Broken Beginnings

Chapter 8: Sick

Anakin POV

Sleep. I think I need more of it.

I had gone to bed after watching Alexa sleep for roughly twenty minutes and now four hours later I am at her bedside watching her again. I was going to sleep for a while longer, but a med droid came and told me that she had developed a fever of some sort. I shouldn’t have been surprised, she was soaking wet yesterday and I doubt they’re great medical facilities at Jabba’s palace.

I looked down on her on her sleeping form and shook my head; she looked terrible under the dim lights of the ward; all the colour had drained from her face and upon placing my hand on her forehead I found she was burning up and sweating bullets. A med droid then handed me a damp cloth which I took and dabbed around her face before placing it where my hand had been in an attempt to help cool her down.

I growled at myself frustrated; this is all my fault. I should have made the droid give her a full check up the first day that she was here. How could I have been so stupid? I mean I picked her up of the street for Force sake! Why didn’t I think to have the droids give her a medical examination? I am such an idiot.

Sighing, I then sat in the chair beside her bed and watched as she squirmed and winced in her fevered sleep. Seconds later her eyes snapped open and I watched as her body began convulsing in fits of coughs. I swiftly grabbed a bucket as she began to wretch and put it in front of her just in time for her to eject the contents of her stomach into it. In a way I guess we were lucky the droids had thought it wise to pull the curtains around the bed so that the other patients that were in the ward didn’t see this poor girl being sick. Once she was finished I had 2-1B go and empty the bucket while I stayed to keep her company.

‘Are you ok?’ I asked, realising what a stupid question it was.

‘I’m fine.’ She nodded.

‘No you’re not, you just threw up! That was a really dumb question.’ I wanted to slap myself.

‘Not really; you wanted to say something and break the silence, so you asked me a question to get me to answer and we would talk.’ She flashed me a small smile. ‘So what are you doing up at this time? It can’t be morning yet, because all the lights are still on in here.’

‘It’s around three.’ I replied.

‘You should be in bed.’

‘I had to come and see you, you’re my padawan and besides, if I hadn’t yet would have just thrown up all over the bed and yourself instead of into a bucket.’

‘Good point.’ She nodded. ‘Thank you.’

‘My pleasure, well actually I’d prefer it if you weren’t sick, but these things happen.’

‘Indeed. So how long until we can get training again?’ She asked hopeful. I chuckled, shaking my head.

‘You know there’s such a thing as being too eager. You’re in no shape to train, at this point you just need to focus on getting better.’

‘Speaking of getting better, how long is that droid gonna be? I think I might-’

I shouted for the droid and took back the bucket, once again saving the bed from the nasty substance. I grimaced, watching her wretch time and time again, pouring her food from the day before into the container was beginning to make me feel ill.

‘D-Don’t worry Master, I’ll be fine soon.’ She assured me, right before vomiting again.

‘I know you will.’

Soon the vomiting slowed down and I was able to get her back to sleep, unfortunately Obi Wan caught me before I was able to go back to bed myself.

‘Anakin? What in the world are you doing up so early?’ He asked, dragging me into the corridor.

‘I had to come back and see her, she’s got a fever over night and has just spent the last two hours vomiting in a bucket.’ I explained as we looked back at her sleeping form through a small gap in the gap.

‘Poor thing.’ My old Master sighed, shaking his head. ‘All the same, you need to get to bed.’ I nodded and went to my room. I didn’t even bother to change, apart from taking my shoes off, before climbing into bed and falling asleep as soon my head hit the pillow.


I woke the next morning only to find out that my poor padawan had gotten worse, her temperature had soared in the last.......... I glanced at clock nearby only to find that it was almost mid day! I had slept for quite a while, I just wish I could say the same for Alexa which unfortunately I can’t. She had only stayed asleep for a few hours before waking up and reaching for the bucket again.

Which she had apparently done again as I walked into her ward and heard the rather disturbing sounds of someone spewing. My suspicions were confirmed when I slipped past the curtain and stood at her bedside, what did come as a surprise was seeing my former Master sitting with her on the other side of the bed.

‘That’s a girl, I know it’s not nice, but it’s better to get rid of it than have it in your stomach.’ He soothed.

‘Hello Master.’ I greeted causing him to look up at me as I glanced down to see the green sludge that was filling the bucket.

‘Good afternoon Anakin.’

‘Why didn’t you come and tell me?’ I asked confused.

‘Your padawan wouldn’t let me.’

‘I thought you should sleep.’ She replied quietly.

‘Oh Alexa, you don’t need to worry about me, I had plenty of sleep.’

‘D-Don’t lie, Master. We both know that you didn’t get much sleep last night.’

‘It doesn’t matter, you are what’s important.’

‘I-I don’t think I n-need the b-bucket anymore.’

‘You sure?’ I asked cautiously, she nodded and I carefully took the bucket from her quivering hands as the med droid came over.

‘I have her medication here, but it will make her drowsy.’

‘That’s alright, she could use some more sleep anyway.’ I nodded.

