Broken Beginnings

Chapter 2:

Alexa POV

I woke early the this morning, embarrassed and ashamed of my actions the previous night. How could I have been so stupid as to let it get to my head? I’m so stupid.

All the same I got up and glanced at myself in the mirror; I looked horrible. My face covered in the scars and bruises from a past that I would just love to forget. Still my clothes did their best to conceal as much as possible with my long sleeve black shirt, that rose up my neck and clung tightly to my skin along with matching black pants. Then grabbing my cloak I headed to the door, I was grateful for a safe sleep, but I need to get going again now that they know I’m here. I opened the door and sighed, you’ll never guess who was standing there waiting for me.

‘Skywalker.’ I half said, half groaned. Just the person I didn’t want to see.

‘Morning Miss Arnjard.’ He gave me a small smiled. ‘It’s nice to see you missed me.’ His expression changed to a smirk.

‘What do you want?’

‘I though you might want someone to show you to the mess hall for breakfast.’

‘Food?’ I asked, the anticipation rising in my voice.



‘Right this way.’

Eagerly I followed him through the halls as he led us towards the kitchen, I hadn’t eaten in around a week and I am starving! However my hunger faded into the background as I noticed just how many guards or....... Clones, I think they’re called, were already there. My eyes widened and though it was barely noticeable, Skywalker still smirked at me knowingly. I glared at him heatedly before, pushing past him and joining the line for food.

It was surprisingly good, way better than anything I had eaten in a while. I shovelled the food into my mouth hungrily, while still trying to keep my composure. I shot daggers at Skywalker as he laughed.


‘Nothing.’ He smirked.

‘Don’t “nothing” me, Skywalker.’ I snapped.

‘Woah, calm down Arnjard. I was only thinking about how hard you’re trying not to look desperate for food, when I could feel your hunger as soon as I mentioned breakfast at your room.’ He clarified.

‘Wait, how can you feel what I’m feeling?’ I asked confused.

‘I’m surprised you don’t know, since you know about the Jedi.’

‘I know of the Jedi, I don’t really know that much about them.’ I clarified.

‘Well we have the Force, it’s actually in everything around us, it surrounds us, penetrates us and binds the galaxy together. We Jedi are able to use the Force to move things without touching them along with being able to tell the thoughts and feelings of those around us.’

‘You can read my mind?’ I asked shocked. My eyes then widened as I felt as if someone was probing my mind. Instinctively I shut myself away so he couldn’t gain access to it.

‘No, I can’t read yours at the moment.’ He replied. ‘I kind of wish I could though.’

‘No you don’t.’ I murmured.


‘No one does, ok? Now leave me alone.’ I got up.

‘Where are you going?’ He asked.

‘Where ever I want.’ I sneered and walked away.

Anakin POV

I watched as she exited the mess hall, I sighed and shook my head. What made this girl so hostile? I had to find out, but given how she had just reacted it was obvious that pushing her to tell me was only going to make her angry and then she wouldn’t tell me anything.

‘Are you alright Anakin?’ I looked up to see the concerned face of my old Master staring down at me.

‘Yeah.’ I replied as he sat down beside me.

‘She’s just on edge, which is understandable, after all we don’t know what she’s been through.’

‘I want to.’

‘That maybe so, but we don’t know how long she’s staying for, she’ll probably leave soon anyway.’

‘Probably.’ I nodded.

‘Anyway, Master Yoda wants to see you now.’

‘Where am I supposed to meet him?’

‘His quarters.’

‘Then I’ll see you later, Master.’ I said standing up and headed to see the Jedi Grandmaster.

I walked through the crowded halls, nodding to the several clones that I past including Cody and Rex. I would have to talk to my captain and ask him to keep an eye out for Miss Arnjard while she was here to ensure that she didn’t get into any trouble, but that could wait until after I talked to Master Yoda. Once I arrived I knocked on the door and opened it upon hearing a familiar voice murmur “enter.” I saw him sitting cross legged on the floor with his eyes closed in meditation.

‘Sit down young Skywalker.’ The green Jedi master instructed. I did as he asked and sat down on the floor in front of him.

‘You wanted to see me Master Yoda?’

‘Yes.’ He opened his eyes and looked at me. ‘Wanted to talk to you, I did. About Miss Arnjard. Much has happened in her life, need a friend she does. Think that you are the right person to help I do.’

