Broken Beginnings

Chapter 38: Yay or Nay?

Ok there’s one more thing, I’ve decided to actually use proper speech marks! Dun dun duh! So from now on I will be using ” ” instead of ′ ′ (shocking I know, but hey it was bound to happen eventually, right?) Oh one other thing, towards the end of the chapter you’ll see * * I’ll explain what they mean later on. Anyway here’s the next chapter, enjoy!


Alexa POV

“So you think you’re ready to have your own real lightsaber then?” Anakin asked.

“You don’t?” I questioned, raising one of my eye markings at him. “Come on Anakin you know I can handle one, please let me go to this... Gathering thingy.”

My teacher chuckled as did Rendal and I glared at them both. “Ok Lex, first I’ll explain to you what the Gathering is and then I’ll go ask Master Yoda to take a look at your skills and see if you’re ready to build your own saber, ok?”

“Alright so tell me all about this ‘Gathering’.”

“Well let’s find somewhere to sit and I will.” He nodded and we went to Anakin’s room. Once inside he invited us to sit on the floor with him before he proceeded to explain what the Gathering was, along with some help from Rendal.

“The Gathering is a rite of passage, it is meant as a lesson to teach young Jedi to overcome their own personal fears in order to find a kyber crystal attuned to their Force presence in the Crystal Caves of Ilum. Trust me it is a big deal.” Rendal explained.

“I have no doubt of that. So when do I get my lightsaber?”

“Once you have your crystal you then begin learning how to build your lightsaber on the way back to Coruscant.” Anakin replied.

“Ok, so where do I sign up?” I asked eagerly, making the man chuckle.

“I’ll go ask Master Yoda to come and visit one of our training sessions and he will decide if you are ready to attend the Gathering.”

“So go ask now! Pleeeeeeaaaaase?” I tried to use my best puppy dog eyes.

“Alright, alright I’m going.”

“Yes!” I grinned and my friends laughed. “Now come on, let’s go practice more.” I grabbed Rendal’s hand and dragged him back to the training room.

“Really Lex? We don’t even know if Master Yoda is going to be watching you today.” My best friend whined as I grabbed a training saber and prepared to engage him in a duel.

“Well it’s better to be prepared than not, isn’t it?”

“I guess so....”

“Hey do you want me to win this bet with Kira or not?” I asked glaring at him, he immediately nodded vigorously.

“Yes! I want you to win, you have to!”

“Then help me do that!”

“Ok, ok!”

“Unless you really don’t want to.... I could always use the simulator.”

“No need.” He activated his emerald blade. “Let’s dance.” He smirked and I returned the expression and turned on my weapon.

We circled each other for a few moments before I made the first move, leaping forward and swinging my saber at him. He blocked it and tried to strike back, however unfortunately for him he missed, giving me an opportunity to try and hit him again. We parried back and forth, neither one of us making much progress against the other until I decided to step it up a notch. I performed a move from form IV aka Ataru, Saber Swarm. I made flurries of quick, short, harsh blows at Rendal with my lightsaber, making him move quicker to try and defend himself. That left more room for sloppiness and error on his part.

“Come on Rendal, you can do better than this! You’re making it too easy for me!” Still I had to admit he was doing well and soon retaliated with Fluid Reposte followed by Falling Avalanche, his strength in that move almost made me drop my lightsaber!

“How’s that?” He replied smirking. Thankfully I managed to still keep my grip on it and blocked his strike.

“Not bad, but I still have my saber, you’ll have to do better!” Now my concentration level was high, I was completely focused on the task at hand. There was no way I was going to let Rendal win this.

“Oh don’t you worry, I’ve still got a few tricks left up my sleeve!”

“Is that so? Well you’d better start revealing them soon or I’m going to win this hands down!” I flashed him a grin and he pulled a face.

“Don’t get too confident. Wasn’t it you who said overconfidence can be a man’s worst weakness?”

“Yes, but notice how I said ‘man’ and not ‘woman’...!”

“You’re so cheeky.” He replied and I just giggled.

We kept sparring and as we moved I couldn’t help feeling that, despite the ferocity that we put into it, it was almost like a kind of dance. A conversation between the blades... (If anyone gets where that is from I will be so happy! ....And rather shocked to be honest.) I narrowed my eyes as my opponent tired to use Contentious Opportunities and exploit my weaknesses. Thankfully, however, I don’t have too many physical weaknesses so I was able to block his attack.

