Broken Beginnings

Chapter 35

Anakin POV

I went straight to the hangar and left in a speeder, I needed to go and see Padme, maybe she can help me get through all this rubbish with the Council refusing to make me a master.

I admit though, Alexa’s evaluation of what I was doing was surprisingly accurate, I had been in a hurry, but of course I had to act calm and happy when I stopped to talk to them. I couldn’t let them know how angry I am really feeling! I growled, but shook my head, anger is not the Jedi way and besides Padme won’t want to see me all grumpy and upset so I tried to calm myself before I got there. I soon discovered it was a waste of time.

When I got there I knocked on the door to my wife’s apartment, at first there was no answer, but I then heard a lot of shuffling and moving things around before Padme appeared at the door. Something was off. She looked ruffled, her clothes were wrinkled, her hair was out of place and sticking out a little and I noticed her lipstick was even smeared. Then as I looked behind her into the apartment I saw that things weren’t particularly tidy in there either.

‘Anakin?! W-What are you doing here?!’ She asked clearly surprised wi my visit.

‘I just came to see you my love, why what’s going on?’ I asked confused.

‘Oh nothing.’ She shrugged, though it was obvious she was on edge.

‘Are you sure? You don’t exactly seem like yourself?’

‘Well I’m a little tired since I’ve been going through some files and moving things around a bit.... But you seem a little off, what’s wrong?’

‘Do you mind if I come in and I’ll tell you?’

‘Uh.... Sure.’ She moved aside so that I could pass her and she shut the door behind me. ‘Now that I’ve told you what I’ve been doing, why don’t you tell me what you’ve been up to, Anakin?’

I felt my brow furrow slightly, she was speaking louder than normal, especially when she said my name.... For a brief moment I looked out through the window and looked at the now orange sky, indeed the sun was setting over the city and it looked beautiful.... Surprisingly it kind of reminded me of Ahsoka with her lovely tanned skin.... I was then torn from my thoughts as I heard a slight ruckus from inside Padme’s room. Something or someone was in there.

‘What was that?’ I asked.

‘Oh, uh.... It was probably just C3PO.’ I quickly walked over to it, ignoring Padme’s thoughts that it was nothing as she tried to hold me back, and gasped as the doors opened!

Inside on the floor was none other than Senator Rush Clovis, with no shirt on! I growled angrily before lifting him up off the floor and Force choking him! I found a wicked sense of glee swing him squirm and gasp as I cut off his airway! However I then turned my attention to Padme.

‘You traitor! How long have you been together?!’ I asked shouting.

‘Ani it’s not what it looks like!’ She cried.

‘Don’t you lie to me! You’ve been having an affair with him!’

‘Anakin I-’

‘Save it Padme!’ I dropped Clovis so he hit the floor with a loud thud, I heard Padme gasp and she ran past me to kneel beside him on the floor. I glared as she caressed his face which was now tinted blue from lack of oxygen.

‘Fine! You know what? I admit it! I have been having an affair with Rush, but that’s only because I know you don’t love me anymore!’ She shouted!

‘What?! Of course I loved you!’ I replied angered and shocked at her words.

‘No! You love Ahsoka! I know you do!’

I didn’t know what to do, I realised she was right. I loved Ahsoka and now that Padme had strayed from me I had no reason to deny it, so what should I do? The answer was obvious.

‘You are absolutely right Padme. You and are done!’ With that I stormed out, causing the metal doors to slam behind me!

Alexa POV

I felt a strong tremor in the Force, something was terribly wrong and I feared Anakin was at the heart of it, which is why I was waiting for him at the hangar.... Only to have him run straight past me!

‘Anakin what happened?!’ I called after him, but he just ignored me and kept running. I chased after him until he stopped.... Right outside Ahsoka’s door.

I watched as he knocked the forced his way inside, the door hissing shut behind him. I sensed that he was feeling a mixture of hurt, anger and.... Happiness? I shook my head and continued on to my room, it wasn’t my place to pry into his life and besides I have my own life to maintain.

Ahsoka POV

I was rather surprised when Anakin came into my room and stared at me, a hurt, yet determined, expression on his face and I sensed something bad had happened.

‘Anakin, what happened?’ I asked worried.

‘I just found out something.’ He replied slightly breathless and I saw an almost maniac gleam in his eye, but it was gone in a flash and before I knew what was happening he thrust himself forward at me and I felt his lips on mine!

I moaned into the kiss, allowing his tongue to slip into my mouth and I used my own to wrestle for dominance all the while he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him! By the time we paused for air I couldn’t think straight, what had come over him?!

‘I love you.’ He murmured, staring deep into my eyes.

‘I....’ I had no idea what to say, this was wrong on so many levels.

For starters he is already married to Padme, then of course being in love is against the Jedi Code because attachment leads to the Dark Side and I’ve never really been anything but his padawan! Of course that changed slightly when we found each other again on Shili and I had been developing feelings for him, but that didn’t mean I....

I felt him kiss me again.

What was I thinking again? Oh yeah....

I pulled back and looked at his handsome face.

‘I love you too.’

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