Broken Beginnings

Chapter 28

Anakin POV

I spent much of the day with my sweet heart, kissing and cuddling on the couch, but now I am, regretfully, saying goodbye to my wife as I must return to the Temple.

‘Couldn’t you stay for a bit longer, Ani? Please! I get so lonely when you’re not with me.’ Padme gave me her best “puppy dog” eyes.

‘I’m sorry, my lovely, but I need to go back before Obi Wan or Alexa miss me.... I can however provide you with other company if you so desire it.’

‘Who?’ She asked confused.

‘Gee, I don’t know.... Maybe Ahsoka?!’

‘Oh Anakin! I would love to see Ahsoka!’ She cried happily.

‘Alright, I’ll ask her to come and say hi.’

‘Thank you.’

‘Goodbye Padme.’

‘Come back soon, Ani.’

‘I will, I promise.’ I leaned down and kissed her warm, pink lips, running my hand briefly through her beautiful chocolate coloured hair. The action lasted only a few seconds and truly wished I could have stayed to enjoy it longer, but I knew I couldn’t so I pulled back and gave her a quick smile.

With that I left, going back down to where I had parked my speeder this morning before getting in it and flying to the Jedi Temple.

Ahsoka POV

I had been meditating in my room when Anakin had come to visit me. I loved the idea of going to see Padme and I went straight over to her apartment! Needless to say we were both overjoyed to see each other again!

‘Ahsoka!’ The Senator almost squealed in happiness as she hugged me!

‘It’s so good to see you again, Padme!’ I smiled, returning the embrace.

‘Greetings Ahsoka!’ Padme and I released each other just in time to see a familiar golden protocol droid toddle out. ‘My goodness, you’ve grown up!’

‘Hi C3PO.’ I chuckled.

‘We shan’t be needing anything from you 3PO.’ Padme stated, knowing what the droid was about to ask.

‘Very well Mistress Padme.’ The droid nodded and walked out.

‘Oh it’s been too long Ahsoka!’ She smiled once the droid was gone.

‘I know!’

‘You must tell me everything that’s happened!’

I agreed and told her the whole story, including everything that had happened since I left the Jedi Order all the way up to when the Council took me back, all the while glancing around and taking in her lavish apartment.

It hadn’t changed a bit since the last time I had been in here, it was still neat and well kept, a place for everything and everything its place. I then noticed that the view from her large window hadn’t changed a bit and the sight still mesmerised me as I looked out over the city and I smiled as I saw the Jedi Temple.

‘I can’t believe that brave, little girl I knew as Anakin’s padawan has grown up into such a strong confident woman! And a princess no less!’

‘Thanks.’ I blushed at her words.

‘So you’re full Jedi Knight now?’


‘That’s fantastic! I knew you’d make it, even after you left I just had this feeling that you would come back.’

‘I began to doubt my decision after I first decided not to rejoin the Order, I wondered what I would do now that I had no one, but I made it home and discovered that my father had become king and things just got better. All the same, I still missed everyone at the Temple.... Master Kenobi.... Master Plo.... And Anakin....’

‘He missed you too, you know.... And not just for like the first few months, he was missing you up until just before he left on the mission to Shili. I could tell he was hoping to see you there, despite the fact the odds were so small, but he found you and he’s been so much better sense then.’ She smiled and although she seemed genuine, I couldn’t help sensing there was a slight bitterness in her voice.

‘I didn’t never realised I meant so much to him.’ I murmured thoughtfully.

‘You are by far one of the most important things in his life.’

‘After you of course.’

‘Pardon?’ She asked confused.

‘Padme, I know you and Anakin are married.’

‘I should have guessed. I’m sorry we didn’t tell you, but we can’t let the Council find out, I don’t want him to get into trouble because of me.’

‘I understand.’

‘Thank you, Ahsoka.’

‘You’re quite welcome, you should know I would never want you or Anakin to get into trouble.’

‘I have never thought any different.’

Alexa POV

Rendal and I spent most of the day together, he watched me practise my lightsaber and hand to hand combat techniques, then we went and had lunch before doing some meditation and then going back to my room to talk.

As we sat discussing how we could ask our Masters to let Rendal and I do some training sessions together and I even offered to teach him a few things when he was better. From the look on his face it was easy to tell that he looks liked that idea. However, I sensed that there was something he wanted to ask, but he was too nervous to inquire about whatever he wanted to know.

