Broken Beginnings

Chapter 34

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Anakin POV

I went directly to the Chancellor’s office in the Senate building, it wouldn’t do to keep him waiting and I am curious to see what he wants to see me about this time and this time I am thinking of asking why he won’t tell the Council what he is going to talk to me about when he requested my presence.... But I will only ask that depending on the reason for my visit.

‘Good afternoon, Chancellor.’ I bowed to him as I came through the door.

‘Good afternoon, Anakin.’ The older man smiled at me before getting up from his desk and walking over too me. We then began to talk, however I was slightly confused with where the conversation was heading.

‘I hope you trust me, Anakin.’ He murmured.

‘Of course.’ I replied, why wouldn’t I trust him?

‘I need your help, son.’ He looked at me seriously.

‘What do you mean?’

‘I’m depending on you.’

‘For what? I don’t understand.’

‘To be the eyes, ears and voice of the Republic. I’m appointing you to be my personal representative on the Jedi Council.’ I was shocked, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I almost asked him to pinch me and prove that this wasn’t a dream, how could this be true?! It’s just to fantastic!

‘Me? A master?’ I asked in disbelief as he nodded. ‘I’m overwhelmed, sir.’ It was then however that I realised that wasn’t possible. ‘But the council elects its own members. They’ll never accept this.’

‘I think they will.’ He disagreed. ‘They need you, more than you know.’

My mind whirred, this is great! I will finally be not only a master, but also on the Jedi Council! It’s every Jedi’s dream and now it’s finally within my grasp! But doubts about the other Jedi accepting me still lingered....


‘Allow this appointment lightly the Council does not. Disturbing is this move by Chancellor Palpatine.’ Yoda said as I stood in the middle of the Council chamber.

‘I understand.’ I nodded, knowing that they wouldn’t like the Chancellor meddling in the affairs of the Jedi.

‘You are on this council... but we do not grant you the rank of master.’ Windu stated.

‘What? How can you do this? This is outrageous. It’s unfair. How can you be on the council and not be a master?’ I asked outraged! Master Windu just gave me a look saying to “shut up and get over it.”

‘Take a seat, young Skywalker.’ He ordered, clearly unimpressed with my outburst.

‘Forgive me, Master.’ I apologised and sat down in the chair he had gestured to, allowing the meeting to proceed, despite the fact that I felt as if I could burn down the entire temple in my rage!

‘We have surveyed all systems in the Republic... but have found no sign of General Grievous.’ A holographic Master Mundi reported.

‘Hiding in the outer rim Grievous is. The outlying systems you must sweep.’

‘We do not have many ships to spare.’ Obi Wan murmured.

‘What about the droid attack on the Wookiees?’ Master Mundi pointed out.

‘It is critical we send an attack group there immediately.’ Master Windu added.

‘He’s right. It’s a system we cannot afford to lose.’ Obi Wan agreed.

‘Go I will. Good relations with the Wookiees I have.’

‘It’s settled then. Yoda will take a battalion of clones to reinforce the Wookiees on Kashyyyk. May the Force be with us all.’


‘What kind of nonsense is this?! Put me on the council and not make me a master?! It’s never been done in the history of the Jedi! It’s insulting!’ I fumed as we walked back towards my quarters with Obi Wan.

‘Calm down, Anakin. You have been given a great honour. To be on the council at your age- it’s never happened before. The fact of the matter is you are too close to the chancellor, the Council doesn’t like it when he interferes in Jedi affairs.’ He reminded me.

‘I swear to you, I didn’t ask to be put on the council.’

‘But it’s what you wanted. Your friendship with Chancellor Palpatine seems to have paid off.’

‘That has nothing to do with this.’ I replied shocked that he would say such a thing.

The only reason the council has approved your appointment... is because the chancellor trusts you.′


‘Anakin, I am on your side. I didn’t want to put you in this situation.’

‘What situation?’ I asked confused.

‘The council wants you to report on all the chancellor’s dealings. They want to know what he’s up to.’

‘They want me to spy on the chancellor?’ He nodded. ‘But that’s treason.’

‘We are at war, Anakin.’

‘Why didn’t the council give me this assignment when we were in session?’

‘This assignment is not to be on record.’


‘The chancellor is not a bad man, Obi-Wan. He befriended me. He’s watched out for me ever since I arrived here.’ I defended him.

‘That is why you must help us. Anakin, our allegiance is to the senate, not to its leader... Who has managed to stay in office long after his term has expired.’

‘The senate demanded that he stay longer.’ I replied.

‘Yes, but use your feelings, Anakin, something is out of place.’

You’re asking me to do something against the Jedi code. Against the Republic. Against a mentor and a friend. That’s what’s out of place here. Why are you asking this of me?′

‘The council is asking you.’

