He was my Companion

Making Amends

Krystal’s home….

Krystal’s POV:

I was standing by the window, sipping coffee from my mug. Helia is married to Flora; it was a fact that I had accepted, lately. From the last few weeks I have been trying to get normal, and see I am quite calm now. I heard a knock on the door. Then the door opened slightly, I tilted my head to look who it was; Helia! No one can compete his level of manners.

“May I come in?” Helia asked. I stifled a laugh.

“Why are you being so formal? Of course, Helia; Come in!” I said. An interval of silence followed as he came in.

“Why are we standing? Come, let’s sit.” I said with a smile. We sat down on the couch nearby.

“How did you come so early on your day off?” I said, as I was always the conversation starter.

“Why? Do you mind?” He asked, giving one of his charming smiles.

“I can never mind your arrival.” I said. Okay, I know that it was a bit cheesy…

“Did you have your breakfast?” I said, trying to start some other topic.

“You’re not upset with me, right?” He asked. “I mean... regarding my marriage.”

“I am not upset with you, Helia. When I found out that married, I was badly hurt and I cried a lot. But now, even if cry, shout or yell; this marriage can’t be undone. The truth is that Flora is your wife.” I said with my smile worsening into a sad one.

“I am sorry, Krystal. I know that I promised you that I would talk to Dad about this, but by the time I reach my home the situation was worse than I’d expected. Aunt was so sick-” He was gonna continue but I butted in.

“Helia, I know that there must have been such circumstances that you had to marry Flora. Don’t be burdened with it; I am not mad at you.” I said, assuring him I was okay though I wasn’t.

“You’re not lying, are you?” He asked.

“I would never lie to you. But the truth is, I wanted to get married to you. I fought with destiny till I could. It was my right to fight for you. But after all my prayers and attempts; if you couldn’t be mine, then I have to accept that you are not made for me.” I said.

“Krystal, did I ever oppose to your rights to on me? You have all the right to be mad at me.” He said.

“Just the way it was my right to fight in order to get you, I have the right fulfill our friendship. You are really important to me, Helia. I have gotten used to you. You are like a habit to me, I can’t part with you.” I said, smiling. I don’t understand why I can’t stop smiling when I am around him. He took my hand in his life in a friendly way (I wish so bad if it could in a romantic way!).

“Thanks Krystal. Thank you very much! You have no idea that you have took off a huge burden off my shoulders. I mean, I was feeling so guilty and embarrassed that I didn’t know how to face you. Krystal, you are one of best friends; I don’t wanna lose a friend like you.” He said. My smile widened.

“We’ve talk enough about our emotions. Now we should have our breakfast or else it will get angry you know!” I said, jokingly, faking a worried face. He laughed at me and I joined in.

Helia’s POV:

We were having a good friend time together. I realized that I should leave; I have taken enough of her time. As I got out of the room, I saw Aunt Sara.

“Good morning, Aunty.” I greeted her.

“Good morning to you too, dear. You are awfully early here, is everything okay?” She asked.

“No Aunty. Everything is fine! Actually I wanted to meet Krystal so I came here.” I said. Why does something say me that whatever I gonna hear would be an absolute de facto?

“Helia, please don’t mind what I am about to say. I don’t think you should meet Krystal anymore. You are married now and she has taken a lot of effort to accept the fact. The loads of time have helped her to recover from the shock. If you keep being near her, meeting here and getting involved in her life, she will keep getting disturbed and depressed. Look Helia, I have gotten very scared by because of her suicide attempt. I can’t take more risks now. My daughter is precious to me than anything else in my life!” Aunty said. Why does she not understand the thing?!

“Aunty you are totally misunderstanding Krystal. She is perfectly fine! She has accepted this situation. We are childhood friends. Likings, disliking and marriages come afterwards. A new relationship can’t destroy our friendship!” I said. I realized the time was running out of my hands.” I shall take my leave now. Good bye, Aunt.”

How can she be so wrong about her own daughter?!

Helia’s home...

Flora’s POV:

I was sitting in the guest room, still lost in thoughts of my late mom. Why mom?! Why did you do that?! You know that I can’t live without you. Then why did you leave me in this big world. Alone in the entire universe.

I heard the knob turn, but I didn’t move from my current position.

“Flora.” I heard a husky mature voice say. I saw Uncle Baron coming. I sat up straight on the sofa.

“Good morning, Uncle.” I greeted as he took a seat beside me.

“My child, are you alright?” He asked me, placing a hand over my head.

“Yes.” I said in my crackling voice.

