Broken Beginnings

Chapter 19:: Fun and Games

Alexa POV

I managed to get through the day without my cloak, however I noticed Ahsoka was definitely trying to keep away form me, but to be perfectly honest I really didn’t care. I was still glad to get my cloak back after it had been washed and dried, though.

Once Rendal and I were dismissed from care, we, our Masters and Ahsoka all went back to Coruscant, however Rendal was now confined to a wheelchair for the next six weeks which meant we couldn’t train together. That alone made me feel sad, which considering it’s me is very odd.

It would seem that over a few days I have grown closer to Rendal that I would to most people in weeks and it is a weird feeling, but at least now I have three friends instead of two and speaking of my friends they were most anxious to hang out again!

‘Alexa!’ They cheered and ran over to me as I entered the mess hall for dinner.

‘Jennifire! Lorryn!’ I smiled.

‘What happened? Where did you go? Did you complete the mission?’ Lorryn asked excitedly.

‘I will answer all your questions as soon as I get something to eat.’ I promised, joining the line.

I was able to get my food and we picked a table, but the second my bum touched the seat the girls were once again asking questions.

‘Where’s Rendal? We heard he went with you. Was he nice to you? What do you think of him?’

‘Come on Alexa! You promised you would answer our questions as soon as you got food!’ Jennifire begged me.

‘Alright, alright! Calm down! I am going to answer your questions now.’ I nodded. ‘Firstly, our mission was to take down a base the Separatist base on the planet of Shili.’

‘Isn’t that where Togruta’s come from?’ Jenifire asked.

‘Yes.’ I nodded. ‘It’s also my home planet, but that’s not important. Anyway, when we got there we met the king who told us what had been happening then we were introduced to a group of freedom fighters who took us back to a camp where we spent most of our time.’

‘Oh, what was the king like?’ Lorryn inquired, curious.

‘He didn’t trust in the Jedi’s abilities when we first met him, but he was very polite and thankful after we completed the mission.... Or at least that’s what I heard....’

‘What do you mean “what you heard” didn’t you go and see him too?’ Jennifire asked, confusion written all over her face.

‘I will explain that later.’ I replied and told them the rest of what happened during our all too eventful mission and to say they were shocked would be a major understatement.

‘You mean Rendal attacked Dooku, by himself, without a lightsaber?!’ Lorryn gawked.

‘Yep and he did pretty well too, until Dooku took him down that is.’

‘How did you managed to carry him all that way? I mean he’s a year older than you isn’t he?’ Jennifire wondered.

‘That depends.’ I turned as saw Rendal wheel his way up to the table. ‘How old are you, Alexa?’

‘Twelve.’ I replied.

‘Then yes I am a year older than her.’

‘So you’re thirteen. Wow, Lorryn and I are both thirteen.’

‘I didn’t know that.’ I looked at my friend surprised.

‘Whoops, we probably should have mentioned that before.’ Jennifire smiled sheepishly.

‘Yeah.... But she won’t be thirteen for much longer, it’s her birthday next month.’ Lorryn grinned nudging Jennifire.

‘Cool!’ I smiled.

‘Lorryn’s birthday is in three months from now.’

‘Mine is not until towards the end of the year.’ Rendal shrugged. ‘When is yours, Alexa?’

‘I don’t know.... It’s been quite a while since I’ve celebrated it.’ I murmured quietly.

‘Oh Alexa....’ He sighed sadly.

‘Don’t worry about it.’ I brushed it off. ‘I’ll remember it later when I don’t need it, that’s how it always works, right?’

‘It seems too.’ Lorryn agreed.

We then dug into out food and dropped the subject, I was glad to let it go and move on.

Rendal POV

It saddened me that Alexa couldn’t remember her birthday and I knew what she said was just an attempt to get us to forget it and move on, but I will be sure to ask her about it later.... I feel that like most things about her there is more to this than she is letting on....

All the same I will leave her alone for now.

When the girls were done eating they decided to all head to Jenifire’s room and surprisingly enough I was invited to come along and despite being perfectly capable of wheeling myself there the girls insisted on pushing me!

Having the other, slightly more sensible, girls did ensure that we managed to get there in one piece, but coming back to my room with just Alexa and myself was a different story.

‘Woo hoo!’ Alexa grinned as she ran with me down the corridor and we skidded around a corner!

‘This is awesome!’ I shouted!

Alexa and I decided to make things interesting and go for a little “joy-ride” around the Temple as a detour and somehow we hadn’t crashed into someone yet! However neither of us realised that this hallway was a dead end and we were headed straight for a wall!

‘O-Oh. Time to stop!’