I then walked off without another word, the anger that was cursing through my veins was too much to describe, my stomach was on fire, my knuckles had turned white and my fingers bit into my pal as I balled my fists.

I thought that the Council had learned its lesson on trusting people after what happened with Ahsoka, but clearly not. I shook my head growling, how thick can these people be? And if they continue to distrust in people and make the same mistakes over and over, how can they be expected to lead us through these difficult times?

Rendal POV

I went to find Alexa and see what she was doing, the first place I checked was her room, but she wasn’t there, I then went and looked to see if she had gone to get lunch, but there was no sign of her in the mess hall either and after searching in the archives, the courtyard and the obstacle course I still couldn’t locate her. So I asked Lorryn and Jenifire if they had seen her, but they both answered negative and I am back to square one.

However I realised there was still a place that I hadn’t checked and while it seemed unlikely that she would be there I went and looked anyway. Sure enough in the middle of the meditation garden sat Alexa Arnjard with her legs crossed and eyes closed. I was surprised to say the least and I rolled over to her as quietly as I could before sitting down opposite her.

‘Hi.’ She murmured quietly, still keeping her eyes shut.

‘Hello.’ I whispered just as quietly. ‘Why are you here?’

‘Because I need answers.’

‘To what?’

‘Questions.’ I knew from her one word answer that this wasn’t something she wanted talk about so I went to leave her in peace. ‘Don’t go.... I find your presence soothing.’ She remarked and I settled down once again and she continued to meditate.

I have no idea how long we were sitting there for, but what I did know was that whatever she wanted answers to, she wanted it pretty badly. All the same I didn’t ask her about it again and instead stayed silent until she was ready to leave.

‘Did you find what you were looking for?’ I asked as we exited the garden, she shook her head.

‘No, but I won’t give up.... Not yet anyway.’

‘I see.’ I nodded.

‘So, what’s going on with you?’ She asked curious.

‘Not much.’ I replied bored.

‘Well that sucks.... Any word on Anakin?’

‘I haven’t heard anything about Master Skywalker. Master Kenobi, however, had to go to a Council meeting before, but naturally I wasn’t allowed to know what they were talking about, so I have no idea.’


‘By the way, I meant to tell you about my visit to the infirmary.’

‘Oh! Of course! How did it go?’

‘Pretty good, I’m healing well apparently and I should be back to normal in a little over three weeks.’

‘That’s great! Then I won’t have to bend down to ki-’

‘To what, Lex?’ She and I froze as we heard a voice!

‘Hi Anakin.’ Alexa slowly turned to face him, I could feel her nervousness, though she tried to hide it.

‘Hello Lex, I’m sorry to have interrupted you, what were your going to say?’

Oh no! No, no, no, no! He’s going to find out and then we’ll be expelled! Or I’ll be expelled for kissing her first and then we will never see each other again! Ah!

My mind began to buzz with all the million things that could and were about to go wrong in this situation as my eyes glanced between Master Skywalker and his padawan!

‘I.... Was just saying about how good it will be when Rendal is out of this wheelchair so I can kick his butt!’ She grinned wickedly.

I was able to contain my sigh of relief that we weren’t caught, we really would have to be more careful about our affections for one another and where we displayed them.

‘Don’t go too harsh on him when he recovers, Lex, otherwise you’ll have to be the one to tell Master Kenobi why his apprentice is broken again.’ The man smirked.

I could see that he was only being humorous in his remark, but the way he said my master’s name almost made it seem as if he was being spiteful towards him, which is both confusing and odd as they are very good friends.... But I suppose even the best of friends can have their little disagreements. So I shrugged it off.

‘Anyway, I can tell from the direction that you’re walking and the slight hurriedness to your stride that you are headed towards the hangar, where are you off to?’ Alexa asked, perfectly analysing Skywalker’s behaviour.

‘I’m just going out for a while.’ He replied simply.

‘Oh.... If it involves a speeder-ride around the area can I come too?’ She asked hopeful, but Skywalker shook his head.

‘Sorry Lex, not today. Besides you need to keep Rendal company, remember?’

‘Ok.’ She nodded and her master turned to walk away. ‘Wait Anakin, how did your meeting with the Chancellor go?’

I noticed the man seemed to clench up at the thought, but his reaction was so small I couldn’t help wondering if it was just a coincidence or if I had been seeing things, still.... It was strange to say the least.

‘It was fine.’ He nodded then continued walking, but I could have sworn I saw I tiny glint of anger in his eyes which told me otherwise.... Still I said nothing and looked back to Alexa.

‘Hmm..... I wonder what’s up with him.’ She murmured staring after him.

‘Who knows.’


Hey everyone! Lexa here! So Anakin is on the Council, oh dear. I wonder where he is going, does he have any suspicions about Rendal and Alexa and if so will he tell Obi Wan? Find out in the next chapter where we unearth some more surprises!

May The Force Be With You!

~ Lexa

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