Broken Beginnings

Chapter 29: Battle of Coruscant

Alexa POV

‘Rendal, hold me! Hold me tight!’ I pleaded. ‘I saw things.... Terrible things....’

‘Shh.... Don’t worry, I’m here.... Nothing can hurt you now....’ He did as I asked and enclosed me in his arms, keeping his voice soft as he spoke.

I knew he was right, but that didn’t mean I instantly calmed down. Instead my heart was thrumming like the wings of a caged bird and my mind was racing at what felt like a million miles an hour! It was only worsened when Anakin raced into the room and saw Rendal and I!

The look on his face said that he was more than a little surprised as we stared at each other, but he then seemed to clear his head and ignore our situation in order to explain what he was doing in here.

‘The Chancellor has been kidnapped!’

‘What?!’ Rendal and I gasped, staring at the man with our mouths hanging open in shock!

‘Count Dooku’s men just kidnapped him from his apartment! The Council has requested our presence in a meeting, come on Alexa!’

In an instant I had my cloak pulled back up over my head and leapt out of my bed over to the door.

‘What about Rendal?’ I asked and he turned to my friend who was trying to get into his wheelchair.

‘You’d better come too, I have a feeling Master Kenobi will be waiting for us with the Council.’

The three of us then raced to get to the meeting and start formulating a plan to rescue the Chancellor from the Sith lord Count Dooku.... But on the way Anakin decided to make things difficult by asking questions.

‘Alexa, what are you thinking?’ He hissed as we ran.

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ I replied, even though I knew perfectly well.

‘Don’t lie to me, how could you let a boy sleep in your room? Much less in your bed!’

‘Anakin, I don’t think now is a good time to-’

‘Alexa what if it hadn’t been me that had come and found you? What if Obi Wan had seen you with his padawan?! What would he have said?! You could be expelled for that!’

‘Well I’m sorry! He’s been helping me with my nightmares!’

‘I understand that, but letting him sleep in your bed?! Remember you’re twelve Alexa!’

‘So what?!’

‘So twelve year old girls shouldn’t be sharing their bed with thirteen year old boys! It’s not right!’

‘And my waking up screaming in the middle of the night is?!’

He then slowed his pace until he was only walking and I did the same.

‘I’m sorry, Alexa.... I didn’t mean it like that.’ He apologised, hanging his head in shame.

‘I know.’ I replied.

‘I just don’t want to see you get into any trouble because attachments are against the Jedi Code.’

‘I know.... But Rendal and I are just friends, you can’t say that friendship isn’t allowed because I know you and Obi Wan are friends.’

‘That’s true.’

‘Then don’t worry, I won’t get into trouble.’

‘Ok, Lex, I believe you. Now let’s hurry!’


When we got there, I discovered that Anakin had been right, Obi Wan was there waiting for us along with many other Jedi, including Jenifire and Lorryn along with their masters, Adi Gallia and Shaak Ti. I noticed that Ahsoka Tano was also there, sitting beside Obi Wan who we then joined and the meeting soon began.

‘Called this meeting, the Council has, because decide we must, how to get the Chancellor back from Count Dooku.’ Yoda stated.

‘Whatever we do, we must make sure that their is no risk of the Chancellor being injured or getting caught in a crossfire.’ Windu added. ‘Now, we have received intelligence that the Count is taking the Chancellor to his frigate, but we need a plan of attack. Does anyone have any suggestions?’

‘For anyone to get close to the frigate we will need a diversion.’ Obi Wan murmured.

‘The republic navy could handle that.’ Ahsoka nodded.

‘We will then need volunteers to go out into the battle in their one-man fighters to lead the clones and try to get into the frigate.’ Windu mentioned.

‘I volunteer.’ Anakin put himself forward.

‘I will go as well.’ Obi Wan agreed.

‘Then it is settled, but Obi Wan you know of course that your padawan will have to remain here.’

‘Yes, I understand and do not wish to put him in any danger until he is well enough to handle it.’ He nodded and I noticed the downhearted look on my friends face.

‘What about you, young Skywalker? Will you allow your padawan to accompany you on this mission?’

Anakin looked at me, I could seeing him weighing up the dangers in his mind and eventually he came to a conclusion.


I felt my expression turn stone cold as I face towards the Masters, keeping my emotions closely guarded so no one else could sense them and I mostly ignored the rest of the proceedings after that point.

Anakin POV

As the meeting dragged on I felt sorry for Alexa as I wasn’t allowing her to come with me, but after her radical, although heroic, actions on Shili I know I can’t afford for her to be irrational on a mission as important as this. Besides, she’s just not ready for something like this yet.

Once the meeting was finished we all headed out and back into the corridors, our padawans escorted us to the hangar where we then said goodbye.

‘Good luck Master.’ Rendal nodded to Obi Wan.

‘Thank you, my young apprentice and I’m sorry you couldn’t come on this mission, but it is for the best.’ Obi Wan gave him a sad sort of smile and I looked to Alexa, who at the moment was refusing to say anything.

