Broken Beginnings

Chapter 27: A Meeting With the Chancellor

Anakin POV

I heard a ruckus in Alexa’s room, but I could sense that she was happy and not in any trouble, so I didn’t go and check.... Despite the fact that I kind of wanted too.... But before I could change my mind and let my curiosity win, my comlink went off.

‘Skywalker here, go ahead.’ I answered it.

‘Hello Anakin, it’s Obi Wan.’ His distinguished voice came through the comlink.

‘Hi Master, what’s going on?’

‘I have to inform you that the Chancellor told the Council that wants to see you.’ He replied, a seriousness in his voice that I hadn’t heard in a while.

‘The Chancellor? Why?’ I asked rather surprised.

‘He wouldn’t say.’

‘You mean he wouldn’t tell the Council?’

‘No, he just refused to say.’

‘Alright, I’m on my way.’

With that I ended the conversation and headed to the door, it was lucky that I was already dressed in my robes before Obi Wan called, I wouldn’t want to keep the Chancellor waiting and it was for that reason that I went to his office straight away.

It is odd though, why would he tell the Council that he wanted to see me and then not tell them why? It doesn’t seem like him....

I shrugged it off, pushing it aside and kept walking.

He’ll probably explain everything when I get there.


‘Welcome Anakin.’ The chancellor greeted me as I walked into his spacious office.

‘Hello your excellency.’ I gave him a shallow bow. ‘You wanted to see me?’

‘Yes Anakin.’ He nodded.

‘What’s the trouble?’

‘Ah! There’s no trouble, I merely wanted to spend time with you again.’

‘Your excellency?’ I asked confused.

‘Oh come now Anakin, I’ve known you ever since you were a boy and after all this time I’ve begun to think of you as a friend.... So isn’t it natural that I should want to see you again? After all we haven’t talked in months.’

‘Yes of course.... Thank you sir.’ I nodded and we slowly walked over to his desk.

‘Oh you’re quite welcome, so what have you been doing? You just have been given quite a few assignments since I saw you last, that’s why you’ve been so busy?’

‘I have been on several since we last spoke, yes, but I have also gained a new padawan!’ I smiled.

‘Oh, congratulations Anakin! I’m glad to see that you have been able to move forward after the.... Incident.... With your last padawan, Miss Ahsoka Tano.’

‘Yes.... Well my new padawan is also a Togruta, her name is Alexa, Alexa Arnjard.’

‘I see.... What is she like?’

‘Well, she’s stubborn, headstrong, a little unruly.... But she’s sweet and sensitive at times too....’ I chuckled to myself. ‘She wouldn’t want me telling you that of course.’

‘Naturally, no one really wants to expose their weakness.... Especially not when you are the padawan to the Chosen One.’

‘Oh please Sir, we don’t actually know if that prophesy is talking about me or not.’

‘You are the Chosen One, Anakin.... I know you are.’

‘If you say so, Sir.’ I replied, starting to feel a little self-conscious.

‘Anyway, enough of such talk, come and sit, I want to discuss the war with you....’

So I obliged and sat down with him.

Ahsoka POV

I knew that Anakin had been called somewhere because I had sensed him go past my room and from the sound of his footsteps he seemed to be in a bit of a hurry. I instantly became curious as to what had come up, but I knew that wherever he was going he probably didn’t need me following him around, so I did the next best thing.

‘Hello, Master Kenobi.’ I spoke into my comlink.

‘Good morning Ahsoka, what can I do for you?’ The Jedi Master asked.

‘Well I just heard Anakin go past my room and he seemed to be a bit rushed, I was just wondering if you knew anything about where he was going or what is up?’

‘Yes, the Chancellor has requested Anakin’s presence in his office and I told him not too long ago.’

‘I see.... Would I be able to inquire as to why the Chancellor wanted to see him?’

‘You can inquire all you want, Ahsoka, but the Chancellor wouldn’t disclose that information to us.’

‘Really?’ I asked shocked at the Chancellor’s secrecy concerning his meeting with my old master.

‘Yes, the Council couldn’t believe it either, but they allowed it to go ahead anyway.’

‘Wow... Ah well, at least Anakin has kept his relationship with the Chancellor, after all it could prove to be useful in the future.’

‘You may have a point, Ahsoka, but I have a strange feeling that he isn’t all he appears to be....’

Our conversation then came to an end and it was only when my stomach growled that I remembered I hadn’t had breakfast yet and I went to the mess hall to eat.


The food in the mess hall was just as I remembered it, not good enough to love, but not quite bad enough to make you want to skip meals. I mused as I ate my morning meal in silence, watching and looking around until my eyes landed on a familiar face.

‘Master Plo!’ I called as my old friend approached.

’Hello again little ‘Soka!’ Master Plo Koon nodded, the wrinkles on his face proving that he was smiling behind his mask and I stood up bowing respectfully to him.

‘It’s so good to see you again.’

‘As it is for me to see you, I missed you while you were gone and I am glad you’re back where you belong now.’

‘Thank you Master.’

‘You’re most welcome, my young Jedi Knight, but I’m afraid I must go now as I only came by to say hello.’

‘I understand, goodbye Master Plo.’

’Goodbye, little ‘Soka.’

I then sat back down and ate the last of my breakfast, wondering what I should do for the rest of the day.

Anakin POV

The Chancellor and I talked about a great deal of things, all from weapons and battle tactics to how thankful he is that Jar Jar voted for him to have emergency powers in the Senate so we could use the clones.

Yes the Chancellor and I had become fairly close over the years and while I know he is a good man and wants nothing but the best for the whole galaxy I can’t push away this feeling that there’s something not quite right about him.... Oh well, I’m sure it’s nothing, after all he’s watched over me ever since I was little so he can’t be bad.... Can he?

Anyway I have just left his office and have decided to go and pay my wife another visit, I know it’s risky to go and see her in the day when others could see, but that’s too bad. I am getting sick of having to hide my love for her and soon I think I might just tell the Council about our relationship myself! So what if they expel me from the Order?! At least then I’ll have more time to be with Padme.

Then again, the Chancellor has high hopes for me.... He even seems to think I could make it on to the Jedi Council and become a Master! But I don’t know.... I feel like it’s impossible. Especially since Master Windu and I don’t always see eye to eye. All the same, if the Chancellor believes in me then I guess I should have a little more self confidence.

Right now though, I am walking into my wife’s apartment and judging by the look on her face she is definitely surprised to see me.

‘Anakin?! What are you doing here?’ She asked smiling brightly.

‘I came to see you, my sweet.’ I grinned back. ‘Is that alright?’

‘Well of course! You know I could never send you away, now come and tell me what you’ve been up to today.’

I nodded and we went and talked.


And so it begins. The Chancellor is once again talking to Anakin which can mean only one thing.... Episode III has started! Make sure to say what you think of this new development.

May The Force Be With You!

~ Alexa

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