He was my Companion

Destroyed Lives

I was trying to put the strap of my sandal. That Flora girl! How can she take away what’s mine?! Helia was, is and always will be mine. The door creaked open and the maid came in.

“Ma’am, your mother was calling you.” She said in a scared voice, looking at the mess I had made. I had messed up my entire room in last few hours. Helia didn’t love me?! How is it possible? My anger built up by every passing second.

“Aren’t you supposed to knock at my door before coming in?!” I said rudely. She nodded.

“Get lost, you fool!” I yelled. She quickly walked out of my room.

“What’s the entire racket about?” My mom shouted running into my room. Seeing all the things scattered here and there she looked at me with shock. I got up and took my perfume and sprayed some over my wrist.

“Are you going somewhere?” She asked me. I didn’t answer.

“What happened, Krystal? See the mess you have made?! You have even switched off your phone. Your friends are calling me and asking me that ‘what has happened, why she isn’t picking up calls?’” She complained.

“Don’t you know what has happened?!” I said, picking up my handbag and took out the phone.

“Krystal, you need to understand how I feel. I am getting disturbed. I have also always imagined you with Helia. But torturing yourself like this isn’t the right attitude.” She lectured. I didn’t want to listen anymore of the boring thing so I threw the phone into my bag. I was starting to leave but Mom stopped me.

“Where are you going?” She asked. I shoved her hand off my arm.

“Going out for a little while.” I said leaving the room.

“Without eating anything!” She added but I left, nevertheless.

Helia’s home…..

Flora’s POV:

I was roaming around the garden when I heard…..

“Call Flora!” I heard someone.

“Ma’am please come in.” A voice said. I recognized it as Sam’s voice.

“Do the thing that you are told to do! Call Flora!” That voice ordered again. Sam came and called me. I nodded and went to the voice. I looked at the female. She wore a top with light blue and indigo stripes that were diagonal and a pair of black denims. I recognized the girl as Krystal, the one who had came with Helia to the hospital.

“Good morning, Krystal1 Did you want to meet me? Please come in!” I said politely. She gave me a look that could kill.

“So you want to marry Helia, right?” She said eyeing me up and down. “Don’t see such big dreams, Flora; you’ll fall flat on your face!”

“What do you want to say, Krystal?” I asked, now getting confused.

“Don’t try to act innocent! Helia doesn’t like you. He is forced by Uncle for this marriage. It’ll be better if you find a guy of your standard and marry him. Helia wouldn’t even look at a simple girl like you. He will make you his wife and marry you? His politeness and manners is not a green headlight for you! He and you are two different roads; see the difference between you two. Besides being Uncle’s best friend’s daughter you have no other quality that Helia would like. So understand this as my friendly advice, Reject this marriage! Understood?!” She said and left, stomping like a three year old child. She left me thinking for the topic she scolded me like it’s all my fault.

Lillian’s office…..

Lillian’s POV:

“I don’t know what Baron said that Helia got ready to marry Flora!” I said.

"So do something, Lilliana! You can’t just let you son suffer because of you grief from you husband.” Sara said from the other line.

“I can’t do anything, no one is listening me! Okay, how’s Krystal? I wanted to see her but I couldn’t get the courage.” She said.

"That’s the reason I’ve called you Lilliana! I am getting worried. Day by day this girl is getting crazier over Helia. She doesn’t eat anything, doesn’t get out of the room and today she drove off to somewhere!” Sara said worriedly from the other line.

“And Baron has taken all the rights I have over Helia, like he is just his son!” I said when the telecom started to ring. “Please hold, Sara.” I said to her and picked up the telecom.

"Hello Ma’am. Miss Krystal Asher is here to meet you. May I send her in?” The receptionist said. Krystal? Oh thank goodness! She is safe and sound!

“Okay, let her in immediately1” I said and hung the telecom. After a minute or two Krystal entered the cabin.

“Oh Krystal! Thank goodness you came; at last you remember your Aunt!” I said.

“What’s happening, Aunt? Why aren’t you stopping this?!” She shouted in anger. I was startled by her sudden outburst.

“Sit Krystal. Please sit!” I said trying to calm her down. She sat down.

