Broken Beginnings

Chapter 39: Getting Ready

Anakin POV

I couldn’t help grinning to myself as I walked towards my padawan’s room, it had been a couple of days since she found out she was being allowed to go on the Gathering and she was all a buzz at the idea of having her own lightsaber. I was very proud of her for showing the Council that she should be allowed to go, though I did wonder how it was going to go with her and the younglings. I hope she didn’t scare them when they were all together. Anyway, I had some news for her which should make sure that everything goes smoothly.

“Hey Lex, mind if I come in?” I asked as I stood outside her door, which soon opened to reveal a smiling Togruta.

“Come on in Anakin.” She stepped aside and I walked into the room. “So what’s up?”

“Not much.” I replied casually, sitting down on her bed. “I just wanted to drop by and see how you were going. You haven’t really been around to say hi since you found out you were going on the Gathering next week.”

“Sorry, I’m just so excited!” She grinned and I chuckled.

“I can understand that, I was excited when I went to the Gathering too. Oh and there’s something else I thought you should know...”


“Well I found out who’s going to be supervising the trip along with Master Yoda....”

“Who?! Do I know them? Is it you?”

I laughed softly, smiling as she flopped down on her bed next to me. “Ok so yes you know them and no it’s not me.”

“Then who is it? Spill Anakin!” She demanded, clearly over excited.

I chuckled and gave in, grinning as I awaited her reaction. “It’s Rendal.”

“Really?! Yay!” My padawan’s smile practically lit up the room, it was nice to see her so happy. It made me glad that I had suggested the idea to Master Yoda, we had both agreed that she should have a familiar face go on the journey with her and I trusted Rendal not to try and help her more than the younglings who would be going with her. “That’s great! When did you find out? Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“I only found out this morning so I couldn’t tell you before now.” I replied honestly.

“Oh, ok.” She nodded, understanding why I was only just telling her this information. “So how long is it until we leave?” Alexa asked for about the third time in two days.

“You leave tomorrow.”

“Yippee!” She cheered. “I can’t wait to go! Who else is going? Oh well it doesn’t really matter, I won’t know them anyway.” She shrugged as she started rambling. “What’s the planet like? Is it hard to find your crystal? Why won’t you tell me who’s teaching us to build our lightsabers?”

I just smiled and shook my head, I hadn’t seen her this excited about something in a long time, it was nice to see her so happy. I think Rendal will be pleased to see how much she wants to do this, I just hope that he doesn’t try to help her while she looks for her crystal or she’ll forfeit the chance to create her lightsaber, but he’s a good kid I know that he knows the rules. I’m sure everything will go fine.

“Calm down Lex, or you’ll be swinging from the ceiling soon.” I laughed. She just grinned and sat up, hugging me.

“You know I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough for getting me into the Jedi Order. You’ve practically saved my life.” She smiled and I turned slightly so that I could lean down and gently kiss her forehead.

“You saved my life too, Alexa. Don’t forget that. Besides it wasn’t just me who worked to get you into the Order, you can’t forget the Council, without their approval you wouldn’t have been allowed to be my padawan.” I reminded her.

“That’s true, but without you I would probably have been taken by that bounty hunter who had been trying to kidnap me.”

“Well then I’m glad I was around because I wouldn’t want that to happen. I’m sure it was the will of the Force that I was there that night, I jus to now that you were destined to be my apprentice.” I smiled and she returned it. “Anyway, we have other things we need to focus on right now. Do you have your winter coat ready for tomorrow? Believe me when I say that Ilum is not like Tatooine.”

“I’ve got it, it’s just over there.” She pointed to her closet where the winter gear hung, ready to be worn when she needed it.

“Good. You’ll freeze without it, and I mean that literally.”

“Well I have no desire to turn into an ice sculpture so I will definitely make sure that I put those on.”

“That also means you won’t be able to wear your cloak.” I pointed out.

“Well I can use the hood on my jacket to hide my face.”

“Not if I glue it down so you can’t pull it up.”

“Don’t you dare.” She growled playfully, though I could see it in her eyes that she’d kill me if I actually did that.

“Don’t worry Lex, I won’t. I promise.”

“Good.” She smiled. “So is that everything? Do you have anymore advice for me to use tomorrow?”

I thought for a moment then nodded. “As a matter of fact I do, firstly don’t be afraid to go out on your own, but at the same time, remember that you do have people around you that can try to help you if you’re afraid. Secondly, follow your heart and have faith in your instincts for they serve you well. Thirdly, trust in the Force and it will guid you. Then lastly, and perhaps most importantly, behave yourself and remember who you are.” (That’s actually a quote from one of my favourite teachers at school :))

Alexa took in all my words and the smile that had been plastered on her face widened at the last thing I said and I chuckled, she was like a sponge right now, absorbing all the advice I had just given her.

“Thanks Master, I think I’m going to use all of those as much as I can.”

“Good girl.” I nodded. “Now I think you should go find your friends, I ran into them earlier and they told me to tell you that they wanted to see you before you left tomorrow.

“Oh ok, well I’ll go find them then. Thanks for talking to me, Master.”

“You’re welcome, my young padawan.” Then with that we both left the room and went our separate ways. I would have to make sure I was awake early tomorrow so I could go to say goodbye to Alexa before she left. Even I have to admit, this is very exciting!

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