Instantly she stopped running and stiffened up, digging her boots into the marble to slow us down, I pulled back on the chairs brakes, but despite our efforts the chair wouldn’t stop!

‘Lexa!’ I cried as the wall got closer!

‘I’ve got this!’ She replied and before I knew it she let go of the wheel chair!

‘What are you-’ I never got to finish the sentence as I glanced over my shoulder and watched she was sprinted toward me then with a burst of energy somersaulted over the wheel chair and landed in front of it! She then turned on her heel and grabbed the front of the chair, once again digging her boots into the floor.

‘Jam that brake as hard as you can!’

‘I am!’ I then saw the Togruta close her eyes and I felt the Force flow through her, within seconds the we were slowing down, just in time to stop as her back foot hit the wall! The two of us sighed in relief, panting heavily. ‘Well done.’

‘Thanks.’ She breathed.

‘You’re welcome.’

‘You know..... That was actually really fun!’ She grinned wildly.

‘Want to do it again?’ I asked beaming.


However before we could, Alexa’s comlink beeped. She groaned and answered it.

‘Arnjard here, what is it?’

‘You know you could be a little nicer my young padawan.’ The voice of General Skywalker came through.

‘Sorry. So what is it?’

‘I was wondering if you wanted to come and do some sparing?’

‘Are you kidding?! Of c-’. She cut herself off and looked at me.

‘Go.’ I whispered nodding.

‘What about you? Won’t you be lonely?’ She asked quietly.

‘Not at all.’

‘You can come to if you want, Rendal. I don’t object and I doubt your Master will mind.’ Skywalker offered. Alexa and I grinned sheepishly at each other, he must have heard us.

‘Thank you, Master Skywalker.’

‘You’re quite welcome, but don’t take to long.’ The conservation was then ended and I stared at my female friend.

‘Why don’t we take it a little slower this time?’

‘I think that’s a good idea.’ She agreed and after turning myself around the two of us headed off to the training room. ‘It’s a shame you can’t train, I was looking forward to kicking your butt.’ The Togruta smirked.

‘Oh really? What makes you so sure it wouldn’t be the other way around?’

‘I don’t know.... Maybe because I’ve got into a highly guarded Separatist base, taken down squadrons of clankers, saved a prisoner and still made it out alive.’

‘Fair point, but don’t I get points for attacking Count Dooku with nothing except my bare hands and being able to withstand torture without revealing any secrets?’

‘Alright.’ She smiled. ‘You know your pain threshold must be pretty high.’

‘I don’t know.’ I shrugged.

The two of us continued to talk until we found Master Skywalker waiting for us in the training room, he had already gotten a training saber and had activated his own ready to challenge his padawan.

‘Ready Alexa?’ He asked tossing her the training saber.

‘Do you even have to ask?’ She replied getting straight into it and attacking him!

I watched exited as the two of them whirled their blades through the air, clashing and humming as they moved. It was almost like a dance, the way the two bodies moved around each other parrying and lunging backwards and forwards. Their feet and arms forever moving as they wield their sabers, causing them to look like little more than a blue blur.

I smiled as Alexa disengaged her Master so as to run and jump off a nearby wall and perform a falling leaf, bringing her saber down on Skywalker who swiftly put his own up to block her assault and her push her away from him. She then used the impact of his move to somersault backwards and land, stabbing her training saber forward where it narrowly missed hitting his abdomen! Skywalker then fell to the ground, in slow motion, pretending to be wounded and laid there groaning.

‘Oh no! You got me! Ah! I have been beaten!’

‘Ha ha! I, Alexa Arnjard, have taken down the almighty hero of the Rebuplic! Anakin Skywalker!’ She smirked down and him and pointed the tip of her training saber at his throat! ‘Any last words Chosen One?’

‘Today, I fought my hardest.... And I die with dignity.....’ He drew in his “last breath” drawing it out and making sound as silly as possible. Then his head then fell to the side, his eyes closed and his tongue was left sticking out!

After a few moments Alexa burst out laughing and her Master soon followed suit! I was surprised to see Alexa clutching her stomach as she laughed and she soon fell over as Skywalker got up on his knees and began ticking her! The sight before me was incredibly hilariously and it wasn’t long before I was laughing too!

‘Come on Rendal, you’re turn!’ Alexa got up, her arms outstretched towards me and her fingers twitched eagerly.

‘No!’ I shrieked and immediately started pushing me wheels forward in an attempt to escape and Alexa soon chased me out the door!


Hey guys, how was that? Not to bad I hope. Anyway, I guess all the important stuff has been said so....

May The Force Be With You!

~ Lexa

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