‘I guess I’ll see when I come back.... Promise me you’ll be good.’ She nodded mutely, keeping her hood pulled further over her face so I couldn’t even see her eyes and for some reason I was strangely reminded of the Jawas on Tatooine. I had to hold in a chuckle, which of course gained a strange look from my former master, but he shrugged it off and we left to go and rescue the Chancellor.

I felt rather at home in my small fighter and espite knowing that we were about to go up against Count Dooku, several hundreds of evil droids and no doubt the head clanker himself, General Grievous, I felt an odd sense of calm. However that soon dissipated as we joined the raging battle. Flanked by the 501st legion Obi Wan and I flew straight into the chaos, instantly having to doge the torrent of blaster fire that was coming at us. I smiled satisfied as I blasted a trade federation droid drop fighter.

‘There isn’t a droid made that can out fly you, Master, and no other way to get to the Chancellor....’ I said to my fellow Jedi as we weaved through the destroyers and TIE fighters.

‘Look out, four droids inbound....’ He replied.

The two of us then swerved in unison as as four trade federation droid drop fighters came at us to attack. After several clever moves by the Jedi, two of the droid drop fighter collided with each other in a ball of flames! I grinned cockily and through all the fighting I then spotted the frigate where the Chancellor was being held.

‘Lock on to him, R2.’ I instructed my astromech. ’Master, General Grievous’s
ship is directly ahead-the one crawling with vulture droids.′

‘I see it.’ Obi Wan replied. ‘Oh, this is going to be easy.’

‘This is where the fun begins.’ I grinned as vulture droids launched themselves at out ships. It was then that the adrenaline began to surge through me and I was actually looking forward to tangling with these things!

‘Let them pass between us.’ Obi Wan said as we tried to avoid the on-coming droids. I then cringed as we heard some of the clones call for help as the droids landed on their fighters!

‘They’re all over me.’

‘Get them off my-’

‘I’m gonna go help them out.’ I said about to turn around.

‘No. They are doing their job so we can do ours.’ Obi Wan replied, causing me to sigh as I realised he was right, then I returned my attention to what was going on around me just in time to see another problem hurtling toward us.

‘Missiles! Pull up!’ I advised as the missiles flew straight at us, only to go past us.

‘They overshot us.’

‘They’re coming around.’ I stated looking over my shoulder. ’Surge all power units, R2.
Stand by reverse thrusters.′ I ordered the droid and we were then sent into a spin as the missiles that were tracking us came closer until they hit each other and exploded! ’We got ‘em, R2.’ I smiled.

‘Flying is for droids.’ I heard Obi Wan complain as he managed to out-manuver the missiles. However he wasn’t as lucky when another wave of droids came at us....

‘I’m hit! Anakin?’

‘I see them.’ I nodded. ‘Buzz droids.’

‘R4, be careful. You have a-’. Obi Wan tried to warn his astromech counterpart as the buzz droids attacked it, only to have them slice off its dome head! ‘Oh, dear.’ He murmured as the head went flying back through space! ‘They’re shutting down all the controls.’

‘Move to the right so I can get a clear shot at them.’ I suggested.

‘The mission. Get to the command ship. Get the chancellor. I’m running out of tricks here.’

I then began firing at the buzz droids, only to hit the wing of his ship causing sparks to explode from it!

‘In the name of- Hold your fre! You’re not helping.’ My friend cried!

‘I agree. Bad idea.’ I stopped firing, feeling rather bad that I had endangered my old master further.

‘I can’t see a thing, my cockpit’s fogging. They’re all over me, Anakin!’

‘Move to the right.’ I tried another trick.

‘Hold on. You’ll get us both killed! Get out of here! There’s nothing more you can do.’

‘I’m not leaving without you, Master.’ I replied determined as tilted my fighter so that our wings touched, knocking many of the droids off, but one of them climbed on to my ship and tried to attack R2-D2! ‘Get him, R2! Watch out.’ I cried as the droid tired to strike, but the droid produced an electric current and zapped it! Making the droid shriek!

‘R2, hit the buzz droid’s centre eye.’ Obi Wan encouraged him.

R2 did as my old master suggested, which caused the droid to fizzle into a ball of Sparks and cinders!

‘Great job R2!’ I smiled and we approached the frigate! ‘Master we’ve made it!’ I announced.

‘We’ll have you noticed the shields are still up!?’ He reminded me.

‘Sorry Master.’ I replied before blasting the shield generator, which not only took out the shields and caused an awesome explosion, but it also triggered the blast doors as we had to fly as quickly as we could to slip past them!

‘I have a bad feeling about this....’ I heard Obi Wan murmur as we shot through the gap into the hangar!

I grinned wickedly to myself as the fighter screeched to a stop, phase one is complete!


Hey everyone, Lexa here! How did you all like that? Hmm? I honestly found it rather challenging and fun to write, but I do hope you enjoyed reading it. Please vote and comment if you found it ok and trust me this is only the beginning of what is to come!

May The Force Be With You!

~ Lexa

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