Broken Beginnings

Chapter 24

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Rendal POV

‘Master, may I ask you a question?’

‘Of course, my young padawan, never be afraid to ask me questions.’ Obi Wan nodded as we sat in his quarters.

‘How much longer until I can go back to training?’ I asked hopeful.

‘Oh Rendal, it’s only been a week, you still have five weeks left.’ He chuckled shaking his head.

‘What?! Master I can’t do another five weeks in this chair doing nothing!’ I cried in despair.

‘Patience young one, you will get back to your old self in no time.’

‘But Master Obi Wan, I will go insane if I can’t do anything!’

‘You are beginning to sound like Anakin’s padawan.’

‘Is that.... Bad?’ I asked, uncertain of where this discussion was going.

‘No, I don’t necessarily think that your ambition to continue your training is a bad thing, but you need to allow your body to heal. By trying to train now you will only make yourself worse, so why not take advantage of your spare time and practice your meditation?’ He suggested.

‘As you wish Master.’ I nodded sighing.

‘Good, but while we’re on the subject of doing things, I need to talk to Master Skywalker, would you like to come along and see his padawan?’

‘Only if you do not think I will be in the way.’

‘Not at all, in fact I’d be glad to have you there.... And I’m sure Alexa would be happy to see you.’

‘Ok then, I will come with you.’ I nodded and we headed to meet them. ‘Master where actually are they?’

‘My senses are telling me that we should go to the hangar.’ He replied, so that was where we went.

We are now standing in the hangar and I watched as Master Skywalker screeched into the hangar with his speeder! I gasped as Alexa sprung from the still moving vehicle, flipping through the air before executing a perfect landing directly in front of us!

‘Welcome back.’ My Master greeted, managing to keep a straight face, unlike me who was staring at the Togruta with my eyes as wide and my mouth hanging open like a fish!

‘Hello Master Kenobi, Padawan Brask. What brings you here?’ She asked awarding us a small smile.

‘I have come to speak with Anakin, so why don’t you and Padawan Brask keep each other company.’ He replied and walked over to Master Skywalker, leaving Alexa and I to talk.

‘So how was it? Where did you go?’ I asked, bubbling with a mixture of curiosity and excitement.

‘I don’t know if I should tell you.’ She smirked.

‘You promised you would!’

‘I said I would think about it.’ She corrected me.

‘Oh come on! It looked like it was fun....’

‘It was.’ She nodded and I pouted trying to break her, however that changed to a smile as she sigh rolling her eyes and gave in. ‘All we did was fly around the city.’

‘That’s all?’ I asked confused, having done that a few times.

‘Yeah, that’s it.’ She shrugged, trying to hide the happiness that she had been feeling.

It took me a few moments to realise why until I rethought about what I had done, I had made out that what she had done nothing out of the ordinary, when in fact she had enjoyed their flight. I had made her feel bad by putting down her experience and I felt sick for doing it.

‘I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to.... What happened? Did he make it fun?’

‘Are you kidding? He was doing tricks and spins and dives all over the place! It was amazing!’ She beamed and I felt that warm feeling well up inside me as I saw her blue eyes sparkle from underneath her black hood.

‘I’m glad to hear it.’ I smiled, before glancing over to where our masters were talking to each other about something, but I didn’t try to eavesdrop as I know it’s not polite, instead I tried to make idle conversation with Alexa.

Unfortunately we were interrupted by our Masters and we had to go our separate ways, but we agreed to meet in the mess hall for dinner and to be honest I felt like time couldn’t go fast enough.

Alexa POV

I decided just to move on in the conversation with Rendal and soon we were discussing other things like me teaching him how to do flips and stuff like me. However before I was able to tell him that there was no way I would teach him Anakin walked over and said that we had to go so Rendal and I said we would catch up at dinner in the mess hall before we split up.

Anakin made me do some reflection and look back over the past week before he allowed me to go and see Jenifire and Lorryn. However I soon discovered that they were both training with their Masters, so I went back to my room to sit and thinking of something to do.

However as I sat on my bed I just couldn’t think of anything to do, it was as if I have been overcome with a strange sense of boredom and I have no idea what to do! So I decided to do some sit ups and push ups, I tried to push myself fairly hard, by doing several one-handed push ups and clapping push ups. However I was interrupted by a knock on the door.

‘Who is it?’ I asked without getting up.

‘Just me, can I come in?’ I recognised the voice of Rendal.

‘Sure.’ I replied willing the door to open with the Force and giving him a small smile before resuming my sit ups.

‘I’m sorry to disturb you, but I didn’t have anything to do and Master Skywalker told me that you weren’t busy.... I know we agreed to meet at dinner, but I figured since neither of us weren’t doing anything....’

‘I can see your reasoning. Not a bad idea.’ I replied getting up and sitting back on my bed. ‘So the question is what do we do now?’ I wondered.

‘I don’t know.... I figured you might have an idea.’

‘Well I’m sure the two of us will come up with something.’

So we thought about things we could do and finally decided to go and play holo chess, otherwise known as dejarik, where Rendal beat me 4-2! However I managed to get even with him right before we had to go to dinner.

‘You know that was pretty fun.’ I mused.

‘Yeah, want to do it again tomorrow?’

‘Maybe, but it depends on whether Anakin has anything planned.’

‘Ok.’ He nodded in understanding. ‘Now let’s go and have some food!’

Rendal POV

After dinner the two of us went back to our rooms, I was surprised with how relaxed Alexa had been all afternoon. I mean she hadn’t even got frustrated when I beat her four times, but the fact that I had won those games didn’t surprise me as she’d never played before, so she did well to catch up and tie with me.

Though as we have been doing more stuff together AI can’t help wanting to know more about her, why she is the way she is, of course I’m not going to just come out ask her.... Or at least not yet, but that doesn’t mean my curiosity isn’t trying to get the best of me. Still I am enjoying hanging out with her and I can’t wait until I am out of this chair and we can train together!


Hi everyone, Lexa here! I know this wasn’t my best chapter, but I’m afraid that something is wrong with my brain as my writing isn’t flowing at the moment! It’s like writers block, but worse! I know where I want to take this story, but I just can’t seem to get it there! If anyone has any tips I’d really appreciate it.

May The Force Be With You!

~ Lexa

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