Broken Beginnings

Chapter 18: Medical Frigate

Anakin POV

I watched as the two Padawans were taken away on stretchers that we’d constructed and at this point there is nothing more that I would like than to pound Dooku into the ground for what he put them through! I thought that even he would be above torturing a 13 year old, but obviously not! So now is when we strike, we will take him and this base down to the ground!

So while Tila, Graffin, Connas and Rex took Alexa and Rendal back to the camp and called for Republic reinforcements, Ahsoka got our army together and we went into battle against the Separatists.

It was hard, no doubt about it, but with all of us fighting our hardest we got the job done, destroying the base and freeing the hostages, who couldn’t thank us enough though we assured them it wasn’t necessary. Unfortunately Dooku escaped, but not until after we engaged in a lightsaber duel. During which he was wounded and I managed to get away scott-free, which is always a bonus!

However, with the success of our mission comes a price. Now that we’re done, we have to go back to Coruscant and I admit that in some ways, a lot of ways, I really don’t want to. The main reason being none other than Ahsoka Tano.

The mischievous Togrutan girl who had once been my apprentice was once again stuck in my mind as I began packing my things ready to go back to the Temple. Over the time that we have been here on this planet with her I’ve realised that she’s not the girl I used to know, she’s become even more independent, stronger, more grown up and..... She was beautiful. I would be a fool if I couldn’t see that, but what can I do? She’s home here, she has her people and her father. Besides I’m happily married to Padme and I should be looking forward to seeing her when I return.... Still maybe there’s another way I can have Ahsoka back in my life again....

‘Are you ready to leave?’ The girl in question just walked in.

‘Almost.’ I sighed.

‘Anakin.... What’s the matter?’ She asked sensing my sadness.

‘I don’t want to go.’ I replied facing her.

‘What do you mean? You know you have to, moving around is part of a Jedi’s life, and what makes you want to stay here anyway?’

‘Surely you know the answer to that.’


‘I know you were teasing me yesterday morning, Ahsoka.’

‘Yes.... I suppose I was....’ She blushed. ‘But I know you are married to Padme and that alone means we can’t have a relationship, not to mention the Jedi Code.’

‘Oh who cares about the Code?!’ I scoffed.

‘Obviously not you, but you should be careful Anakin. If the Council finds out then they will expel you.’

‘I know.’ I hung my head for a brief moment before looking at her with a serious expression. ‘Come with me.’

‘What?’ She asked shocked.

‘Come back and join the Order.’

‘Anakin, I told you the Council didn’t trust me! How can I go back knowing that they were just going to sit back and watch me be executed!?’

I sighed, she was right. But in these desperate times the Jedi need everyone they have in order to stop the war and I know that Ahsoka is ready to become a Jedi! I just wish she would change her mind!

‘Fine.’ She nodded.

‘What?’ I asked confused.

‘I sensed what you were thinking and you’re absolutely right, I will go back and see the Council, if they still want me back then I will rejoin them.’

‘Yes!’ I had to restrain myself from pumping my fist in the air in victory.

‘But this does mean we will be delayed slightly longer as I have to and get some of my things from the palace.’

‘That’s fine, lets go.’

So we went back to the palace where the king thanked us for our services etc and apologised for not having more confidence in the Jedi, but what surprised me was how accepting his was of Ahsoka’s decision to come back with us. Then again, I wasn’t about to complain.

Once everyone was ready we said goodbye to the group, boarded our ship and jumped into hyperspace, but before we went home there was one place that we needed to visit first....

A medical frigate, where Alexa and Rendal had been taken last night.

We docked with the frigate then boarded it and went to find the two padawans and once had located them I was glad to see they were alright. Though it was evident that Alexa’s main problem was her exhaustion and I could definitely understand that, Rendal on the other had clearly been introduced to an interrogator droid.

Alexa POV

I woke up in a surprising soft bed, with sheets and everything, I realised as I struggled to get my bleary eyes open. Once I did though and I started looking around I couldn’t help noticing that everything was white! I growled inwardly as I knew what that meant. I was in some kind of a medical facility.

Wait! What about Rendal?!

I almost bolted straight up in bed as my I remembered the condition my friend had been in last night, though I instantly regretted it. My whole body ached and I began to feel dizzy. Holding my head I groaned softly, this was t going to be a good day.

Looking once again around the room trying to see if Rendal was in here, I finally spotted him in a bed just right of mine. He was still sleeping soundly and I could see his arm and leg had been set in plaster. Also many of the cuts and bruises he had received now had bandages on them along with bacta patches to heal in the healing process.

I allowed myself a small smile; he was brave to do what he did, I’ll give him that.

However my face went straight again as I sensed Anakin, Obi Wan and..... The Princess? What is she doing here? Where even are we?

‘Hello Master Skywalker, Master Kenobi.... Ahsoka.’ I greeted turning my head to look at them.

‘Hello Lex, I’m glad to see your awake. How do you feel?’ Anakin greeted.

‘Fine.’ I lied.

‘Alexa....’ He warned, wanting me to tell the truth.

‘Really Anakin, you have nothing to-’ I froze.

Glancing at Ahsoka I could easily sense that she was shocked by something, though her face betrayed little, she didn’t hide her feelings very well. It was then I realised something. Touching my head and montrals I immediately found out what was scaring the princess.

‘Where is my cloak?’ I asked beginning to panic.

‘It’s being washed I’m afraid.’