“Flora if you are okay then... Everyone is usually downstairs; you should come and talk with everyone. By cutting all the ties with the world, you are hurting your mother’s soul. You know that Rose cared a lot about you. By doing this... you are hurting her a lot, dear. Please don’t act like this.” He said. Tears started to form in the rim of my eyes. I pursed my lips to fight back the tears. Uncle realized that I was about to cry. Soon he pulled in a parental hug. I cried like I never did before.


Helia’s Cabin...

Helia’s POV:

I was drinking a cup of coffee. I was still thinking what Aunt Sara had said to me. I heard the glass door open. I turned around to see Krystal. I was relieved to see her after so many days.

“I hope you didn’t mind the leaves I took from work. After all, I am your friend.” She said. I nodded, smiling.

“Have a seat." I said and we both seated ourselves on the couch nearby.

“How’s everything at home? Everyone’s alright?” She asked once we were seated.

“They are fine.” I said.

“How is Flora?” She asked. A frown formed on my face. That little question irritated me like hell.

“I haven’t met her recently. She doesn’t come out of her room.” I said. I stood up and took the coffee mug from the table into my hand. My wife wasn’t even someone whom I knew or understood. An interval of silence followed.

“Krystal, I don’t feel any attachment towards her. I don’t understand how I am going to manage this responsibility. Dad has put me in an awkward situation!” I said, taking a sip of the hot substance.

“Don’t worry about it, Helia! It will take some time, but then you will get adjusted. Everything will be alright.” She said. I glanced towards her with an interrogating look. She smiled, nodding. I smiled back at her.

Helia’s home...

I was sitting on the left side of my bed, having my head resting on both of my hands. From the last few weeks I was not getting adequate sleep. All of a sudden, I heard a knock on my bedroom door.

“Who?” I asked, quite irritated because of being disturbed.

“It’s Sam.” I heard Sam say.

“Come in.”

“Sir (who is Baron) is calling you, Helia.”

“Alright... You get going, I will be there.” I said. Soon he left the room.

Study room...

Third person’s POV:

“He didn’t come yet.” Baron said, checking out some novels.

“He must be coming.” Lillian’s said, who was currentlyreadinga magazine.

“There... He is at last here!” Baron said, taking a seat as Helia came in.

“Good evening Mom and Dad.” Helia said.

“Good evening to you too, son. Helia you are late home again.”

“Yeah, actually Dad, I went to meet my friend and while coming back... It took me some time.” He said scratching the back of his neck.

“Do you want to have dinner?” Lillian asked.

“No Mom, I already am at my friend’s.”

“Helia, come sit. Your mother and I would like to talk something important with you.” Baron said.

“It’s alright, you guys talk. I am fine.”

“Actually Helia, we both wanted that Flora and you should being your new life as husband and wife. In whatever circumstances this marriage took place, it doesn’t matter. The thing important is that now you both would move in together.” Lilliana said.

“Helia, because of Rose’s death, Flora has gone into depression. Your mother and I have tried a lot to comfort her. Son, you are her husband. The way you can understand her and console her, nobody else can.” Barton said.

“These... your grandmother had gifted me when I first time came in this house. Now I want you to give them to Flow with your own hands. She will be very happy.” Lilliana said, handing Helia some bangles.

“Do give Floors the respect and live she deserves. You agreed to this marriage because of me. But trust me floors Flora very sweet and lovely person. I am sure she’ll keep you very happy.” Baron said, with a smile. He left mother and soon to talk, knowing that Helia was a mama’s boy.

“Don’t worry, son. Everything will be alright.” Lilliana said caressing her son’s cheek.

“I don’t know mom if it’s gonna be okay or not, but there’s a thing for sure; a girl has been pushed into my life whom I don’t know. Anyways... what’s done is done. It’s neither your fault nor mine. “Helia said in the unhappiest tone he had ever spoken in.

Guest room...

Flora’s POV:

I was sitting on the bed, with my legs hugging my chest, when I suddenly I heard the door knob turn. I turned around to see Aunt Lilliana coming in with a set of clothes.

“Good evening Aunt.” I said as she came in.

“Same to you to, sweetie.” She said, taking a seat besides me. She touched my shoulder with her free hand.

“Dear, it’s been more than a month since do Rose’s death. Helia and you should start a new life now. Until you both don’t live happily together, Rose’s happiness will be half way empty. This is a guest room. You should go to your own room (which is Helia’s room). That’s the actual and place you should be living in. Look I brought you some clothes. Helia is waiting for you downstairs.” She said, putting the clothes on the bed. Then she got up and left. Everything she said was absolutely correct but how am I going to adjust with a person whom I don’t even know? I looked down at the clothes; it was a yellow to with puffy sleeves and a pair of denims. I changed into them and left to Helia’s room.

