Broken Beginnings

Chapter 30: Rescuing the Chancellor

Anakin POV

I watched as Obi Wan jumped from his fighter, performing a summersault, landing on his feet and using his lightsaber he chopped up at least fifteen droids! I quickly undid the safety belt in my ship before climbing out of the cockpit and activated my lightsaber, slashing through the battle droids. Obi Wan and I then headed over to the elevator with R2-D2, who had used his jets to jump out of the ship and wheeled over to us.

‘R2, locate the chancellor.’ Obi Wan told the Astromech and he brought up a blue holographic image of the frigate we were on and a dot displaying Palpatine’s location while we deflected the blaster bolts from the remaining droid, destroying them easily. I almost chuckled to myself as I heard one of them moan before falling flat on it’s metal face!

‘The chancellor’s signal is coming from right there-the observation platform at the top of that spire.’ Obi Wan pointed out.

‘I sense Count Dooku.’ I murmured.

‘I sense a trap.’ Obi Wan affirmed.

‘Next move?’

‘Spring the trap.’ He smirked and we both nodded.

‘R2, go back. I need you to stay with the ship.’

‘Here. Take this and wait for orders.’ My old master tossed the droid a comlink and we were about to get into the elevator when we heard the familiar sound of metal rolling across the ground.

‘Destroyers.’ Obi Wan said as we turned and looked, instantly reactivating our lightsabers to ward off their attack and backed into the elevator. I was about to breathe a sigh of relief when I heard a voice from behind us.

‘Drop your weapons.’

Oh great.

I rolled my eyes as the clanker threatened us and my old master and I turned only to be greeted by an elevator full of battle droids with their blasters pointed at us.

’I said drop ‘em.’ The droid repeated.

Master Kenobi and I shared a split second glance before taring through the group with our sabers! I loved the sound of crackling wires as I obliterated the useless droids! Once they were all taken care of and lying in a head of spare parts on the floor my comrade pressed the button on the elevator and we began to climb the floors, getting closer to rescuing the chancellor!

However we soon hit a snag...

We jolted as the elevator came to an abrupt halt, Obi Wan and I looked at each other confused.

‘Did you press the stop button?’ He asked, I shook my head.

‘No. Did you?’ He just gave me a look that said “of course not.” ‘Well, there’s more than one way out of here.’ I murmured, plunging my blue lightsaber into the ceiling of the elevator and began cutting my way out.

‘We don’t want to get out, we want to get moving. R2, activate elevator 31174.’ There was no answer. ‘Come in, R2.’ Still nothing. ‘R2, do you copy? R2, activate the elevator number 31174. Activate the elevator 31174! R2- Always on the move.’ He glanced up at me as I pulled myself up onto the roof of the elevator where I then began to scale the side of the shaft!

I then gasped as the elevator began shooting down the shaft with my friend still inside! However it looks like I have bigger problems right now....

‘Hands up, Jedi.’ About three or four clankers stood in the door above me as I hung by my fingers.

Well that was a stupid request.

I then dropped down from the ledge as I heard the elevator start coming back and I slipped down the hole I had already cut out. I swear Obi Wan nearly had a heart attack when I got in and saw his saber ready to attack me, but he stood down as soon as he realised it was me.

‘Oh, it’s you.’

‘What was that all about?’ I asked referring to the elevators strange movement.

‘R2 has been-’

‘No loose wire jokes.’ I cut him off.

‘Did I say anything?’

‘He’s trying.’

‘I didn’t say anything!’

We then fell silent and before long we reached or destination and I felt my nervousness begin to rise as we walked into the room. However I brought my emotions under control as I spotted Chancellor Palpatine bound to a chair.

‘Chancellor.’ Obi Wan said and we approached him.

‘Are you all right?’ I asked concerned, but he didn’t get to answer as I felt a familiar presence enter the room.

‘Count Dooku.’ Obi Wan growled at the older man. ‘This time we will do it together.’ He murmured to me.

I was about to say that.′ I replied.

‘Get help. You’re no match for him.’ Palpatine said from behind us. ‘He’s a Sith lord.’

‘Chancellor Palpatine, Sith lords are our speciality.’ My friend replied, removing his cloak and Dooku walked over to us.

‘Your swords, please. We don’t want to make a mess of things in front of the chancellor.’

‘You won’t get away this time, Dooku.’

‘I’ve been looking forward to this.’ He replied, his red saber extended from its hilt and Obi Wan and I followed persuit.

‘My powers have doubled since the last time we met, Count.’

