He was my Companion

Did We Meet Somewhere

At Flora’s home….

Rose’s POV:

“How many times have I told you for having a CT scan?!” Nioebe said handing me a mug of coffee. I gladly accepted it.

“Nioebe, there’s nothing serious. It’s just a headache!” I said massaging my temples, drinking the hot substance.

“A headache?! You are reporting this headache from the past three months, Rose!” She said with a worry/anger mixed voice.

“Alright, alright. We will go today itself!” I told her assuring. She smiled.

“Good! Let’s go!” She said, holding my shoulders for helping me up.


I got out from the Scanning room and sat on the chair at the desk. Nioebe was already sitting on the chair next to me. The doctor sat in front of us. Both of them were having extremely worried faces. What happened?

“Is everything alright doctor?” I asked while the doctor was checking my reports. He gave me a pitiful look.

“Sorry Mrs. Primrose. You are diagnosed with brain cancer.” Doctor said. I was SHOCKED. Tears slowly slithered my eyes.

“Rose, you’ll be alright!” Nioebe assured, hugging me. I cried in her arms. What will happen to my little flower?

“Please Nioebe, I request, you won’t tell this to Flora!” I said her worriedly.

“But-” She was going to continue when I cut her in between.

“Please, Nioebe, please!” I pleaded to her.

“Ahm, ahm, Mrs. Primrose, this disease of yours is on the last level. So you better go to Leathivia and opt for a professional treatment.” The doctor said. But a professional treatment costs thousands of Leatives! What am I going to do?

At the same time with Helia…..

Helia’s POV:

“Waiter, get us some teas!” I said the waiter. He nodded and went to bring us tea. I was with Krystal in a café‘, spending some friends’ time.

“Remember Helia, how girls around the college used to adore you, one of them even sang ‘Love Game’ for you. I was so like laughing out loud and even literally fell on the floor. Girls were totally falling for you those days!” Krystal said stifling a laugh.

“Krystal don’t you dare remind me that again if your life is dear to you! Those silly stupid girls used to chase me like I was a puppy!” I said sighing. I totally hated my college days. That’s when our teas came.

“Your tea, Sir.” The waiter said setting the teas on our table with sugar and milk.

“Thank you!” I said smiling genuinely.

“Helia, would you take some sugar?” Krystal asked teasingly.

“Yeah. For sure!” I said sarcastically. She was gonna put some when I swatted her hand.

“Krystal! You know I don’t like sugar in my beverages!” I said in a ‘matter of fact’ voice. She giggled.

“I don’t get how you don’t like sugar. I so diet conscious then too sugar is a must!” She said adding some spoons of sugar into her tea. We then continued to talk over a cup of tea.

At night in Flora’s home…..

Rose’s POV:

I peeped into my daughter’s room. She slept peacefully on her bed, unknown of my problem. A tear threatened to fall and I let it. I closed my eyes. How will she react when she gets to know that I have brain cancer? This thought was already was haunting me. I closed the door. Wiping my tears, I proceeded to the window in our living room.

I took my phone and dialed the only number I could dial to tell this, Baron, my best friend. I can only tell him about it. I put the phone on my ear. Suddenly someone picked up the phone.

“Hey there, rose!” Baron said cheerfully.

“Hi Baron!” I said in my crackling voice.

“Rosie, are you okay?” He asked in a worried voice. I could see him frown. I wiped my tears.

“Baron, save me! Save me, Baron! Please save me!” I yelled in the phone.

“What happened, Rose? Tell me!” Baron demanded.

“I told you this morning about the headache, it wasn’t just a headache. Doctor says that I am suffering from cancer!” I said crying my eyes out. I covered my mouth so Flora couldn’t hear me weeping.

“WHAT?!” Baron kind of yelled on the phone. I heard him drop on his sofa. He surely would have been shocked.

“Rose, I will come tomorrow and take you and Flora with me to Leathivia. You will have a better treatment here. You will be cured, my sister (he considered me as a sister)! Don’t worry about the money, I’ll pay it.” He said assuring me. I smiled a little.

“Baron you don’t have to-” I was going to continue but Baron protested.

“You consider me as a brother, don’t you? So let me take my responsibility. Pack your necessary things, I am coming tomorrow!” He said.

“Thank you so much! Bye!” I said cheerfully.

“Bye!” He said and hung up.

Next morning…

Flora’s POV:

I had just come after giving exams of my third year of BSc (Bachelor of Science). Yes I had done BSc in Science, Maths and Stats. As soon as I dropped my bag on my bed, I felt a tap at my shoulder. I turned around to see mom.

“Good morning, Marmee!” I greeted her by using the nickname I had given her.

“Good morning, sweet heart! How did the exams go?” She asked me. I smiled.

“Good, at least as I think! What about your headache?” I asked. Her face turned from a laughing one to a sad one.

“Sweetie, I had to talk to you. See, I…., means I am…., the headaches I reported were….” She stammered at every word. I held her shoulders and looked into her eyes.