Helia’s room...

Helia openedthe doorand I walked in the room. It was quite a large bedroom.

“Have a seat.” He said. I walked sleepy to the end of bed where I gently seated myself. He closed the door and the silence between lengthened. I blankly stared the floor as if it was the most interesting thing in the world.

“Flora, I know our marriage took place in unusual circumstances. We are children of the best of best friends, but I don’t know anything about you except your name.” He said, trying to shorten the legendary silence between us but I on the other was not at all speaking.

“Likewise, you don’t know anything about me, but I promise you that I’ll try my best to satisfy this relationship. I know that it will take us a little time to adjust and accept this marriage, but still if we try we can understand each other better in a shorter time.” He said. I still didn’t reply anything. I am a very shy and silent person, that’s my biggest weakness. I any help being silent in front of a stranger. Though Helia is my husband, he is still a complete stranger to me. Helia, being bored by my silence, walked to the bedside table and took something. Then he came and sat on the other side of the king sized bed. I noticed he was sitting quite distant, and then he surely does respect my space and insecurity; not like I had thought. After a minute or two, he gently pulled my hand in his and placed some handles in my palm.

“These are what Mom gifted you.” He said. I placed my arm besides me. We weren’t like a couple who were just married but two strangers who had been forced into a relationship.

Next morning...

I was scrutinizing the bangles that Aunt had given me.

’Flora, I know ourmarriage took place in unusual circumstances, but I promise you that I’ll try my best to satisfy this relationship.′

’My wish was to marry a girl with whom I can share my thoughts and everything, who can match shoulders with me. But Flora is so backward; I don’t even know her nature.′ The earlier part reassured me that I was not alone in this world but the fact that Helia was forced into this relationship was killing me from inside. All of a sudden I heard a knock on the door.

“Yes?” I questioned before I saw Lilliana coming in.

“Good morning, Aunt.” I greeted her, standing up.

“Good morning to you to, dear!” She greeted back.” Sit down, sweetie!”

“I brought this for you as a present for your marriage.” She said, revealing a huge jewelry box.

“Have a look, you might like them!” She said handing me the box. I opened the box to see loads of ornaments and accessories. It was really sweet of Aunt to gift me something, first the bangles and now these jewels. I am not into these things but she was the one after Uncle, who had shown an ounce of care towards me.

“It will look very beautiful on you.” She said. I nodded with as smile.

“You are Helia’s wife now. This house is your house from now. From this day, Baron and I are not your Uncle and Aunt but Dad and Mum. I know that you are missing your mother, but now think as if... I am your mother from now on. I will take care of you as my own daughter, right? Are you happy with that?” She asked. I nodded my head with happiness, joyful because of what i heard.

“I made a very good breakfast, so that everyone knows that a marriage has just taken place. When Helia comes out of the shower, bring him along for the breakfast. Okay?” She asked.

“Sure.” I said, with a big smile.

In the evening...

Helia’s POV:

I was typing the last mail, as it was a bit long it would take approx half an hour. Suddenly the glass door going open to reveal Nabu.

“You’re still sitting in the office?!” He asked in a very surprised tone. I nodded.

“Its 8′o clock, dude.” He said.

“Yeah, I was about to leave.” I said, not taking of my eyes of the laptop.” And you? What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Do you think I would come here for doing ‘Wopdidooo’ dance?” He said in a manner that made me laugh hard.” Actually I came here to pick up a file that I forgot. While passing by I saw the lights were on. Anyways, you are newly married, for God’s sake; you should think of going home now, your wife must be waiting for you.”

She. Will. Be. Waiting. For. Me? I wonder if could use a 100 meter long question mark.

“I’ll go.” I said, typing the mail.

“Well... Okay then. See ya!” He said while leaving.

“Good bye.” I said, still typing. Man, I really am a workaholic. I heard my phone ring amidst the silence. I picked it up. Krystal had called me up to have dinner together. I was like ′ Girl it it’s almost night and you’re still planning to meet up?′ But being the royal highness she is, she ordered me to come or else... Her ‘or else’s’ can be truly scary. So at the end I head to bow my head in front of my best friend.

Saffron restaurant...

I climbed up the staircase to reach the A.C. lounge. I spotted Krystal sitting on a table facing the glass windows. As soon as she noticed me, she waved and gestured me to come. I waved back and nodded my head.

I sat down and we placed the order. I ordered a plate of sand sandwiches while ordered nachos with cheese.

“What were you doing so late in the office?” She said, taking a nacho and popping it into her mouth. I took a bite of my sandwich.

“I didn’t feel like going home.” I said, quite disturbed.

“Are you serious?” She asked with a truly very shocked face.

