Broken Beginnings

Chapter 44: Returning Home

Alexa POV

By the time we got back on the ship I could swear that my fingers and toes had turned into icicles and the younglings all laughter when they spotted a snowflake that had landed on the tip of my nose. Unfortunately though, it soon melted once Rendal had the heating systems turned on. Mind you I’m not going to complain too loudly, we all needed to warm up and the heat stopped the painful cold feelings in my hands and feet.

‘You ready to go?’ I sat with Rendal in the cockpit as he fired up the engines.

‘Yeah.’ I nodded, smiling softly at him before we rose off the ground then shot out of the atmosphere. Looking back down at the icy planet as we left it behind I couldn’t help feeling rather proud of what we’d all achieved.

Goodbye Ilum. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to prove ourself and learn a few valuable lessons.

When I looked back over at my friend I chuckled and grinned. ‘I can’t wait to get home.’

‘Me neither.... Hey, good job for what you did down there, you were great.’ He smiled back at me.

‘How do you know I was great? You just saw me go in and come out.’ I smirked.

‘Well you were awesome when you came out and I know you, so I’m certain that you were awesome while you were inside the cave.’

‘You put too much faith in me.’

‘Nah... You just don’t put enough in yourself.’ He reached over and took my hand, holding it gently in his.

‘Thanks.’ I blushed self consciously.

‘You’re welcome.’

We stayed like that for awhile until Rendal reminded me that I’d better go and back with the others so that we could get started on creating our lightsabers. The idea of owning my own laser sword made me excited again and I followed him back out to where the younglings were hanging out, retelling the tales of how they found their crystals.

‘It was just so dark in that part of the cave and I was terrified that I’d get lost or that someone would try and get me, but I managed to calm down and when I cleared my mind I suddenly saw this light and there was my crystal!’ Ayara exclaimed happily while the boys nodded and smiled at her.

‘Well done for doing that.’ Rendal clapped softly from the doorway as we walked in.

‘Oh um... Heh, thank you.’ She blushed and smiled at him.

‘What are we going to do now, Padawan Brask?’ Oblo asked.

‘You are all going to start constructing your lightsabers.’ My friend announced, smiling broadly. I chuckled as the younglings all suddenly became excited. ‘Come on, let’s get you all started.’ He led us into another part of the ship where we were met by a rather strange looking droid. ‘Everyone this is Professor Huyang, he’s going to teach you how to build your lightsabers.’

‘We’re going to be taught by a droid?’ Caller asked in surprise. ‘I wouldn’t have expected that.’

‘I’m sure he’s very knowledgeable.’ Oblo shrugged.

‘Indeed. Many years I have been on this ship, teaching many Jedi before you and I will continue to teach many a Jedi after you.’ He nodded. ‘Within my memory banks I have the records of every lightsaber ever made and the names of the Jedi who owned them.’

‘Wow...’ I whispered, in awe of his knowledge. That would have been a lot of sabers!

‘Today you will all choose the materials you want and construct your own lightsaber. So what will you choose?’ Huyang asked as he brought up a hologram which displayed images of several different kinds of lightsabers, all using different styles, grips and materials. ‘Each of your lightsabers will be as unique as you all are, so how do you see your new weapons?’

I closed my eyes and tried to picture what the hilt of my lightsaber would look like, however I was struggling to visualise it. I didn’t want my lightsaber to be boring, but I didn’t want it to be too flash either, I just wanted something... Something that fit somewhere in the middle. I heard the soft mechanical whine of the droid professor as he walked over to stand in front of me and I opened my eyes to look up at him. ‘Yes?’

‘I see you seem to be having some trouble.’

‘Yeah, I can’t imagine what my lightsaber should look like.’ I explained, frowning as he shook his head.

‘There’s your problem, you don’t need to imagine it. You need to feel it, close your eyes and hold out your hand.’ He instructed and I did as he asked, though I thought it was a bit of a weird way to do things. ‘Good now tell me what you feel.’

That was even weirder, but I just shrugged and told him the truth. ‘I feel air and empty space.’

‘Well then you’re not focussing.’ He chastised. ‘Think about what will make you strong in battle, and humble in retreat. What do you feel in your hand as you focus on the knew weapon you will produce. Calm you mind and focus padawan.’ He murmured softly.

So I took a breath and tried to let go of all my over complicated ideas and expectations and instead focussed on what I could feel... What would be an extension of me, that would feel like it was part of who I am. After what felt like an eternity an image began to appear in my mind and my fingers curled as I started to feel my lightsaber forming in my hand.