‘Good. Twice the pride, double the fall.’ He smirked and within seconds our blades were crashing into each other!

My fellow Jedi and I fought together as a team, our moves perfectly synchronised as we wielded our weapons with power and precision! Unfortunately though the Count used the Force and pushed my old master back so that he fell and Dooku brought a large piece of metal down on him! Had he not been unconscious I know he would have been crying out in pain! However he was out cold, which meant I had to face Count Dooku alone.

My heartbeat quickened in my chest as I took on the older man, one on one, the fear swelling up inside me, but I refused to let it get the better of me. There was no way that I would allow myself to cower away from this monster. However I knew he could feel my emotions and there was nothing I could do about it so what he eventually said came as no surprise to me.

Our battle was fast and harsh as we parried, slashed and jabbed at each other, each one of us making sure to block our opponents movements before trying to land a blow on the other person. We twisted and turned, the hum of our sabers spurring me on as I continued trying to harm the Count in some way and win this duel! Then our faces came incredibly close as we forced our sabers together, ignoring the sound they made while focusing on pushing against one another with as much strength as we could muster.

‘I sense great fear in you, Skywalker. You have hate. You have anger. But you don’t use them.’ The man murmured as we continued to fight and I then began to gain confidence, becoming the one in control and going on the attack while he began to back away from me on the defence.

We went on until I chopped off both of Dooku’s hands and brought him to his knees, keeping both his and my lightsaber in a scissor position at his neck and I stared down at him coldly.

‘Good, Anakin. Good.’ The Chancellor nodded approvingly. ‘Kill him. Kill him now.’

I glanced at Palpatine shocked for a moment, what he was asking me to do was murder! I had Dooku, he was defenceless. I had no reason for killing him now and the look on the Counts face was of pure terror, he doesn’t feel ready to die so why should I murder him in cold blood?

‘I shouldn’t.’ I shook my head.

‘Do it.’ He sent me a stone hard look and I just couldn’t refuse him.... Reluctantly I pulled my crossed arms apart and watched disgusted with myself as his severed head tumbled and rolled across the floor and his now limp and lifeless body collapsed with a thud.

I immediately felt guilty.... Yet strangely, wrongly, satisfied too.

I quickly deactivated both red and blue lightsabers, attaching my on my belt and dropping the one that had belonged to Count Dooku back beside his body. I then turned around and directed my attention to untying the Chancellor, freeing him from the chair and allowing him to get up.

‘You did well, Anakin. He was too dangerous to be kept alive.’

‘Yes, but he was an unarmed prisoner. I shouldn’t have done that, it’s not the Jedi way.’

‘It is only natural. He cut off your arm, and you wanted revenge. It wasn’t the frst time, Anakin. Remember what you told me about your mother and the Sand People?’ He reminded me and AI looked away, trying to ignore the memories that threatened to rise to the front of my mind. Now we must leave before more security droids arrive.′ He walked towards the door, but I had something else I needed to get first.

I walked over to Obi Wan, I gently rolled him onto his back and checked his pulse, thankfully he was still alive.

‘Anakin, there’s no time. We must get off this ship before it’s too late.’

‘He seems to be all right.’ I replied before trying to pull him out from under the piece of metal that was trapping him.

‘Leave him, or we’ll never make it.’ The Chancellor warned, urging me to leave my old mentor behind, but I knew in my heart that I could never do that. So I looked back at the man and gave him what I knew to be the truth of the matter.

‘His fate will be the same as ours.’

I was able to life my friend out and I hoisted him up on to my back before going over to where Palpatine was staining in front of the elevator.... However I soon realised we had a slight problem.

‘Elevator’s not working.’ Knowing who could help I then pulled out my comlink. ‘R2, activate elevator 3224.’ R2 did his job and the elevator doors opened, but an explosion sounded from somewhere else in the ship and the floor began to tilt!

We managed to scramble into the elevator shaft only to have the entire ship tilt on its side, so we then could walk, or rather run, down the wall of the shaft as if we were walking on normal floor! We ran for a good while until the ship leveled itself out! We were then forced to slid down the shaft, Palpatine gripped my leg as I grabbed a cord and stopped us! I then felt my friend begin to stir as he regained consciousness and I heard him gasp and grip me hard as he saw our predicament.

‘Easy. We’re in a bit of a situation here.’ I explained.

‘Did I miss something?’ He asked glancing around.

‘Hold on.’

‘What is that?’ He asked and we looked up to the elevator rocketing down the shaft straight towards us!

‘Oops. R2. R2, shut down the elevator.’ I tried the comlink.