Sure enough the droid was right; about ten minutes after she had the medicine, Alexa was fast asleep. I flashed Obi Wan a smile and we exited to go get something to eat. However on the way back we ran into a few familiar faces.

‘Master Skywalker?’ I turned to see a young light-purple skinned Twi’Lek girl looking up at me, I recognised her as being one of the padawans who went with the group on their trip yesterday.

‘Yes?’ I asked.

‘I-I was wondering if padawan Dan’lie and I could go and see Alexa.’ She asked rather nervously. I smiled; looks like Alexa’s beginning to make some friends.

‘Of course, but you’ll have to wait a little while because she was given her medicine and she’ll be asleep for at least an hour.’

‘Right, we’ll come back and see her when she’s awake.’ She nodded.

‘I know she will appreciate it.’

‘Oh and your presence is requested in the war room for a briefing with Masters Yoda and Windu.’

‘Alright, we’ll head there now. Thank you padawan.’ Obi Wan nodded and we headed off.

Once we were inside the Masters began the briefing.

‘Welcome Master Kenobi, General Skywalker.’

‘Masters.’ Obi Wan and I bowed.

‘Sorry to here about your padawan, we are.’ Yoda murmured.

‘Thank you, Master Yoda.’

‘However we must get on to business.’ Windu pushed on. ‘We have received intelligence that the Separatists have established a base on Shilli and are terrorising the natives.’

‘Sending both you and your padawans, we are.’

My eyes widened, Shilli is home to the Togrutas. Alexa’s home planet......... She’ll be so happy that she’s going to be so happy, but........ How can she go? She’s far too sick to fly to Shilli. Wait, padawans? I looked to Obi Wan, he gave me a small nod. Yoda has made that boy his padawan.

‘My padawan is still very ill, when do you plan for us to go on this mission?’

‘As soon as she is well again.’

‘Very well then Masters.’ Obi Wan noticed. We were then dismissed, but I had a bad feeling about this.

Alexa POV

Ugh. Head hurt. Shoulder hurt. Leg hurt. Feel sick.

I sat up and rubbed my temple, my head aches as do my limbs and practically every muscle in my body. I looked to the chair next to my bed; empty. I can’t blame Anakin for having other things to do, hopefully he’s getting some much needed rest.

‘Good to see you’re awake, Alexa.’

Or not.

‘Good.......... Afternoon?’ He nodded.

‘How are you feeling?’

‘Great.’ I lied through my teeth.

‘What did you say about lying this morning?’ He asked raising a brow.

‘You can’t hold me to that; I was sick, throwing up and stuff. So that doesn’t count.’ I replied, he chuckled.

‘So how are you really feeling?’ He asked getting down to business.

‘The truth?’

‘The truth.’

‘Like I’ve been hit by a speeder.’ I moaned.

‘I thought as much.’ He gave me a sad smile. ‘I do have some good news though; once you’re well enough we’re going on a mission.’

‘To where?’ I asked excited.


My face dropped. Shilli. My home. The place where I was born, the place were my parents........ How can I go back? So much has changed since I left, what will my people think of me? Then again, what was the reason that we had to go there? What had happened? Are the people alright?


‘Apparently the Separatists have set up a base there and they aren’t treating the locals very well.’

I could tell he was trying not to worry me, by saying it in as polite way as possible. I shook my head and tried to push myself up with my arms so I could swing my legs over the side and get out of bed. I groaned when pain erupted from my shoulder.


‘Here, just lie back down.’ He guided me back so I was lying on the pillows again. I felt his guilt pouring off him so much that I was almost smothered with and it only increased as I went into a bout of coughs.

‘I’m sorry, Master.’

‘There’s no need to apologise.’

Before either of us could say more the curtains that cut me off from the rest of the ward were pulled aside slightly to reveal two girls that were only a little older than me.

‘Jenifire? Lorryn?’ I asked recognising the girls I had talked with the day before.

‘Hey Alexa, mind if we see you?’ Jenifire asked.

‘That is, if we aren’t interrupting anything.’ Lorryn added. Anakin shook his head.

‘Come on in girls, I need to talk to some other Jedi about our upcoming mission now anyway. I’ll be back again later to check on you, Alexa.’ He nodded and exited. Once he was gone the two girls sat down and we began to talk.

‘Hey guys, what are you doing here?’

‘We came to check on you of course.’ Lorryn smiled.

‘How are you feeling?’ Jenifire asked, concern written all over her face.

‘Better than I was last night.’ I replied.

‘Well that’s something.’ She nodded. ‘We’re so sorry that we lost track of you, we tried to find you, but there were so many people and-’

‘It’s alright.’ I cut her off.

‘We were so worried about you.’ Lorryn stated.

‘R-Really?’ I asked, somewhat confused by her confession.

‘Yeah.’ They both nodded. ‘I mean, we’re practically friends now, right?’ Jenifire asked hopeful. Had I not been lying down, I think I would have fainted. As you might have guessed I haven’t had friends in a long time.

‘S-Sure.’ I nodded as a smile began to break out on my face.

I can’t believe it; I have friends!

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