‘It’s light... Slim... Smooth...’ I moved my fingers, feeling the hilt. ‘Metal with wood.’ I opened my eyes and smiled at the professor. ‘Shili wood! I’ve got it! I know what my lightsaber needs to be like.’

‘Good girl!’ He praised then went to get the material I would need.

When he returned I got into making my lightsaber, using the Force to levitate the pieces and attempt to put them together and Huyang showed us how to do it. Turned out that it was harder than it looked.

It was worth it in the end though when we were all able to lift our lightsabers and clash them together in victory.

‘We did it!’


When we got back to Coruscant we were all ecstatic to have our lightsabers complete and fully functional. I was so happy I could pop! As soon as we got back into the Temple I took Rendal to see Anakin so that I could show off my new lightsaber. It had taken me a number of hours to complete it, I had put a few things into it the wrong way and nearly zapped myself a few times, but it doesn’t matter now. My lightsaber was finished and I now had a weapon that I could use to defend myself when I needed it instead of just my own hands, not that those weren’t great weapons of course.

Upon finding Anakin I jumped on him and hugged him tightly, beaming from ear to ear. ‘I made my lightsaber!’

He hugged me back and laughed. ‘That’s great! I’m so proud of you!’

‘Thank you.’ I grinned.

‘Can I see it?’ He asked once he let me go. ‘I’m dying to see what you built.’

‘Alright.’ I nodded and took my new lightsaber off my belt, handing it to him so that he could see it. I watched as he examined the hilt of the saber, I could see his eyes taking in all the details from the smooth metal to the Shili wood details that I added.

‘It’s beautiful.’

‘You really think so?’ I asked softly.

‘Yeah, what type of wood did you use?’

‘It’s Shili wood from my homeworld. It’s part of my roots, it’s part of my beginnings. That’s why I put it at the end of the hilt, so that it’s like my beginning.’ I explained, making him smile before he then activated the weapon, the blue blade sliding out of the hilt.

‘Somehow I knew you’d get blue.’

‘I guess I just take after the example of my teacher.’ I replied, smiling up at him.

‘I guess so.’ He nodded, deactivating my saber before bowing as he handed me back the hilt. ‘Congratulations on making your first lightsaber, Padawan Arnjard, may it be your ally in battle for many years to come.’

I bowed as I took it back then stood tall and smiled brightly. ‘Thank you, Master.’

Anakin POV

I had just arrived back at my room after spending time with Obi Wan, chatting about how we were both doing, when the my door slid open and I found myself being tackled by none other than Alexa.

‘I made my lightsaber!’ She cheered, making my heart soar.

I quickly wrapped my arms around her small body, returning her hug. ‘That’s great! I’m so proud of you!’

‘Thank you.’ She replied, smiling wide.

‘Can I see it?’ I asked, hoping that she would show me the new lightsaber she had constructed. ‘I’m dying to see what you built.’

‘Alright.’ She nodded in agreement. I watched in anticipation as she removed her new lightsaber from her belt and passed it to me. At first I held it as though it was made of glass, wanting to be gentle with it so that I didn’t drop it or make Alexa feel uncomfortable with me holding it. After a few moments, however, I began to scrutinise it. I tried to take note of all the details, including the way the circumference of the metal became a little smaller around the middle where I expected she would hold it, and the patterns that were made from some sort of wood.

‘It’s beautiful.’

‘You really think so?’

‘Yeah, what type of wood did you use?’ I asked curiously. I didn’t think that I’d seen a wood exactly like that one.

‘It’s Shili wood from my homeworld. It’s part of my roots, it’s part of my beginnings. That’s why I put it at the end of the hilt, so that it’s like my beginning.’ Alexa told me and I couldn’t help but smile, that was very appropriate. I pressed the button on her lightsaber and activating it, grinning as I saw that the blade was blue.

‘Somehow I knew you’d get blue.’ I smirked.

‘I guess I just take after the example of my teacher.’ She grinned as she reminded me of the colour of my own lightsaber.

‘I guess so.’ I nodded then I decided to make this a little official and give her the recognition she deserved. I deactivated her weapon then bowed down before her as I handed her back the lightsaber. ‘Congratulations on making your first lightsaber, Padawan Arnjard, may it be your ally in battle for many years to come.’

She bowed back as she took her sabre and smiled once we were both standing straight again. ‘Thank you, Master.’

‘You are welcome, my padawan.’ It was times like this that I was honoured to be her teacher.

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