Broken Beginnings

Chapter 31: The Kiss

Alexa POV

It is now mid morning, Rendal had offered to come back and sleep with me again, but I had declined insisting that I wanted to be alone for a bit. However, I hadn’t been able to sleep since Skywalker and Kenobi had gone on their mission to save the Chancellor.

I had instead been meditating and trying to sense what was going on, so far I had felt large surges of adrenaline, fear excitement and relief.... Not much to go on and despite my cold demeanour I was actually worried about Anakin. Which was why I was pounced straight on to my comlink as soon as it beeped.

‘Arnjard here, go ahead.’

‘Hi Lex.’ I grinned as soon as I heard my nickname.


‘Hey, I’m glad we’re talking again.’

‘Yes.... Well.... I have been considering forgiving you....’

‘I see.... Then maybe I shouldn’t tell you about how the mission went.’

‘Ok fine.’ I replied shrugging.

‘So you don’t want to hear about my amazing skills?’ He asked teasingly.

‘I’m sure you weren’t that great.’ I rolled my eyes.

‘Ha! Say that to Rendal when I tell him I saved his master’s butt!’

‘You saved Master Kenobi?’

‘Uh huh. But I’ll explain more when I see you in person.’

‘Right.... So what are you doing now?’

‘Well I’m just making sure that the Chancellor gets back to the Senate alright then I will go straight to the Temple, ok?’


‘Great, I’ll see you when I get there, Lex.’

‘Bye Anakin.’

The conversation ended and I turned off my comlink. I was glad he was ok.

Anakin POV

I am happy that Alexa has decided to talk to me again and not hold a grudge against me for not letting her come on the mission, which considering how it turned out, I still think was a good decision.

Right now though Obi Wan and I had just escorted Chancellor Palpatine back to the Senate where Mace Windu, several other Jedi and the Senators were waiting for him. The good friend that he is, Obi Wan, had tried to encourage me to stay with them as they had asked, but I knew I should get back to the Temple and see Alexa and no Senator was going to keep me from doing that.

‘Aren’t you going, Master?’ I asked.

‘No. I’m not brave enough for politics.’ He replied, a smirk lingering on the edge of his lips. ‘I have to report to the council. Besides, someone needs to be the poster boy.’

‘Hold on. This whole operation was your idea.’ I reminded him, slightly offended at the prospect of being a “poster boy.”

,Let us not forget, Anakin, that you rescued me from the buzz droids and you killed Count Dooku, and you rescued the chancellor carrying me unconscious on your back.′

‘All because of your training.’

’Anakin, let’s be fair. Today you were the hero.... And you deserve your glorious day
with the politicians.′

‘No.’ I shook my head. ‘I have another meeting I’m scheduled to be at and besides if I did go you would owe me one, and not for saving your skin for the 10th time.’

‘Ninth time. That business on Cato Neimoidia doesn’t count. I’ll see you at the briefng.’

‘Alright, bye.’ I replied and I got into a nearby speeder, heading straight back to the Temple.

Alexa POV

I was in my room staring out the window when Anakin came in, I beamed brightly at him as I heard the hiss of the doors and he waltzed in, giving me his all too familiar cocky smile.

‘Hey.’ I smiled and he sat down on the edge of my bed with me.

‘Hi.... Did you miss me?’ I laughed.

‘I guess so.’

‘You guess?’ He looked at me skeptical.

‘Oh alright, yes I missed you.’ I admitted, somewhat sheepishly.

‘I knew it!’ He hugged me.

‘Don’t push it.’ I replied, though I found it hide to conceal a giggle. ‘Now tell me everything that happened!’

‘Alright.’ He nodded and proceeded to tell me the story of how he not only rescued the Chancellor, but also helped Master Kenobi and “piloted” half the ship to a landing strip without killing himself. I must say I was impressed. However after we joked and teased each other about our abilities, Anakin then directed the conversation back to one of the many subjects I didn’t want to discuss.

‘I sense that you are still feeling uneasy about something, what is it?’ I asked.

‘Alexa about this morning-’

‘Oh no, we are not going there!’ I shook my head.

‘Alexa it’s important that we talk about this, can you just tell me why you let Rendal sleep in your bed? Are you starting to feel something towards him?’ He asked, keeping his voice calm as if he was more curious or concerned rather than accusing.

‘Anakin! No! I asked him to stay because having him here helps with my nightmares, ok? He helps calm me down and.... I find his presence comforting.’ I then turned my gaze to the floor embarrassed.

‘Alright Lex, I understand.’ He nodded. ‘Now I promised master Kenobi that I would go with him to report to the Council, so I’m afraid I’ll have to leave you again.’ He sighed getting up and walking to the door.

‘That’s ok, Anakin.’

‘I’ll see you later.’


With that he slipped out the door and I readjusted myself to look out the window once more, but it wasn’t long before I was again interrupted and this time Rendal was the one who rolled in.

‘Hi Alex.’ He smiled.


‘I just thought it would be slightly shorter than Alexa and I think it suits you, but if you don’t like it I-’

‘It’s fine.’ I stopped him before he got to involved in his rambling. ’So what’s up.... Ren? I smirked deciding that if he was going to have a nickname for me I should have one for him. He laughed.

‘I just wanted to apologise for you getting into trouble with your master.’

‘It’s fine, it wasn’t your fault and Anakin wasn’t angry.... He was just a little concerned that I had let a boy sleep in my bed.’

‘I imagine that my master would have felt the same.... Or maybe a little angry I guess.’

‘I’m glad it wasn’t him who spotted us.’


‘So is that all you came to do?’ I asked.

