Broken Beginnings

Chapter 36

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Ahsoka POV

Anakin and I had continued our make out session for sometime before we each confessed our feelings properly and Anakin explained what had happened with Padme. At first I was shocked at what the Senator had done and angry that she would betray her husband like that, but at the same time I was glad she had because it meant that Anakin and I could be in love.

‘You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to kiss you.’ I smiled, whispering against his lips.

‘Not as long as me to kiss you.’ He replied.

‘But what about you and Padme?’

‘We’re over.’

‘But just because a Jedi got away with being married to a Senator doesn’t mean that two Jedi’s in love will go unnoticed by the Council.’

‘So what? I don’t care anymore if someone finds out that I’m in love.’

‘Anakin, I’ve already left the Order once and no offence to you, but I’m not ready to do it again.’

‘I know, I’m sorry, that was a selfish thing to say.’ He glanced down at the floor ashamed of himself.

‘It’s ok, but.... I sense that there’s something you’re not telling me, what is it?’ He sighed and turned away.

‘The Chancellor has requested that I become his personal representative on the Jedi Council.’

‘What!?’ I asked shocked.

‘Yeah, but while the Council is allowing me to be part of it they won’t make me a Master!’ He growled furious.

‘That....’ I didn’t know what to say, I could understand his anger, but it was very strange that the Chancellor had appointed him on the Council without even consulting Master Yoda and Master Windu. Something bad was in play here and I think that Anakin is at the heart of it, whether he knows it or not.

‘It’s terrible! It’s unacceptable! It’s never been done before and it just shows how low their opinions are of me! What did I ever do to deserve this?! I-’

I cut him off with a kiss, hoping to cool down that fiery mouth of his.

‘Anakin, I understand that you’re upset with the Councils decision, but all we can do is accept it and try to make the best of it, at least you’re on the Council now, right?’ I asked pulling back from him just enough so that we were still at arms length from each other.

‘You’re right, Ahsoka.’ He nodded.

‘I’m glad you agree.’ I smiled. ‘Now why don’t we get out of here for a while, hmm? I think we have a lot to talk about.’ He agreed and we walked out of my room, headed for the entrance to the Temple.

Alexa POV

I opened the door to my room just enough to see Anakin and Ahsoka walk out of her room and head down the corridor, something was definitely up with those two, but I know I shouldn’t be prying. Which is why I shut the door again and lied down on my bed, staring up at the ceiling.

Over the last few days my mind has been going absolutely crazy, first there’s this whole thing with Rendal and I, then there’s Anakin and Ahsoka and whatever is going on with them, not to mention Lelo and I sense there’s something is up with Anakin’s meeting with the Chancellor....

I sighed, this is getting out of control.

I didn’t turn over as I heard the hiss of my door when it slid open and a slightly sound of wheels turning. Neither of us said anything and I soon felt soft, gentle fingers on my montrals.

‘Mmmm....’ I smiled and closed my eyes and his touch soothed me.

‘How’s that?’ He asked.


‘I’m glad.’ He replied and his hands slowly wandered down and started massaging my temples. ‘I can feel your anxiety.... What’s bothering you?’


‘More specifically?’


‘Uh huh.... What about us? Am I making you feel uncomfortable?’ He asked stopping his actions and I opened my eyes to stare up at him.

‘No.... If anything having you here makes me feel better.... It just.... What are we?’

‘What do you mean?’ He asked clearly confused by what I was asking.

‘I mean are we still just friends are we boyfriend and girlfriend are we “together?” Huh? What actually are we?’

‘We....’ He sighed. ‘I don’t know. I think that girlfriend and boyfriend is a little too much to call ourselves right now, I mean we’re not even sixteen or seventeen yet, but we’re more than friends....’

‘You’re right.... Wait I know! We’re best friends!’ He nodded smiling brightly and I grinned up at him. ‘Hang on a second....’


‘You pulled my hood back, didn’t you?’ I narrowed my eyes at him.

‘Yes, alright I admit it! I pulled your hood back so that I could massage your montrals, is that bad?’

‘Well.... I guess not. You can do pull my hood back sometimes, but only when it’s just us two, ok?’

‘Yes!’ He cheered and fist-pumped the air! I laughed and sat up.

‘I don’t know why I am letting you do this.’

‘Because I’m ruggedly handsome and you secretly adore me.’ He smirked, I whacked him playfully.

‘Get over yourself.’

‘Ha! I can’t, just like you can’t.’

‘Whatever you think, lover boy.’ I rolled my eyes.

‘Come on, admit it! Sometimes you do think I’m alright, otherwise you wouldn’t have said you love me.’

‘Occasionally, maybe, when you aren’t acting like a scoundrel.’

‘Scoundrel?’ He asked a little surprised. I nodded. ‘Scoundrel.... I like the sound of that....’ He rolled his chair closer until our knees were touching and began leaning closer to me.

‘What are you....?’ I trailed off as our lips connected. However not long after I melted into the kiss a problem popped into my mind and I pulled away from my “best friend.” He gave me a questioning look. ‘What about the Code?’


‘Yeah, we’ve nearly been caught twice and the next time we might not be so lucky.’

’You’re right.... But they can’t find us now.... He tried for another kiss, but I refused.

‘No, we need to set boundaries as to what we can and can’t do in public.’


‘First and foremost, no kissing anywhere that isn’t our rooms.’


‘Also no hugging, hand holding or staring at each other for long periods of time.’ I stated firmly.

‘So in other words, we can’t be at all in love.’

‘Pretty much.’

‘Dang.’ He shook his head.

‘Well it’s either that or we get caught, yelled at, lectured, then thrown out of the Order!’

‘Right and neither of us wants that.’


‘Then I guess we should make the most of it while we’re by ourselves....’ He reached out to hug me, but instead I stood up.

‘Or we could go and try a little sparing!’

‘Yes!’ He grinned, however it soon faltered. ‘But how can we spar? I’m still in a wheelchair and I do have a broken arm you know.’ He reminded me, holding up his cast.

‘Yeah, but it’s your left arm and you are right handed, yes?’ He nodded. ‘Then it won’t be a problem, will it?’

‘No.... But my Master said that I should take the time to rest and recover, he won’t be happy if he sees me trying to spar with you.’

‘You have had time to heal, come on Ren, you’ve done nothing for three weeks! You need to start doing things! Admittedly we’ll take it slowly, but it’s important that you at least try to do a little bit of practice.’

‘You’re right.’ He nodded and we both headed out.

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