Broken Beginnings

Chapter 33

Alexa POV

After I said goodbye to Rendal and Obi Wan I went back to my room, admitting my feelings to Rendal had inspired me to go out and find that girl who had given me the teddy bear. I need to know how she got it and who gave it to her. So as soon as I retrieved it I went to where the Younglings live and train.

When I got there Master Yoda had been visiting them and greeted me, as I talked to him I made sure to keep my feelings about my recent encounter with Rendal buried deep within me so he couldn’t sense them and get us into trouble.

‘Hello, Padawan Arnjard. Good to see you again, it is.’ The green Jedi Master smiled.

‘The feeling is mutual, Master Yoda.’ I bowed.

‘Here to see the Younglings, are you?’

‘Yes.’ I nodded and scanned the group of children looking for the girl. ‘I’m looking for a young girl with blue skin and purple hair, I believe she is a Pantoran.’

‘Ah yes.’ The wise Grandmaster new who I was referring to. ‘Elrie?’ He summoned the girl and I recognised her immediately, she was the one and the look on her face told me she remembered me too as she came to stand in front of me. ‘Youngling Elrie Caron, like to speak to you, Padawan Arnjard would.’

‘Of course Master Yoda.’ She nodded then Yoda excused himself to watch the other Younglings continue their training. ‘Hello again.’ She smiled at me.


‘You look different with a hood on, you know.’

‘Well that is the general idea.’

‘I think you look better without it, then we can all see your smiley face!’ She grinned up at me.

‘Thanks, but the reason I came to see you is because I wanted to ask you more about this.’ I got straight to business and held out the bear.

‘I see, what would you like to know? I trust she has kept you company during your travels?’

‘Yes, she makes a good companion, but I want to know who your friend is who gave her to you.’

‘Well.... Does it really matter?’ She asked, trying to avoid answering. I nodded.

‘Yes it does, please tell me.’ She shook her head defiantly.

‘I can’t, she won’t want me to.’

‘Please, Elrie. This means a lot to me.’

‘But my friendship with her means a lot to me and if I tell you who she is she will stop talking to me add we won’t be friends any more.’

I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes, I thought it was silly that she would keep a secret because some friend of hers would “stop talking to her,” if I knew someone like that then I wouldn’t even bother being their friend.... Then again I hadn’t had many friends when I was her age and I could appreciate trying to please the ones I did have, but we were always there for each other no matter what.

‘Elrie, I’m sure that if she is truly your friend she won’t stop just because you told me her name, trust me, neither of you are going to get into any trouble because of this.’ I assured her.

‘Alright.’ She sighed. ‘Her name is Kari, she’s right over there, but please don’t tell her that I gave you the bear I know she’ll be angry with me.’

‘Don’t worry Elrie, I promise I won’t make her angry with you.’

‘Ok, thank you.’

‘You’re welcome and thank you.’ With that I walked straight over to Kari.

She was a human, probably a little older than Elrie and she didn’t seem pleased that I had interrupted her training, I couldn’t blame her, but I had to know.

‘Yes?’ She asked indignantly as I got her attention.

‘Is your name Kari?’

‘Who wants to know?’

I admit I was a little shocked by her abruptness and lack of manners, but I was kind of intrigued too, this looked like a girl who took after my own heart.

‘My name isn’t what’s important here, what is important is the name of the person who gave you this.’ I showed her the bear.

‘Lelo?’ She asked stunned before glaring up at me. ‘Where did you get that?!’

‘Doesn’t matter, but I need to know where you got her from.’

‘As if I’m going to tell you that, I’m no rat, and besides it doesn’t concern you so I suggest you give it to me before things get ugly.’ She growled.

I narrowed my eyes at her and stood over her threateningly. Of course I would never actually hurt her, but that doesn’t mean I can’t scare her into thinking I will.

‘Are you sure you wanna go there?’ My voice was sharp and cold and for a breif second I allowed her to see some of the scars on my face! She gasped and began quivering slightly, but she was still able to maintain her courage.

‘I will never tell you.’

‘Very well then.’ I glowered before turning on my heel and walking out, my cloak billowing out behind me giving me an ominous appearance.

Rendal POV

I went to the infirmary with my Master and was reassessed. It turns out that I am healing well, but I still have several more weeks before I will be back on my feet and even then I will have to return to training gradually so I don’t strain myself.

While I understand that, I still hate not being able to do things! Especially when I see Alexa still training hard and pushing herself to the best of her abilities and.... I don’t like looking weak in font of her.... Which is why I’ll be glad to tell her about my good progress the next time I see her.

However as I reached out to her in the Force I felt a large amount of anger radiating off her, but before I could go and find out why my Master asked me to accompany him to see Master Windu and Master Yoda, though I had no idea what the meeting was to be about, but when I found out I wished I hadn’t.

‘The Chancellor has requested young Skywalker to meet him at the opera house and once again he won’t say why.’ Master Windu stated, I could hear the unhappiness in his voice.

‘What do you propose we do?’ Obi Wan asked.

‘Hmm..... Unwise it would be to anger the Chancellor, but like these meetings I do not.’

‘I don’t like them either, but what should we do?’ Mace wondered.

‘Discuss this with the Council, we should, but allow young Skywalker to see the Chancellor I think we should.’

‘Very well, Obi Wan tell Skywalker to go and meet the Chancellor in his office. Then report back to the Council Chambers.... Alone.’ He added glancing at me for a moment.

‘Yes, Master Windu.’ Obi Wan and I bowed and went to find Master Skywalker.

‘What do you think this means, Master?’ I asked concerned.

‘I don’t know, Rendal. I don’t know.’

He shook his head and we went to find Skywalker, I was surprised to see him sparing with Alexa, who seemed strangely frustrated as she was attacking him.

‘Anakin.’ Obi Wan interrupted them and they turned to face him.

‘Hi Master, what’s going on?’ Master Skywalker came over.

‘The Chancellor has requested to see you again.’

‘So soon?’ He asked shocked.

‘Yes and once again he won’t say why.’

‘That’s unusual, isn’t it?’

‘All of this is unusual and it’s making me feel uneasy.’

‘When does he want to see me?’


‘Fine.’ He sighed deactivating blue lightsaber, but before he bid us goodbye he looked to Alexa and I could see that she wasn’t impressed. ‘I guess we’ll have to continue this later, Lex.’

‘Yeah right.’ She rolled her eyes and begun to walk off. ‘You owe me four more sessions, Anakin!’

‘I will make it up to you as soon as I can!’ He called back to her. ‘Now where am I supposed to be meeting the Chancellor?’

‘In his office, as usual.’

‘Alright, I’m on my way.’ He then left and I looked to Obi Wan, who sighed.

‘I have a bad feeling about this.’


Dun dun da! So the Chancellor wants to see Anakin again, what will this mean? I bet you can guess, but no spoilers! Anyway, I hope you liked this chapter!

May The Force Be With You!

~ Lexa

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