“That Flora, whom I hadn’t gave a speck of importance when I met her the first time, you are making her, Helia’s wife? How can you let this happen?!” She said, clearly not happy about the situation.

“Krystal, it was my strong wish that you become my daughter in law but the things are not as simple as they seem. Now, Flora and Helia are engaged. Your Uncle is going to get them married this Saturday. He has given me a strict warning that if I even try to stop this marriage, he will kick me out of his home.” I explained her.

“What about my feelings, Aunt?! You know how much I love Helia; I can’t live without him!” She said. Now she is being selfish.

“I do understand you feelings, Krystal! But the ball is not in my court. I can’t do anything about it.” I said, helplessly. “Krystal, you have to accept this marriage, nevertheless of the situation! Maybe getting married to Helia was not in your fate.” I said. She slowly got up to leave.

“Krystal, where are you going? Krystal! At least talk a bit! Oufff!” I said rubbing my fingers on my temples to calm down the thunderstorm that was starting to rage in my mind.

With Krystal in her car…..

Krystal’s POV:

I drove the car like a mad person. Why does Fate always brings some or the other hindrance in the way of my happiness. Am I so bad? I picked up my phone and dialed Helia’s number. Soon he picked up the call.

“Krystal?” He said from the other line. I sobbed a little.

“Helia, why did you agree?” I said, still crying.

“Krystal, I had no choice! Dad requested me in such a way that I couldn’t object; he literally cried in front of me! How could I say a no?!” He said defending himself.

“Why does everybody have no choice? Couldn’t you say a simple ‘No’ to Uncle Baron?!” I shouted angrily, outraged for the last few days.

“Krystal-” He was going to say something when I barged him in between.

“Just hang the phone, Helia!” I said. A minute went away but he did not hang so I hung the call.

In Helia’s Home…

Floras POV:

I woke up suddenly. I couldn’t sleep with this burden. ‘Mom, your entire life you never asked for any help from Uncle. You spent your life with self confidence; then why this humiliation for me? Unwillingly, I am being pushed into Helia’s life! No mom, I can’t accept this. But then… what should I do? I have got to talk with Helia. This would the best solution.’

I got up from the bed and headed towards Helia’s bedroom. When I reach his room I heard….

“Nabu, I wanted to say a no, buddy. But the way Dad requested it, I couldn’t refuse. My wish was to marry a girl with who I could share my thoughts and wishes, who could match shoulders with me. But Flora is so backward, I don’t even know her nature, dude. Anyways…. Because of Aunt’s disease, dad is so stressed that it is useless to argue with him. But Nabu, I get irritated and tense by this thought that if I marry this girl, this marriage will not be a marriage but a punishment for me!” I heard his voice say. I felt guiltier than before. I took a sharp breath and left to the guest room. I returned to the room to find mom awake.

“Where were you, sweetheart? Please give me some water. My throat is drying up.” She said in a hoarse voice. I nodded, took the bedside jug, filled the glass tumbler with it and made her drink it. After she was done with her drinking, I sat by her side. I had a quite disturbed face because of the thing I just heard.

“What happened? You seem to be thinking something?” She asked. She knows me too well.

“Mom, don’t you think that you took the decision of my marriage in haste?” I started calmly.

“No sweetie. You know I am going to die sometime. It’s best to secure your future now.” She said.

“Mom, you know I won’t be able to live without you.” I said on which mom shook her head.

“Is it true that Helia, by his will, accept this marriage?” I asked.

“Yes sweetheart. Baron himself told it.” She said.

“Mom you’re seeing the thing the way you want them to be. If Helia is forced by Uncle to marry me then how can you say he will be happy with me? Mom you are trying to get me married to a person who is not only more educated that me but he is better than me in every way, studies, knowledge, status, manners and everything!”

“Sweetie, he would be very happy to have you as his wife. If not that, then consider this as my last wish to you!” She said as some tears gleamed in her eyes. Hearing the phrase ‘last wish’, I cracked up into tears. Mom pulled me into a hug.

In Krystal’s home…..

