’ Rendal tried to push me away.

‘No! Honestly, I told you I can’t leave a friend behind!’

Then using all the strength I had in me I picked him up and made the final sprint to the forest and I didn’t stop until we were almost home, at which point I was to tired to carry on and fell to my knees and gently placed Rendal on the ground.

‘T-Thank you.... I’m s-so sorry.’ He whispered.

‘It’s alright.’ I panted.

‘No, I mean it.... You could have died....’

‘No kidding.’ I rolled my eyes and lied down on the dirt beside him. ‘Look, we’re both ok and that’s what matters.... Besides I would do it again in a heart beat.’

‘Really?’ He asked starting to move closer to me.


I don’t know what I was thinking, the need for sleep, warmth and food must have been clouding my mind because the two of us were only centimetres apart before I realised what was going on and I jumped back in fright!

‘What are you doing!?’

‘I.... Uh....’ Even in the darkness I saw him flush scarlet.

‘How could you even think I would......?! You know what never mind.’ I was embarrassed, tired, exhausted and now cranky. However before anything else could be said people came crashing through the rainforest over to us.

‘Alexa are you alright?’ Anakin asked kneeling beside me.

‘Yes.’ I nodded slowly. ‘But Rendal is in bad shape and he needs immediate medical attention.’ I tilted my head towards the boy.

‘We’ll take care of that, you two just relax.’ He replied and before I knew it were being carried away, though I soon heard blaster shots and the sound of a war cry coming from the Separatist base. However I fell into the peaceful realm of sleep before I could question anyone about it.


Woo! So what did you guys think about that? I admit this has been one of my favourite chapters to write. Well that’s it for this chapter.

May The Force Be With You!

~ Lexa

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