Broken Beginnings

Chapter 37: Bullies and Bets

Alexa POV

Rendal and I trained for several hours that afternoon, much to my delight, and afterwards I made him stretch his good arm which he had used to wield his lightsaber while I stretched all my limbs, to stop ourselves from getting stiff and sore. Once we did that we went through the rest of the day hanging out and messing around with one thing or another until it was time to go to bed and we both said goodnight before going our separate ways to our rooms.

Things were good for the next few weeks, I did my training with Anakin and hung around with Rendal, Lorryn and Jenifire. We had a lot of fun racing around with Rendal and his wheelchair, he even let me have a go in it and I must admit it was awesome! Although I did get tipped out of it when Lorryn pushed me around the corner too fast but I wasn’t really hurt, it was nothing compared to other things I’ve been through, and thankfully no other Jedi saw us. Rendal was really worried about me though and it was.... Actually kind of sweet. I blushed when he told me he asked what hurt and wanted to kiss it better.

Anyway, enough about me. Six weeks after the fact Rendal is finally back on his feet! Yes! He can run, jump, skip and hop as he pleases! All of which he did after he got the casts off and finished his physiotherapy. So now I’ve been teaching him a few of my moves and we are frequently sparing with each other, surprisingly enough he’s actually managed to impress me once or twice. He’s been progressing well and we’ve been growing closer everyday. However, we have also been making sure to hide our.... Relationship of sorts from everyone else. After all, it is no ones business but ours and I don’t want Rendal or myself to be expelled from the Jedi Order.

I couldn’t help smiling as I sat on my bed contemplating all of these things only to have my thoughts interrupted by someone pressing the “door bell” of sorts. ‘Enter.’ The door slid open and in walked the subject of my thoughts.

‘Hiya.’ Rendal smiled at me before coming to sit next to me.

‘Hey, how are you?’

‘Good and yourself?’

‘A little tired, but ok.’

He looked at me curiously. ‘Why are you tired? Don’t tell me you hand nightmares again last night.’ He frowned slightly but I shook my head.

‘No, no. I didn’t have any nightmares last night, I was just a bit restless.’

‘Oh.’ He murmured. ‘By the way I need you to teach me how to do something.’


‘Well.... Uh.... Heh.... W-Would you teach me to... To.... Um....’ He stuttered and fidgeted nervously and I felt myself grow impatient.

‘Spit it out Rendal!’ I demanded, raising my voice and making him jump.

‘Would you teach me to repel girls?’ He blurted out the question then looked at me like I was going to eat him. Instead however I burst out laughing.

‘Repel girls? What kind of a request is that? Or have you forgotten that, despite my lack of femininity, I am a girl?’

‘Oh believe me I haven’t forgotten that, it’s just that other girl Kira won’t leave me alone!’

Oh yes. That reminds me, I forgot to mention before that a thorn has managed to weasel it’s way into my side and it’s name is Kira Walsh. She’s 13, so the same age as Rendal and a year older than me. She has dark hair, green eyes and the sort of pretty, perfect face that makes me want to vomit.

‘Don’t tell me she’s still bothering you.’

‘You could say that. She keeps staring at me and following me around whenever you’re not with me.’ He shook his head and sighed. ‘I just wish she would go away.’

‘I see and you want me to help teach you how to keep her away from you?’

‘If you wouldn’t mind.’ He nodded.

‘Alright, but I warn you this won’t be as easy as you think.’

‘You’ll help? Great! I can do anything just so long as I don’t have her following me around all the time.’

It was true, Kira often liked to follow Rendal around like a lost puppy and when she wasn’t doing that she was strutting about like a peacock boasting about something or other. I had only talked to her twice, but believe me that was enough to know we really didn’t like each other. She was rude, self centred, contradicting, snobbish, oh did I mention self centred?

Anyway if Rendal wanted me to help him get her off his back then that’s what I would do.

‘Alright so the first thing is knowing how to be blunt. You’re very polite, you normally like to beat around the bush a little rather than going straight to the point because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. However, in situations like these you just need to tell Kira that you don’t like her following you around and you want her to stop it and leave you alone. Think you can do that?’

‘I’ll try.’ He nodded.

‘Good.’ I flashed him a smile before standing and pulling him up off my bed.

‘Where are we going?’

‘To test you and see if you can tell Kira to leave you alone.’

‘What? Alexa you shouldn’t go looking for a fight.’ He shook his head and I smirked.

‘I’m not, I just want to see if you can do it in the event that she does start annoying you again.’

‘I don’t like this....’