I was watching a movie in the home theatre. All the thoughts stung my mind. Helia marrying Flora, Aunt Lilliana not being able to do anything and lastly I still love Helia. I felt my life worthless. Helia couldn’t be mine! How can this happen?! No, I need to end this misery! Suddenly my eyes caught the knife in the fruit bowl. I picked up it up and positioned it over my wrist. Remembering all the happy moments of my life, I felt the sharp thing cut my nerves. The pain was bearable; for the pain I have been suffering for so long was gonna end. The red liquid throbbed out. Soon I started to lose my consciousness and everything went black.

Helia’s home….

Helia’s POV:

I sat on the bed, thinking about the past events. I balled my fists together and lightly hammered them on my forehead. Just then my phone ringed. I picked up the call but before I could even say a hello, I heard someone sobbing. I recognized it in a second.

“Aunt Sara! What happened? Why are you crying?” I said, worry stricken.

“Helia, come fast! Krystal has cut her wrist!” Aunt Sara sobbed. I gasped in shock. What?! This can’t be happening!

“Okay Aunt; I will get there in a flash!” I said and hurriedly rushed towards my car.

Krystal’s home….

I quickly ran through the hall and rushed down the stairs to reach the home theatre. I reach there to find Krystal laying on the sofa, unconscious, Aunt Sara trying her best to stop the blood but failing in doing so. I rushed to their side, picked Krystal in bridal style and rushed to the hospital.

In Hospital….

I was trying my best to calm down Aunt Sara but she won’t stop crying. I was myself very worried. Soon the doctor came out of the hospital room.

“The wounds weren’t very serious, that is why she is cured. She is alright now, you can see her.” He said and left. Aunty and I hurried into the room to find Krystal awake. She looked at me with gloom.

“Krysty! My child!” Aunt Sara said while hugging Krystal. Krystal too hugged back. Aunty pulled away and sobbed a bit.

“Sweetie, why did you do that? Didn’t I love you?” Aunt said drying her tears.

“Mom, I felt like my life was worthless, like I must end it. I know it was a really foolish thought. I promise you, I won’t ever do it again or even think of it again!” She said holding her mother’s hand. Aunt Sara nodded and left. I walked over to Krystal, guilt washed over me.

“Why are you feeling guilty, busy man?” She said, as if she was reading through me.

“I am so sorry, Krystal. It’s all because of me. I should have chosen something that won’t break your heart so cruelly. Please forgive me, Krystal!” I said. She shook her head.

“See Helia, there’s one thing, I will always love you. You need not apologize. I will try my best not to show you my feelings towards you. And I promise again, I will never do it.” She said, assuring me that she was feeling better.

“That means that you will not feel depressed about the marriage?” I asked. She nodded.

“Thank you, Krystal! I should get going. Bye!” I said leaving the room, making my way towards the parking lot.

Helia’s home…..

As soon as I reach home Dad came towards me and his face had a big frown, signifying that there was something wrong.

“Son, I was waiting for you. Rose is not okay. Anything can happen anytime. We can’t wait for Saturday. You’ll have to marry Flora right now.” He said worriedly. Oh God! This is not what I thought! We reach in the guest room to find Aunt Rose, who was very pale right now, Flora sitting besides her and a Pastor.

“Sit down, Helia.” Dad said I sat on the couch. I had to marry Flora, right now. I was traumatized for a minute then came back to my senses.

The Lynphanian weddings were different from other marriages. Some paperwork; the paper work needed the signature of the bride and groom and the witnesses; here my parents and Aunt Rose, the oaths and you are officially husband and wife.

“Helia Knightly, do you accept Flora Lynphea as your wife?” The male Pastor asked.

“I do.” I replied, not so happily.

“Flora Lynphea, do you accept Helia Knightly as your husband?” The Pastor asked Flora. She glanced towards her mother who mouthed a ‘yes’. She nodded, obeying her mother. She didn’t say anything; that was good for me because even hearing here voice makes me want to kill myself.

The Pastor handed me the papers on which I had to sign. I signed, nevertheless. He passed the papers to Flora and she signed on them. I noticed here hands were shaking while signing, but I was too stressed to even care about it. As soon as the entire thing ended, my eyelids dropped as my mind got depressed. My life was razed.

Krystal’s home…

Sara’s POV:

“What?! But how, Lilliana? Weren’t you supposed to stop this wedding?” I said, enraged by hearing the news.