“I am very serious.” I said with an angry serious look and a damn serious voice.

“What’s wrong Helia? Everything okay at home?′ She asked worriedly. I took a sip of water from the tumbler and continued to remain silent. After a minute or two of guessing she finally spoke.

“Flora.” She said in a sure tone.

“You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that one.” I said. That girl was a serious problem for me.

“What’s wrong with Flora? Is she also not happy with this marriage?” She asked.

“Marriage?! For God’s sake, Krystal, call this relationship anything but marriage. I am living with a statue! “I said.

“She’s acting like a robot without any feelings or emotions. I don’t want a wife like that!” I said, rubbing my temples to cool myself down.

“Did you try to get close to her?” Krystal asked (A/N: Don’t put your dirty brains working here. The line means what it means simply.).

“I am trying; but how much can I talk to a statue!” I said in a really angry manner. I swear, if I wasn’t angry, I would have never talked to anyone like that.

Then Krystal started to discuss that whether she has inferiority complex, that she feels the difference between us better than anyone. She can’t even pronounce Yale properly, this thing got out of her mouth in the most confident way.

“Yes but I am getting tired of it. I don’t want a complex stricken wife! I am afraid that if I go home, her robotic actions will put me off.” I said, taking another bite of my sandwich.

“Don’t ruin you mood now. We have a lot of other things to discuss rather than this. Please lighten up!” She said. I looked at her with a serious look. She arched her eyebrows and hunched shoulders in a ‘what’ position. I burst out in hysterics at her clueless situation.

“Now don’t laugh at me, bro!” She said. Then she too joined in the laughing contest.

Helia’s bedroom...

I was reading my favorite novel, ‘Little Lord Fauntleroy’. Turing the page, I read some more of it, I seriously do like this story. Trying to get comfortable in the recliner, my gaze shifted to Flora, who was sitting on the bed, with a magazine. I noticed she was holding the magazine upside down. I stifled a laugh and shook my head.

“Is the magazine good?” I asked her, teasingly.

“Yeah, it’s nice.” She said. I smiled; maybe she didn’t catch the teasing tone in my voice.

“Then why are you holding it upside down?” I asked her, with a smile. She quickly changed the position of the magazine to the right one. The silence dominated again.

Next morning...

Flora POV:

I was walking in the garden. It was like 7:00 am off morning. I walked to the garden sitting and decided to sit on the steps that led to the lowered platform. The aloe Vera’s growing in the massive pot besides me urged me to touch them. I touched them without realizing it had sharp end. When my hand sensed some sharpness, I quickly retracted my hand by natural stimuli.

I heard some steps coming towards me. I tilted my head to see Krystal coming. Is she here to insult me again?

“Hey Flora.” She gets. Now she seemed a bit friendly.

“Hi.” I said in reply, getting up.

“How are you?” She asked. That brought a smile to my face. I could really make some friends here.

“I am fine. Come have a seat.” I said, ushering her towards the garden chairs.

“I don’t see anyone. Where are Uncle and Aunty?” She asked.

“They are out for some work, but Aunt will be soon home.” I said

“We’ll sit here.” She said gesturing to the steps. I nodded. We both sat down.

“Flora I came to meet you. I wanted to apologize for my behavior. I hurt you a lot that time. I had behaved like a true witch. I am ashamed of my behavior.” She apologized. I smiled and took her hand in mine.

“It’s okay, Krystal.” I said. She held my hands in hers.

“Flora, I won’t lie. Helia and I... we both grew up together. We are very close. That’s why I always thought that he was mine. That he’ll be mine, but I guess he was never meant for me. He was for you. He was destined to be yours. Maybe I couldn’t accept the fact that time and in emotional state, I don’t know what rubbish I spoke. Please forgive me.” She said.

“I can understand, Krystal. Please don’t be embarrassed.” I said, trying to comfort her.

“Flora, I want to forget everything I said to you. So what if Helia couldn’t be mine, he will always be my best friend.” She said and I nodded. “You don’t object our friendship, do you?”

“Why would I object your friendship, Krystal? Helia and you are childhood friends. You guys should always be friends.” I said.

“You know what, Flora, I don’t want only Helia to be my friend but I want my friend’s wife to be my best friend too. You forgave me, right? Will you be my friend?” She asked. I smiled like never before.

“I am your friend, Krystal.” I said.

“Thanks Flora! Thanks a lot! You have no idea how much of a burden you have taken off my heart.” She said.

“Okay, let’s forget this matter and live in present.” I said with a smile she nodded at me with a wide smile. I got a friend, whom I could share my feelings with. Thanks Mom, you really are so helpful. I know you are helping me up from there, from the heaven.

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