‘Too late. Jump!’ Obi Wan shouted and I let go!

The three of us once again were free-falling down the shaft and the elevator was quickly catching up! Luckily my old master and I knew just what to do, we fired our grappling hooks which caught on a ledge and we swung swiftly through a pair of open elevator doors and into an empty corridor! We managed a relatively safe landing as we hit the floor and I sighed in relief.

‘Well that was fun.’ I smirked.

‘Let’s see if we can find something in the hangar bay that’s still flyable.’

‘R2, get down here. R2, do you copy?’

I received several beeps of confirmation and then the three of us began running down the hallways, the ship was being destroyed and we still hadn’t confronted General Grievous, we didn’t have much time to do either of those so we needed to hurry.

My heart pounded to the beat of my feet racing over the hard ground. Sweat beaded my forehead, causing my hair to cling to it as my throat ached for air, more air, but I soon came to a sudden stop as we were surrounded by an energy force.

‘Ray shields.’ I sighed annoyed.

‘Wait a minute. How did this happen? We’re smarter than this!’ Obi Wan stated indignantly.

‘Apparently not. I say patience.’


‘Yes. R2 will be along in a few moments and then he’ll release the ray shields.’ Seconds later we heard an electronic screech and R2 dashed in, accidentally running into the opposite wall! See? No problem.′

Ok, slight problem. I realized as a bunch of droids walked in their weapons poised and aimed at us.

‘Don’t move.’

‘Do you have a plan B?’ Obi Wan asked looking at me.


The four of us, yes R2 came too, were taken to General Grievous. I was a little surprised when I saw the head clanker for the first time, not that I showed it, and I listen to him gloat as we walked in.

‘Ah, yes. The negotiator. General Kenobi. We’ve been waiting for you.’

‘Excuse me.’ One of the tinnies pushed past me to give our lightsabers to the cyborg.

‘That wasn’t much of a rescue.’ He snatched the sabers from the droid.

You’re welcome.′ It replied sarcastically.

‘Anakin Skywalker. I was expecting someone with your reputation to be a little... older.’ He looked at my with his golden yellow eyes.

‘General Grievous. You’re shorter than I expected.’ I replied challenging him.

‘Jedi scum.’

‘We have a job to do, Anakin. Try not to upset him.’ Obi Wan murmured as if he was still my master.

‘Your lightsabers will make a fine addition to my collection.’ He said, pulling his cloak aside and putting them in what looked like holders and I saw several other lightsabers.

‘Not this time. And this time, you won’t escape.’ My friend glared.

‘R2!’ My droid then went crazy! Pulling out all of his extension arms and producing an electric charge as he beeped wildly creating the perfect distraction! Obi Wan and I then used to the Force to get our lightsabers back and began duelling with the magnaguards.

‘Crush them! Make them suffer! Come. Now!’

Of course those stupid droids weren’t able to do that, which is good for us, so we slaughtered them! Soon the crackle and fizz of their electro-staffs was no more and they were lying on the ground in pieces! However Grievous managed to escape using all the escape pods and were were left to try and get the ship down on Coruscant without killing ourselves or anyone else in the process.

‘Can you fly a cruiser like this?’ My old master asked as we sat down at the controls.

‘You mean, can I land what’s left of it?’ I asked glancing at him, he nodded.


‘Under the circumstances, I’d say the ability to pilot this thing is irrelevant. Strap yourselves in. Open all hatches. Extend all flaps and drag fins.’ All of my instructions were completed as we fell towards the planet.

However I had to hold in a swear word as the back part of the ship burst into flames and broke away, tearing the ship in two!

‘We lost something. Not to worry. We are still flying half a ship.’

‘Now we’re really picking up speed.’ I said stating the obvious as the nose of the ship was soon covered in fire!

‘Eight plus 60. We’re in the atmosphere.’

‘Grab that. Keep us level. Steady. Easy, R2.’ I said trying to calm down the astromech droid so he would discontinue his frantic beeps and whistles.

‘Fire ships on the left and the right.’ Obi Wan announced as the smaller ships came and tried to put some of the fire out.

‘We’ll take you in.’ One of them stated.

‘Copy that.’

‘Landing strip, straight ahead.’

‘We’re coming in too hot.’ I realised, but it was too late! We skidded across the landing strip, the screeching sound of metal was heard as the ship came to a grinding halt. I then took a bred moment for a sigh of relief before chuckling at what my old master said.

‘Another happy landing.’


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May The Force Be With You!

~ Lexa

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