Broken Beginnings

Chapter 21

Ahsoka POV

I feel like I could fly to the other side of the galaxy and back! I can’t believe it! They let me back! Not only that but I am now a full Jedi Knight of the Republic! Oh my gosh!

I smiled gratefully at the Masters, trying to contain my excitement, though as I bowed to them I felt I might burst at any second and the three of us made a quick, but dignified, exit. Once we were out and the heavy door closed behind us I couldn’t help squealing and pumping my fist in the air!

‘Ahsoka Tano is back!’ I announced.

‘Yeah!’ Anakin hi-fived me, while Obi Wan beamed proudly.

‘I’m so glad for you Ahsoka.’

‘Thank you Master Obi Wan.’

‘You’re most welcome.’

‘It’s good to have you back, Snips.’

‘It’s good to be back, Skyguy.’ I grinned.

‘Why don’t we go out and celebrate?’

‘Yes!’ I cheered and we started walking back towards the entrance/exit of the Temple, however Anakin stopped when he realised Obi Wan hadn’t moved.

‘Coming, Master?’ He asked.

‘I wasn’t sure if I was invited.’ Obi Wan smirked.

‘Of course you are, Master, we would never leave you behind.’ I smiled and we all headed off.

This has been by far the best day ever!

Anakin POV

It made me ecstatic to see Ahsoka so happy, watching her face light up as Master Yoda welcomed her back was the highlight of my day. It almost made her look like the same young girl that I had taken as my padawan. Admittedly I was shocked when Master Yoda allowed her back as a full Jedi, but I can see that after all she has done it is only fitting that she was granted the rank of Jedi Knight and I am proud of her. So I decided there was something that we needed to do.

‘It’s good to have you back, Snips.’ I smiled.

‘It’s good to be back, Skyguy.’ Her smile made my heart sing.

‘Why don’t we go out and celebrate?’ I suggested.

‘Yes!’ She said delighted and we began walking back towards the entrance of the Temple, I then paused upon realising Obi Wan wasn’t walking.

‘Coming, Master?’ I questioned.

‘I wasn’t sure if I was invited.’ He smirked.

‘Of course you are, Master, we would never leave you behind.’ Ahsoka nodded kindly and the three of us continued on down the halls.

I wondered if Ahsoka knew where I wanted to take her, it was a little diner not far from here where the two of us used to get something to eat and drink whenever we wanted something out of the ordinary. I know she loved the food there and I just hope she still does.

Alexa POV

I spent my free time in my room thinking about the strange dream I had last night. Admittedly it’s not the first time I’ve had dreams that most people would consider odd, but never like this.

The voice still echoed in my mind, soft, sweet and warm.... It had felt soothing in my ears and gentle on my mind. As I thought about it I was almost tempted to try and go to sleep, just to see if I could hear it again. However, I felt something else in the shadows of my mind.... It wasn’t exactly dark or angry as many of my thoughts are, but it wasn’t happy either.... I honestly don’t know what I am feeling, yet I couldn’t push it away.

I sighed and shook my head, I needed to do something and take my mind off that dream. Looking at the clock on my wall I discovered the perfect distraction, it was lunch time and I needed to meet Anakin in the mess hall. So I got up and started walking there.

When I got there, though, I discovered that Anakin had not yet arrived. Deciding that he must have been running a little late I went ahead and got my food before sitting down at a table. I slowly ate my food as my eyes kept wandering back and forth scanning for any signs of my master, but as time went by I was left sitting there for almost an hour before I gave up.

I had watched tonnes of people come and go in and out of the mess hall, I even asked some of them if they knew where he was, but no one seemed to know and it made me mad! I growled as I stood up abruptly, jolting both the table and my seat, before heading out and going to the training room to blow off steam.

Once I was there I went straight over to where I could punch something! I smiled inwardly as my hand made contact with the surface of the punching bag and I was soon hammering into it using all the anger I had! The harsh sounds of my closed fists beating the material sounded in my mind and couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my afternoon.

I soon began to kick the bag, loving how it felt to move and stretch my legs while practicing to defend myself and deciding to do an extra hard kick I knocked it off this chain! I grinned proudly as it slammed into the wall behind it, the bang echoing throughout the room as anyone who was in there stopped and stared at me.

I merely ignored them, walking past and keeping cool as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened and to be honest that wasn’t an odd experience for me to smash things even when I don’t mean to. But even after doing that, my thoughts were about Anakin and they were still unpleasant towards him and his not bothering to show up.

My feelings of anger only increased as I went back to my quarters and saw him coming towards his room with none other than Princess Ahsoka Tano. I rolled my eyes and growled hitting the control panel angrily as it opened the door to my room and I slipped inside.

I’ve always been honest with myself and I’m not above admitting it, I really don’t like her. She keeps getting on my nerves, every time something happens between Anakin and she’s always there to step in and reassure him that “it’s not his fault.” How am I supposed to apologise after she’s said that? All that does is prove the poshy little princess right and I am not about to do that!

I growled, seeing the two of them spending so much time together is driving me crazy! I don’t know why, but it is! The sound of her laugh alone is enough to drive me up the wall! How much free time does she have to spend with him and why would he rather spend time with her over me?

Well I guess the answer to that second question is easy, a more accurate question is who would rather spend time with little old me? I’m not pretty, she’s beautiful, I’m still a little kid, she’s an adult, she’s open and out-right with him while I’m shady and distrustful. Who in their right mind who want to spend time with me and not her?

I sat down on my bed with a thump, why should it bother me? So what if he likes her more? I’m used to being shunned and if he drops me as his padawan so she can become his apprentice again, I don’t care. Maybe I should just quit while I’m ahead.

‘Alexa?’ The door to my room slid open and I sensed Anakin’s presence.

‘Why is it that you have so much difficulty with knocking?!’ I snapped.

‘I’m sorry, I just thought that you might want to meet your new neighbour.’ He stepped aside to reveal the one other person that I really did not want to see right now.

‘Hi Alexa, how are you?’ The older Togruta smiled.

‘Fine.’ I replied gritting my teeth and I whispered angrily under my breath, ‘At least I was until you showed up.’

‘The Council allowed Ahsoka to come back and have given her a room just down the hall from you.’ Anakin explained.


‘So I guess I’ll leave you two to talk, hey?’ He turned and was about to walk away when I stopped him.

‘Actually Master, I wouldn’t want to steal her from your company and I’m rather tired, so goodnight.’

And with that I shut the door in their faces.

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