“That was a good idea, but you should know it won’t work on me.”

“Well I know that now. Hey it was worth a try.”

“Indeed. Check this out!” As he tried to swing at my head I ducked down and spun around, sticking my foot out and knocking him over. Or at least that had been the plan. Instead it looked like he knew it was coming and had somehow managed to perform a backflip to dodge my foot! I was very impressed! “Wow!”

“Impressive, right?”

“Hardly.” I snorted and rolled my eyes even though I did think it was great.

“Oh you know it was!”

“Yeah ok, it was pretty cool.” I flashed him a grin.

Suddenly however I noticed that we were no longer alone.

Anakin, Obi Wan, Master Yoda and several other Jedi masters from the Council. I had been about to stop when Anakin gave me a look that told me this was a test and to keep going. So that’s what I did. I continued to spar with Rendal, our lightsabers moving faster with each blow that we tried to land on one another. I had to hide a smirk as in the end I managed to disarm my friend and knock him to the ground, making me the winner of the duel.

Rendal and I smiled at each other as I helped him up off the floor and we bowed to each other to show respect. We then turned to face the masters who had been observing us and greeted them with a bow.

“Hello young ones, quite a duel that was. Impressive skills you both have.” Master Yoda awarded us a small smile.

“Thank you, sir.” Rendal replied, still giving off an air of humility.

“Welcome you are.”

Master Obi Wan Kenobi nodded to Rendal, seemingly pleased by his padawan’s effort, before looking at me. “Your master tells us you would like to attend the Gathering and build your own lightsaber...”

“That’s right.” I nodded. “So how can I prove that I am ready to go?”

“The exhibition of your skills with a training saber was a fair indication of your readiness, however we will have to go over the reports your master has made on you.” Windu explained.

“So leave you for now we will, see you later we shall.” Yoda and the others bid us farewell before leaving so that it was just Rendal, Anakin and me left.

“You were great guys.” My teacher smiled and I grinned.

“Thanks Anakin, do you think it will all be enough though?”

“We will just have to wait and find out Lex...”

So we waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

And waited even more.

Oh come on already!

It was actually two days later before I was told the verdict.

“YAHOO!!” I screamed in a very unJedi-like way as I raced through the halls of the Temple towards my bedroom where Rendal was waiting for me. “They said yes!” I burst into my room and watched as my friend’s face lit up!

“That’s great!” He jumped up off my bed and hugged me, wrapping his arms tightly around my body. “This is so awesome!”

“Isn’t it? I can’t believe it, I’m finally going to have my own real lightsaber!” We both grinned at each other, looking kinda like a pair of psychos.

“I think that deserves something special, don’t you?” He asked raising a brow.

“Oh and what did you have in mind?”

“This...” He pulled me closer and planted a soft kiss on my lips. I closed my eyes and smiled, he was always so tender and sweet when he did things like this. I kissed him back, snaking my arms around his neck and rolling my eyes as I felt him pull my hood down to reveal my face. *You know that I like to see your face.*

My eyes snapped open and I pulled away as I stared at him, shocked. “Am I going crazy or did I just hear your voice in my head?”

“Huh?” He tilted his head, apparently confused.

“I could have sworn I just heard you talk, but you couldn’t have we were in the middle of kissing. How is this possible? Maybe I’m just hearing things....”

“Maybe, or maybe you did hear me. Sometimes Jedi’s can hear each other’s thoughts, especially if they are close to each other and share a bond.”

“That...That’s crazy.” I shook my head.

“Yes it is, but it’s true. I’m surprised you haven’t had the same thing with your master. You should ask him about it, I’m sure he’ll tell you that it’s real. Anyway, what do you want to do now?”

“I don’t know.” I shrugged.

“So can I kiss you again?”

“I don’t see why not.” I smirked at him and we once again put our lips together.


Hey guys! What did you think of that? I know it’s probably a bit short, but I wanted to have a bit of fluffy stuff and some sparring between our two love birds. So tell me what you guys liked and or didn’t like and I will see you in the next chapter!

May the Force Be With You!

~ Lexa

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