‘Ok Rendal, what’s wrong?’ I asked upbruptly.

‘Nothing, why do you ask?’ He replied, trying to throw me off.

‘Oh come on Rendal, I can sense that something’s up so why don’t you just tell me?’ He sighed and nodded realising that I wasn’t going to let this drop.

‘Well.... W-We’ve been friends for a while now and.... Um.... I-I was just wondering....’

‘Spit it out Rendal!’

‘I was wondering what your life was like before you became Master Skywalker’s padawan!’ He blurted out so fast I could hardly understand what he was saying!

But I froze when it sunk in.

‘Y-You.... What?’

‘I-I’m sorry, j-just forget about it. Let’s just act like I never asked that!’ He began to quake nervously.

‘No.’ I shook my head causing him to stare at me, a glimmer of shock shining in his big brown eyes. ‘It’s about time we talked about such things.’

‘A-Are you sure you want to tell me?’

‘Yes.’ I nodded, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to tell him everything.... Not now anyway. ‘So.... I guess I should start at the beginning.... I should warn you that I don’t remember too much about my parents, but I will tell you what little I can recall.’

Rendal POV

‘So.... I guess I should start at the beginning.... I should warn you that I don’t remember too much about my parents, but I will tell you what little I can recall.’ She explained.


‘Both of my parents were Togrutas.... I don’t really remember if I had any siblings.... We lived in happiness most of the time from what I remember and things in our village were good.... Until I turned six, that is. After that rumours of a stranger lurking around in the jungle went around.... My parents became cautious after that, as did the majority of parents in the village, keeping us children close and making sure that we didn’t go anywhere without an adult.... I sometimes wish they had been as cautious about themselves....’

I watched as small silver tears began to slip from the girls sad blue eyes while the memories of her parents came forth in her mind and I longed to reach other and wipe them away.

‘One morning my mother went out early to forage for food.... I remember her saying goodbye to me before she left.... I had no idea that would be the last time I....’ She sniffed and I moved to put my arm around her in comfort. ‘When she didn’t return we knew something was wrong.... Father went out to look for her.... I wanted to go too, but he made me stay behind.... But I had a bad feeling that something bad had happened and eventually I went out to find them.... I-I can still picture the sight of their bodies.... Covered in blood and riddled with bullets!’

Her body then shook as the tears came rushing non-stop from her eyes. I held her tight, rubbing her back and trying not to cry myself while sobs wracked her body.

As I listened to Alexa I began to understand why she is the way she is, having lost her parents at such a young age it’s no wonder she isn’t ver family oriented or much into love, but that didn’t explain her scars....

I know that the fact that she was telling me about her parents death and how she had been left alone all her life is a very big deal and how much she must trust me to do this, but I still hungered to know more about her. Nevertheless I didn’t push her to reveal anymore at this point, I know that if I allow her enough time and remain patient she will eventually tell me all that I want to know.... Or at least I hope so.

Speaking of time, it was now after dark and after a while Alexa had managed to bring herself back together and regain her composure so that we now just sat silently in each other’s arms. She gave me a look of thanks and even without words her eyes asked me to once again stay the night with her. Naturally I agreed and the two of us climbed into her bed....

But tonight I didn’t wish her sweet dreams or tell her goodnight. No. This time I did something different. As we payed between the sheets I pulled her closer to me and leaned down, placing a soft kiss on her forehead. I could have sworn I saw her cheeks turn slightly redder as she blushed. I grinned to myself, she could be so cute when she wanted to. Her her lips then curled up into a sleepy smile as she drifted off.

Only to wake with a start a few hours later.

‘Rendal, hold me! Hold me tight!’ She begged and I obliged. ‘I saw things.... Terrible things....’

‘Shh.... Don’t worry, I’m here.... Nothing can hurt you now....’ As I tried to soothe her Master Skywalker suddenly burst into the room!

His fad faltered for a moment when he saw us together and that Alexa had suffered through yet another nightmare, but then he seemed to remember what he came in for and even if he hadn’t the squadrons of clone troopers running around surely did!

‘The Chancellor has been kidnapped!’


Oh no! The Chancellor is gone! Whatever shall they do? Find out in the next chapter! I hope you enjoyed this one!

May The Force Be With You!

~ Lexa

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