‘Well I um..... I guess so.....’ He seemed that this was probably his cue to leave, but he quickly came up with something else to talk about which not only served as a reason for him to stay, but it also embarrassed me to no end. ‘You know if you wanted me to spend another night with you I will.... I admit I kinda enjoy sharing your room.... It’s nice to listen to you hum in your sleep.’

‘What?!’ I asked shocked.

‘It’s true! You sometimes start humming this really pretty tune in your sleep. In fact I bet you’re a good singer.’ He smiled, but I shook my head.

‘Are you joking? I suck at singing.’

‘So you admit you’ve done it before?’ He raised a brow.

‘Only when I was little and trust me I sounded absolutely terrible.’ I assured him.

‘I’m not convinced.’

‘Well you should be.’

‘You know I won’t let this go until I hear you sing something.’

‘No way.’

‘Oh come on, please?’ He gave me his best pout, which of course didn’t soften me at all.


‘Alex, you have allowed me to sleep with you, in your bed, for the last two nights! How is letting me hear you sing any worse?’

He did have a point....

‘Pretty please Alexa.’

‘Oh alright!’ I sighed giving in.

‘Yay!’ He grinned and I shook my head clearing my throat.

I just be crazy, I haven’t sung in a long time and I was never very good.... At all.... And yet for some reason or other I am going to sing for this annoying, pestering, nosy.... Sweet.... Kind.... Cute.... Wait what?!

Before I even realised it I begun singing a song I remembered from my childhood....

My own home
Father’s hunting in the forest
Mother’s cooking in the home
I must go to fetch the water
Till the day that I am grown
Til I’m grown
Til I’m grown
I must go to fetch the water
Til the day that I am grown
Then I will have a handsome husband
And a daughter of my own
Then I’ll send her to fetch the water
I’ll be cooking in the home
Then I’ll send her to fetch the water
I’ll be cooking in the home

Rendal POV

I was hooked the minute the lyrics began flowing out of her mouth, she sounded like an angel! She wasn’t very loud though, but not so quiet that I couldn’t hear her beautiful voice. I couldn’t help smiling as her the melodious filled the room whoever told her that she couldn’t sing was either tone deaf or incredibly stupid! I swear I have never heard a nicer sound in all my life, I could listen to her for hours!

But it all came to an end far too soon and she then looked at me embarrassed and unsure about what I would say, but I gave her a large smile.

‘That was amazing!’

‘No it wasn’t, you’re just saying that to make me feel better.’

‘I’m serious! You are a really great singer!’

‘R-Really?’ She asked timidly.

‘Yes!’ I nodded enthusiastically.

‘Thanks.’ She blushed.

‘You’re welcome.’ It was then that I got an idea in my head and I rolled my wheelchair closer to her. ‘So.... Who’s your handsome husband going to be?’ I asked raising a brow.

‘What?’ She asked confused.

‘In your song, you said you would find a handsome husband.... Who did you have in mind?’ I slowly moved towards her, staring into her crystal blue eyes which sparkled against the blackness of her hood.

‘I.... I um....’ She seemed at a loss for words so I took my chance.

I continued to lean in, closing my eyes as I breathed in her sweet scent of frangipani and closed the gap between us!

Our lips met, I was surprised by the just how soft Alexa’s were and yet I could feel the roughness there as well, like many aspects of this girl it was hard to explain. Emotions flew around inside my head and my heart was beating like a base drum as our lips moved. Her mouth was warm, and exploring it was all that was on my mind. I’m so nervous and happy at the same time and I never, ever want it to stop. I felt like was out of control but I am totally content with that.

I then slowly intertwined my hand with hers and used my free hand to gently pull back the hood on her cloak. For a moment a stopped the kiss, only pulling back a fraction to take in her gorgeous orange face.

‘You are so beautiful, I don’t understand why you cover yourself so much.’ I whispered before recapturing her luscious grey lips with my own.

Alexa POV

‘So.... Who’s your handsome husband going to be?’ The young boy raised his eyebrow at me.

‘What?’ I asked.

‘In your song, you said you would find a handsome husband.... Who did you have in mind?’

I was shocked, I had no idea what to say, naturally I hadn’t actually been thinking about getting a husband when I sang the song, it was just something my mother had taught me so that I wouldn’t be bored when I did my chores at home.... As if his question wasn’t enough my heart then began to race like a pod-racer as he cautiously moved towards me. For a moment I stared into his deep chocolate eyes, trying to take in every detail of them and see if this was really happening.

‘I.... I um....’ I tried to find something to say, but it my mouth refused to form anything intelligent and before I knew what was happening my eyes were closed and I could feel his face just mere inches from mine.

His lips touched mine. They were soft and it felt good, no.... Great.... Amazing! Oh what’s the use? No words could truly describe how I was feeling, it was the most wonderful experience in the world, nothing I had ever experienced could compare with this. All the same I knew that sometime we would have to stop, but I didn’t want it to. And neither did he.

I felt his hand meet mine on the bed and our fingers carefully interlocked with one another and I was so engrossed in the moment that I didn’t realise what his other hand had done until I felt my hood land softly between my shoulder blades and my face and lekku were fully exposed to him for what was only the second time. He then pulled away and stared at me for a moment before murmuring quietly to me.

‘You are so beautiful, I don’t understand why you cover yourself so much.’

I felt myself blush to the tips of my montrals, but I know he didn’t see as he moved forward and we resumed our kiss.


*Cat from puss in boots appears in the background*. Oooooh!

Hey everyone, Lexa here! Well that was an interesting chapter to write, definitely not what I’m used to, but for all of you who support Renlex this is for you and I would like to give a special mention to DerBabaKingCoC for all his encouragement and help in writing this chapter! So remember to tell me what you thought about this part of the story in a comment or give it a vote if you like!

May The Force Be With You!

~ Lexa

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