“I am sorry, Sara. I had already I told that will try my best but I can’t promise you.” She said with guilt in her voice.

“Lilliana, I want to talk to you, face to face. I can’t talk it over a phone call.” I said when I spotted Krystal hearing our conversation.

Krystal’s POV:

I was eavesdropping when mom noticed me. She saw me with worry as I tried to run away when she caught me by my arm.

“Mom please, let me go!” I said trying to release from her grip.

“Please, Krystal! Don’t-” She was going to continue when I cut her between.

“Mom, I know what I did was a big mistake, and I would never do it again. But now, I just need some time alone.” I said loosening her grip. She nodded and I left to my room.


She went to her room, pulled herself onto the bed and grasped a pillow near her. She took her phone from the bedside table and dialed Helia’s number. Soon he picked up.

“Hello Krystal!” He said from the other side of the line, in a not so good mood.

“Helia!” Krystal sobbed.

“Krystal, are you crying?” He said, confused.

“Why did you marry Flora?” She said, sobbing harder than the previous time. She made the grip on the pillow tighter.

“Krystal, I can explain it to you. As soon as I reach home, Aunt Rose was too ill and I had to marry Flora, I was forced to do it!” He said in an explaining tone.

“Why did you-” Krystal was about to say but a voice cut her in between.

“Uncle! MOM!” A voice screamed in sobs. Helia immediately hung the phone and ran to the source of voice.

Krystal realized that the phone call was ended by her ‘Best Friend’. She kept the phone where it was. Her head sank into the pillow while crying.

Helia’s home….

Helia’s POV:

“Uncle! MOM!” I followed the voice but to only reach the guest room. I saw Aunt Rose breathing hard and Flora crying her eyes out. Mom and Dad also came soon. Suddenly Aunt Rose’s breath became harder by the passing second. Suddenly her breath stopped, she lay unconscious, as pale as death. Doctor came and checked her up. He said she was no more. Tears rolled down everyone’s eyes, but not as much as Flora’s.

“Mom! Wake up, please, Wake up! I did what you wanted me to do. Please open your eyes!” She cried, sobbing like anything. My mom, who was sitting besides her soothed her down. Flora turned to her, with eyes red and puffy. Mom pulled her into a hug, a comforting one.

Next morning….

Flora’s POV:

Uncle and I were praying before Mom’s grave, in the graveyard. I was trying to fight back tears.

“Flora, child, we should get back home.” Uncle said. I slowly opened my eyes. I nodded. We began to walk towards the exit. I tilted my head to have a last look before leaving. Uncle turned me around and we began to walk again.

In the guest room….

I kept staring at the glass tumbler, from which mom sipped water. I touched place of the rim where she placed her lips to drink it. Besides it was the medicines, I took one of them and let out some tears; soon I placed them on their place. I sobbed and kept on sobbing. My gaze was caught by the pillow she slept on. I gently grazed my hand on it, and then I caught it and placed it on my lap. Remembering her, I let out the hardest of sobs ever heard. I pressed my head into the pillow, still crying.

After a week, in the dining hall….

Baron’s POV:

“She hasn’t come out of her room in a week. I am worried, Lilliana!” I said with worry in my voice.

“I know Baron! That’s quite alarming.” Lilliana said. Alexa, our maid entered the hall and served us the breakfast.

“Alexa, has Flora eaten anything yesterday?” Lilliana asked. Alexa shook her head and left.

“First this girl doesn’t talk to anyone and now she isn’t eating anything. I am getting worked up, Baron.” Lilliana said, rubbing her hand over her head.

“Did you visit her?” I asked.

“Of course I did. Am I so cold hearted that I won’t visit a girl who just lost her mother?!” She said, quite shocked. An interval of silence followed.

“I didn’t mean that at all, Lilliana. I am sorry, I shouldn’t have talked to you in the way I did a few days ago.” I apologized for my behavior.

" Baron, there is no need for the sorry. You have already broke my trust and surety of our relationship in just a moment. Within a second, you degraded me in your esteem. Within a moment you created so much distance between us?” She said. I didn’t see a speck of happiness in her face. I felt so bad about how I behaved with her.

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