“Mom, please tell me, what happened?” I asked as softly as I could.

“I am suffering from cancer!” She screamed and bursted into tears. Am I hearing things? Did I just hear that my mother has cancer? Tears ran down my eyes. Could this really be happening?! No! This can’t happen; it is only just a dream! I blinked my eyes twice in blankness. I even pinched myself. It wasn’t a dream; it was the merciless and cruel reality! I sobbed and sobbed, harder by the second.

My mom looked and saw me crying. She shook her head and then wrapped her arms around me. I cried harder.

“Sweetie, pack clothes and necessary things. We’re moving to Baron’s.” She said wiping hers and my tears, soothing my head. But Uncle Baron is just mom’s friend. We can’t live at his house and make him pay for mom’s treatment.

“But mom, he’s just your friend. We can’t be his burden!” I said. She nodded.

“I know. But Baron insisted.” She said with guilt in her voice.

“Alright, we will go there but return as soon as you get well, Okay?” I asked taking her hands in mine. She nodded. I hugged her and went away to pack things.

At the evening…

Helia’s POV:

We were leaving for bringing Aunt Rose and her daughter. Last night dad got to know that she is diagnosed with cancer. From that time he decided to bring them at home. I was dressed in casual attire, a plain white T-shirt, and beige pants. We came out of the door.

“Return quickly!” Mom said waving. I waved back and got into the driver’s seat of the car and dad on the passenger’s seat. Usually I used to drive car as dad is getting ‘older’. Don’t dare call my dad old; he’ll get your nerves!

Near the Verolina main street….

“Son, first to the right and then straight. We will get to the house.” Dad directed. I did as he said. I rotated the steering wheel right and then straight off. Then we saw a shabby little cottage in front of us. Nature totally surrounded it. Different colours everywhere. I see, somebody must have nurtured it.

“So is this Aunt Rose’s home?” I asked to father, getting out of the car and slamming the door shut. He got out of the car and shut the door.

“Yes!” He said nodding. Suddenly I saw a figure watering the rose bushes. It was a slender one. She must be a girl. She saw us and smiled.

“Uncle Baron!” She exclaimed and came running towards dad. She seemed so familiar. God knows, where I saw her! Dad beckoned her to hug him. She gladly did.

“There’s my little Flora! How have you gotten so big?” He said pulling off. The girl, I guess Flora giggled. I was watching them, quite confused. Soon father noticed my expression. He stifled a laugh.

“Oops, I forgot to introduce you both! Flora this is Helia, my son and Helia this is Flora, Aunt Rose’s daughter.” He said introducing both of us to each other. I held my hand out. She also offered her hand out, thinking I was gonna shake hands. But instead I held her hand in mine, brought them to my lips and kissed its back. I must say her hands were feathery soft. I tilted my head a little up and saw her blushing.

“Flora, a beautiful name for a beautiful flower!” I said making her blush harder.

Flora’s POV:

Okay, let me get it straight, did he just kiss my hand? I mean, I thought that he was going for a handshake but instead planted the softest kiss on it. I couldn’t imagine or dream any handsome and rich boy like him to kiss my hand like a gentleman, making me feel like a princess for a while. I felt my blood rushing towards my cheeks making them go red. He lifted his head with a smile.

“Flora, a beautiful name for a beautiful flower!” He said making me totally flushed.

“Ahm, ahm, I didn’t knew my son was such a romantic person. But no public display of affection, please!” Uncle said making both of us blush and draw our hands back, quite embarrassed of what just happened. Before the topic could come back…..

“Mom is in. She is waiting for us. Please come in!” I said ushering them to come inside my home. Uncle went straight inside the home whereas Helia stopped and looked at me. I looked up and that’s when our eyes locked. He had aquamarine eyes, deep aquamarine ones. They were teal from a distance but if you look at them carefully they were aquamarine.

Helia’s POV:

I stopped right in front of her. She looked up and that’s when our eyes met. She had emerald eyes, two beautiful jade pools of innocence, urging me to jump in them. They were sending me in a trance… Then I slapped back to reality and realized I had to go in. I walked in and she followed me.


“Rose, you will be alright sister!” Baron said comforting Rose. Flora and Helia stood still, watching the emotional scene. Flora wiped a tear from her eyes, as the friends were brother and sister like. Helia chuckled at Flora’s reaction. She sends a glare towards him, seeing this Helia held his ears and mouthed a sorry, while Flora gave a small smile.

“Flora, sweetie! Come here!” Rose said. Flora came and hugged her tightly. Helia smiled genuinely by seeing this.

“Let’s get going!” Baron said getting up. Flora and Rose nodded. Helia lead himself outside the cottage to the car. The others too got outside of cottage and sat in the car, after loading the luggage. Helia on the driver’s seat, Baron on passenger’s seat and Flora and Rose on the backseat. While driving to Leathivia, Helia kept taking glances at Flora from the rear view mirror.

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