‘Why me Master?’ I asked, shocked that he would suggest such a thing.

‘Saved her you did, trust you she will and need someone to help you do, after losing your padawan.’

I attempted to hide the sense of loss I have felt since Ahsoka left the Order, she was a great padawan and an even better friend, but I couldn’t allow myself to get that close to someone again. Not after I failed her.

‘Master I can’t, not after I failed so bad the last time.’

‘Failed Padawan Tano you did not, the Counsels fault that was and make that mistake again we will not. Help Miss Arnjard, you can. Believe in you, I do.’

‘Very well, Master Yoda.’ I sighed.

‘Good, now think you should go and see her, I do.’

‘Yes Master.’ I nodded and left.

This isn’t going to be easy.

Alexa POV

That went well. Not. I rolled my eyes. Why did Skywalker have to ask so many questions? Why is he so interested in me? Why can’t he just let me be? I wish he would just ignore me like everyone else, so I could just disappear into the background like I always do. I belong in the dark, where I’m alone and no one can see me, not here in the light where everyone wants to know about me or rather about my scars.

Such were the thoughts in my head as I wandered around the Temple, I honestly had no idea where I was, where I had been or where I am going. Which is odd, considering I’m normally pretty good with directions. Maybe it’s just because the atmosphere’s different in here.

Something is off. I just can’t put my finger on what. It’s a weird feeling in my gut, but I know that something isn’t right. I turned round yet another corner in the polished marble maze and my eyes widened as I came across a small child who, from their appearance, looked to be about five or so. It was a Twi’Lek boy. He looked up at me, fear in his young eyes and began to back away stuttering.


Before I could say anything he ran away screaming! An alarm went off somewhere and clones began drawing their weapons and running over to me, pointing them dangerously close to me. They then began barking orders and shouting at me.

‘Put your hands where we can see them then get on the ground!’

‘Hey I-I didn’t do anything.’ I stuttered as they continued to yell shove their blasters at me threateningly. ‘Stop! Leave me alone! I didn’t do anything!’ In my defence I put my hands and released a blast of energy, knocking them off their feet and onto the floor.

How did I........? Doesn’t matter, run!

Seeing this as my chance I ran back the way I had come, towards my room....... Or at least I think that’s where I’m heading...... The Clones were then after me again only now they were shooting at me!

‘Set for stun!’ I heard one of them say and I sprinted as fast as I could, but I could still hear their feet on the hard marble floor running just a couple meters behind me.

Skywalker, wherever you are, I could use a hand!

Anakin POV

I felt something........ Miss Arnjard was in trouble! I ran, using the Force to guide me to her location and it wasn’t long before I saw her and she....... Is being chased by a group of clones? Wait why are the alarms going off? Oh crud. What did she do? My eyes widened even further as I saw them shooting at her, the electric shots buzzing and crackling as they flew through the air and hit the walls around her. I sighed at least they had their weapons on stun.

I sprinted over and started running beside the clone captain who was leading the chase, nocking the blaster out of his hand as he attempted to shoot the young girl who was desperately trying to get away.

‘Captain what are you doing?’ I asked angrily bringing them all to a stop.

‘Sir a youngling reported seeing a Sith so we are trying to catch it.’

‘That’s no Sith, Captain. That is Alexa Arnjard, our guest.’ I explained, trying to keep myself under control.

‘Sorry Sir.’

‘Sorry doesn’t cut it Captain, someone could have gotten hurt! Next time if a youngling says something ask a Jedi before you believe it!’ I slapped him.

‘Yes Sir.’ He murmured.

I then looked around for the girl, but there was no sign of her; she must have kept running. I shook my head, I would have to go after her and calm her nerves, trying to explain to her what happened would be a challenge.

‘All of you return to your post! Now!’ I shouted and they did as they were told. I then went to find Miss Arnjard and apologise for the Clones actions. I walked and walked until I found her in her room, sitting legs crossed on her bed with her head down. I could hear her small sniffs as she cried. ‘I’m sorry.’ I whispered. Causing her head to snap up and she glared at me.

‘Go away!’ She demanded.


‘Leave me alone!’

I did as she asked and left. This was one time I think Yoda is wrong, there is no way she will ever trust me.

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