Chuckling at his comment I dragged him out into the corridor then side by side we walked through the Temple until we came to the training room. It seemed that even when I wasn’t concentrating on anything my subconscious was still wanting me to train. Well it was fun, especially when I got to spar with Rendal.

‘I’ll go grab a training saber and we can do some sparring?’ I asked hopeful, smiling as he nodded.


So that’s exactly what we did, however will we clashes our blades together a certain prissy padawan showed up and came over only to start cheering for Rendal as she stood watching us.

‘Go Rendal! Get her! Come on you can beat her!’ Her encouragement of Rendal didn’t particularly bother me, I could see Rendal was getting a little flustered but nothing so major as to let him lose the battle, however it was what she said next that made me mad. ‘She’s so easy to best, come on! Surely someone as skilled as you should be able to win against a dirty little street urchin!’

That tears it!

I threw my training saber to the ground and went over to the prissy girl, grabbing her by her robes. ‘I am not a street urchin!!’ I shouted before getting in her face and hissing venomously. ‘If you think I’m so easy to win against why don’t you come and have a try? I can’t wait to see how many footprints I can get on your back when I’m done stomping all over you!’ With that I threw her to the ground and used the Force to call the training saber back to my hand.

She looked up at me in fear only for a strange smile to spread across her face and she started to laugh. ‘Oh you’re just so scary! I’m shaking in my boots!’ She began to laugh louder and picked herself up off the floor. ‘You know I would take you up on your offer and fight you but I don’t think I could be bothered to fight someone who is so lame they still have to use a training saber.’ She smirked and I growled.

‘It’s not my fault I don’t have a real lightsaber, I just haven’t been able to make one yet.’

‘Yeah because you don’t deserve one.’ She then looked over my shoulder to Rendal and sauntered over to him. ‘I will never understand why you waste your time playing with this little girl Rendal. Why don’t you come hang out with me and the others instead?’

By the others she meant those padawans who were her age and older, like Evvin Yavok. A 17 year old padawan whom I’d seen Kira talking with on numerous occasions, I hadn’t had much to do with him, but anyone who associated with Kira, in my opinion, wasn’t someone you would want to be around.

‘It just so happens that Alexa and I are friends.’ I looked over to see Rendal glaring at the other girl. ‘She’s not a little girl and just because she hasn’t got her lightsaber yet doesn’t mean that she isn’t deserving of it.’

‘Sure it does, she-’

‘No it doesn’t!’ He put his foot down and I couldn’t help smiling, he was standing up for me! ‘It’s only because there haven’t been any trips to Ilum that she doesn’t have a lightsaber, as soon as there is one she will go and she will create her saber just like everyone else.’

Kira looked shocked that he had cut her off and no doubt was surprised that he was defending me so fiercely. ‘Well! I.... Grrrr!’ She growled at me only to shake her head and sneer. ‘If you’re so confident in your little girlfriend then why don’t we have a bet, I say she doesn’t get to go with the next group to Ilum.’

‘And I say she does.’

‘So if I win then....’ A sly smile appeared on her lips. ‘Then I’m going to tell Master Kenobi that you two are in love!’

‘What?! You can’t do that!’ Rendal looked horrified.

I moved closer to the two of them, shrugging casually despite the anger that was bubbling up inside me. ‘Alright, we’ll play your game, after all you have no evidence that what you plan to tell Kenobi is true.’

‘I don’t need evidence.’

‘Yes you do, he’ll never believe you if you don’t-’ I cut my friend off.

‘What do we get when we win?’

‘I don’t know.... Maybe some dignity? Oh wait, being a rat you’ll never have that...!’

‘Shut it.’ I snapped. ‘When we win you have to stop harassing us. If you get within so much as ten metres of either one of us I’ll kick your skull in and then if anyone asks why, I’ll say it was self defence.’ I smirked before looking to Rendal. ‘Come on, we should be leaving now anyway.’

With that the two of us walked away, though I could swear I heard her say something along the lines of “you’d better watch your back”....

‘Oh gosh we shouldn’t have done that!’ My fellow padawan shook his head and groaned.

‘Chill out Ren, I’m going to be on that mission to Ilum and then I’m going to make myself a lightsaber, you’ll see. Don’t tell me you’ve suddenly lost your faith in me.’

‘No of course not! I just worry that maybe the masters will say you can’t go on the next trip.’

‘Well we’re about to find out.’ I replied as we walked up to Skywalker who was talking with captain Rex. ‘Anakin can we have a word?’

‘Sure.’ He looked at Rex who nodded. ‘I’ll see you later Rex.’

‘Very good then sir.’ He walked away down the hall.

‘So what can I do for you two?’

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