Broken Beginnings

Chapter 20

Alexa POV

It was now night and I sat in my room staring once again at the teddy bear which had been puzzling me from the moment I was given it by that little girl.... I need to find her again, I need to know how she got it, who had given it to her?

As I held the stuffed toy close to me and breathed in it’s familiar smell, I began to feel something.... A warmth.... And as I focused in on it I felt it surround me and fill me up.... It was almost as if I could feel it wrapping around me like a pair of arms or a blanket....

At that moment I was tempted to close my eyes and just fall asleep, my eyes were already heavy and beginning to close. I gently laid down on my bed, allowing my drozines and I could swear I felt my cloak pull around me further and reach to just underneath my chin. I smiled as I felt a soft breeze by my ear and words were whispered in a sweet melody....

Loo, loo, loo, I’ll take you dreaming
Through the rainy night
To a place behind the raindrops
Where the stars are bright
You may not find gold or silver
But a richer prize
Waits for you behind the raindrops
If you close your eyes
Tonight, tonight
When all the world’s asleep
We will tiptoe home with a wonderous star
A star you can always keep
And years from now when you go dreaming
When you’re very old
Though your crown be rich with rubies
Diamonds set in gold
That will shine as bright
As the star we’ll find
Tonight, tonight
When all the world’s asleep
We will find a star
That you can always keep

I fell asleep not long after hearing it and all through the night it kept swirling around in my mind, putting me at ease and helping me to unwind....


‘Alexa?’ I heard a voice call to me.

‘Hmm?’ I asked groggily.

‘It’s time to wake up now sweetie....’

‘Who....?’ I squinted my eyes as I saw a figure in the distance.

‘Come on my little angle, I promise I will come back again, but now you need to get up....’


I then forced my eyes open only to come to my senses and hear my comlink beeping impatiently! I growled and clumsily answered it.

‘Arnjard, go ahead.’

‘Alexa it’s Anakin, what are you doing?’

‘Nothing, why?’

‘Because, we were scheduled to work on your meditation at eight o’clock this morning.’


‘And it is now almost nine o’clock!’

‘Oops! I’ll be there ASAP!’ I replied ending the conversation to get out of bed and get dressed!

Anakin POV

When Alexa showed up for her training, we went to the meditation garden, but when we sat down and began meditating I could sense that something was bothering her. Whatever it is, it’s holding her back from connecting with the Force and while that is not uncommon for Jedi sometime, what is odd is the fact that she isn’t guarding her feelings, I could sense it and that troubles me.

‘Are you alright?’ I asked quietly.


‘Are you sure?’ She didn’t answer. ‘Come on Alexa, you know you can tell me anything.’

‘It’s nothing, really. I just didn’t have the best sleep last night.’

‘I see.... Anyparticular reason why?’


I didn’t push it after that, though I felt her feelings and emotions again.

The two of us sat in silence for another hour after that, just listening to the sounds of the water and the birds which were in the garden with us. By the end of it Alexa was grumbling about how her legs and bum had gone numb. I couldn’t contain my smirk and I snorted as she got up and shook her legs out, nearly falling over in the process! (A/N: Please tell me there are other people out there who have done this, not just me! XD)

‘Oh shut up.’ She growled rolling her eyes and I jumped up too.

‘So what do you want to do now?’ I asked.

‘I don’t know.’ She shrugged.

‘What if I give you some free time? You go and do what you want then we’ll meet up in the mess hall, have lunch and do some more training afterwards.’

‘Alright.’ She nodded and walked off, her cloak trailing behind her.

Now I know there’s something that I am supposed to be doing....

My comlink shook me from my thoughts as I buzzed and I quickly answered it.

‘General Skywalker here, go ahead.’

‘Anakin, have you forgotten that you are meant to be in a meeting with the Council in five minutes?’ The distinguished (and rather angry) voice of Obi Wan kenobi came through.

‘Of course not, Master.’ I replied shrugging it off, though it was obvious that I had. ‘I’m just on my way there now as a matter of fact.’ I explained as started walking.

‘Right.’ Obi Wan said skeptical. ‘Then you’d better hurry up, do you even know what you are going to say to the Council?’

‘I’ll think of something.’ I said before turning my comlink off and starting to run.

Ahsoka POV

Standing here waiting to go in front of the Council now feels just as terrifying (if not more so) than when I was waiting for their verdict when they decided to expel me. It’s still hard to believe that after all this time I’m trying to get back into the Order, when I left two years ago I thought I would never come back, yet here I am again! Why did I let Anakin talk me into this?!

Speaking of whom he had just arrived, late as usual, but I was glad to have him beside me again. Despite all this nervousness that has built up inside me, I feel calm, even a little happy as he runs over and stops just in front of Obi Wan and I.

‘You forgot, didn’t you?’ I smirked.

‘Not at all Snips, I just had to see my Padawan for a moment before coming here and we talked for longer than I should have allowed.’

‘Right.’ I replied skeptical.

‘Doubting me, Snips?’ He asked raising an eyebrow.

‘Not at all, Skyguy.’

‘Touché.’ He nodded.

‘I hate to break this up, but we’ll be asked to go in soon.’ Obi Wan reminded us.

‘Right, sorry.’ I replied.

‘It’s alright and remember just tell them how you feel, I’m sure they’ll understand.’

‘I hope so.’ I gulped just as the doors opened and we were beckoned inside.


Alright everyone, cross your fingers, toes, arms, legs and whatever else you can think off of you want Ahsoka to rejoin the Jedi Order! By the way the lullabye was “I’ll Take You Dreaming” by Danny Kaye and I really like it, so you can go search it up if you like or not I don’t mind. So that’s all for now.

May The Force Be With You!

~ Lexa

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