‘It had to be done, you wouldn’t want to wear it while it was covered in dirt and blood, would you?’ Anakin asked.

‘No..... But I need something like it!’

‘Alexa, you can’t hide forever.’

‘Yes I can!’ I replied burying my face in my hands.

‘Excuse us.’ Anakin murmured to his companions.

‘Of course, we’ll give you two some privacy.’ I heard Obi Wan and Ahsoka leave us and Anakin sat on the edge of the bed, as he gently moved my hands away from my face.

‘Come on Alexa, let me see those pretty eyes.’ He smiled softly and I looked at him sadly. ‘That’s better.’

‘You don’t have to pretend for me you know.’ I replied stiffly.

‘What do you mean?’

‘I know perfectly well what I look like and I know I’m anything but pretty.’

‘If you think that then you don’t know how you look, you’re too worried about how the scars got there and that is why you hate them. I understand that, but you’ve got to look further than that, see this?’ He pointed to the scar near his eye. ‘I hated that for months after I got it duelling with Dooku’s apprentice, Ventress, but eventually I started to realise that it was now a part of me and I learned to accept it.’

‘But that’s just one scar and it is pretty awesome on you. It’s not like you’re covered in them.’

‘I know, but the point is now that they are part of you there’s not much you can do about it, so why don’t you try making peace with them? I know that isn’t easy, but trust me you are beautiful, scars or no scars.’

‘You really think so?’ I asked staring at him, a little surprised with his compliment.

‘I swear it on my honor as a Jedi.’ He smiled.

‘Thank you, Anakin.’ I gave him back a small smile.

‘You’re welcome, so will you try to go with out your face covered? Just for a while?’

‘I will try.’ I nodded.

‘Good girl.’

Ahsoka POV

I couldn’t help staring at the pair, I knew Anakin was a good teacher, but I never realised just how good until now. Not only does he encourage her competitive nature and teacher her how to reach her full potential in combat and the Force, but he also knows how to make her feel better about herself and get her to open up to him a little. Which by the looks of things isn’t an easy task.

Seeing the two of them together reminds me of what it was like to be his padawan, all of the fun we had together, always laughing and competing in playful banter. It makes me miss those times even more than I have everyday of my life since I decided to leave. I know that I made the right choice, I needed some time to get over what had happened, but I can’t help wondering if I should have just took an extra long vacation and still come back.... Either way I was going to rejoin the Order, but what will happen now? I can’t be Anakin’s padawan since he now has Alexa....

At that thought I felt myself become.... Jealous? How was that possible? This poor girl has obviously been through something horrific and I’m standing here feeling jealous!? She deserves a good master who cares about her and will take good care of her like Anakin. All the same that didn’t stop me from wishing I could be his apprentice again....

Rendal POV

It must have been sometime before I woke because when I did the sun was high in the sky and I was in an infirmary of some kind. I winced as pain shot through me when I tried to move my leg, groaning as I remembered that it was broken.

‘Afternoon.’ A female voice greeted and I looked to my left only to see the face of Alexa Arnjard looking back at me.

Wait a minute! Her face!? What happened to her cloak?

‘H-Hi.’ I mumbled, still a little sleepy. ‘Don’t you look different?’ I smirked.

She turned her head away before answering, as if she was embarrassed by how she looked.

‘Yeah....’ She faced me again before asking timmidly, ‘What do you think? Hideous aren’t I?’

‘Not at all.’ I shook my head slowly so as not to hurt it. ‘You look fine to me.’

‘You’re just dopey from the anesthetic.’

‘Anesthetic? I’ve been in for surgery?’

‘Kind of, they had to put you under so they could set you arm and leg.’ She replied.

‘Oh, I see. All the same I am not “dopey” and I can see you perfectly well.’

‘That can’t be true.’

‘Why not?’

‘You’re not screaming.’ She asnwered, though I could see the shadow of a smirk lingering at the edge of her soft grey lips. I laughed.

‘First of all, I don’t think you’re scary or ugly or hideous or any of those things and second I hurt to much to scream.’

‘Thanks.’ She smiled.

‘You’re welcome.’ I nodded.

‘How are you feeling anyway?’

‘Tired and sore, but not to bad, what about you?’

‘I’m alright, I didn’t get banged up unlike you.’

‘That’s true, but you did take down a lot of droids and help me out of the building by letting me lean on you and let’s not forget the fact that you carried me for almost half a mile!’ I replied raising a brow.

‘So? It was nothing.’ She shrugged.

‘Not nothing, it was everything. Lets face it, Alexa, I wouldn’t have made it out of there without you.’

I stared at her, trying to gauge her reaction to what I had just said, but she kept her expression guarded and revealed nothing to me.

‘You would have done the same for me.’

‘That’s true, because you never leave a friend behind.’ I smiled remembering what she had said last night.

The two of us then fell into a comfortable silence and just laid back against out over-stuffed pillows and looked at each other, I was determined to take in every inch of her beautiful face. From her crystal blue eyes, to her cute little nose large grey lips. Looking at her scars there was one in particular that caught my attention. It ran from the left side of her forehead diagonally down across her nose and continued across her right cheek down to her jaw line. It was by far the largest scar on her face and I couldn’t help wanting to know how it had got there, but I refrained from asking.

I have a feeling she’ll tell me when she’s ready.


Aw! Fluffies alround! What did you guys think of that?

May The Force Be With You!

~ Lexa

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