He was my Companion

Falling For Ya

The stars twinkled around the half moon as the banquet organized by Sky and his wife Bloom continued.

“I love your dress; black color really suits you a lot.” Daphne complimented (who wore a golden shimmering gown), making Flora smile.

“Thank you.” Flora said.

“Well, we didn’t know that Helia’s wife is so smart and sweet.” Marion said, with an impressed look on her face. She had a purple sweetheart neckline dress with a beige coat over it.

“Your hair is so beautiful and long! Can you please give me some tips so that my hair can also be that gorgeous?” Bloom said in an eager tone. She sported a blue shoulder off top which had some designs over it, with a pair of dark blue denims.

“Please, your hair already is so pretty.” Flora said, while Helia and Sky made it to the place the females were chatting.

“Okay Bloom, the dinner was very nice and we really enjoyed the party but now we should go.” Helia said.

“Helia, the next time you come home, don’t forget to bring along Flora. She and I have become good friends.” Bloom said, giving a light hug to Flora. “Please come again to visit us, Flora!”

“Definitely. But even you have to visit our house as well.” Flora said, pulling away from the hug.

“For sure, I will.” Bloom said. Once the goodbyes and the hugs were exchanged, the couple started to leave.

“She is really nice and pretty.” Daphne whispered to Bloom.

“I know, she is such a sweet person.” Bloom said, nodding her head.

The Lexus car, owned by Helia was filled with silence as neither of the two talked.

“Wanna listen to music?” Helia asked, breaking the silence.

“It’s your choice.” Flora said, keeping her eyes locked with the car surface.

“Are you in a mood for ice-cream?” Helia asked, after a silence of five to ten minutes.

“If you want to eat, then okay.” Flora said, for the first time moving her eyes towards Helia and then again looked on the car floor. This put of Helia’s small smile. Could she, for once, talk her heart out. Then he increased the volume of the music player, so that the emptiness of the silence can be filled by the music. After fifteen minutes of drive on the way, Helia parked the car in the parking of a restaurant. Helia was about to get out of the car, in order to reach the destination, but stopped.

“Are you coming with me or am I supposed to drink the coffee on my own?” Helia said to Flora. And that actually made her smile and get out of the car. Walking into the restaurant, they found a table for two, in which they sat down. Helia was checking the menu, when his eyes made their way towards Flora, who was sitting quietly, looking here and there.

“What flavor do you like?” Helia asked to her, making her come out of her world. (The flavor is for the coffee like espresso, cappuccino etc.)

“No. I would like to have ice-cream.” Flora said.

“What flavor or should I choose that according to my mood too?”


Helia called the waiter and gave the order.

“Would you like anything else?” Helia asked Flora.


“Okay then. Please note, one scoop of strawberry ice cream and also an American espresso.” Helia said to the waiter, who noted the food items down. As soon as the waiter went, Helia turned his gaze towards Flora. He noticed that she had worn the bangles gifted by her mother. This pleased Helia, though she wasn’t the friendliest person in the world, she at least acknowledged his mother’s happiness, a thing that modern girls rarely do. The food soon arrived on their table. Flora begins eating her ice-cream as Helia added some milk in his espresso. Flora noticed a basil leave on the top of the dish, as a decoration, something she wasn’t familiar with. Noticing Flora confused face, Helia stifled a laugh. She really was so…. naive.

“So, what’s your favorite food?” Helia asked all of a sudden, startling Flora.

“Fried dumplings.” She said, surprising Helia. Till now in his life, a girl has never ever said that they liked heavy food items. They always used to say they love salads and fruits, the usual diet conscious girls, but Flora was an exception. He smiled, and not the normal smile, the most charming smile was on his face.

The next morning came with a fresh shining sun. Helia usual dull was filled with energy today. As Helia walked to his office he saw Krystal discussing something with her collogue.

“Good morning.” Helia greeted her.

“Good morning, Helia just give me a second.” She said as she concluded her discussion with the other person.

“How are you?” Krystal asked Helia.

“Good.” Helia replied.

“How was the party?” She asked.




“Flora also went with you?” Krystal asked, hoping that she didn’t went.

“Yep, she did.” Helia said.

“I hope she didn’t embarrass you in front of your friends.” Krystal said, to which Helia gave a ‘what the hell?!’ look, secretly. “I mean, I doubt she ever went to gatherings and even if she has fashion sense, I dunno.”

“Everything was okay.” Helia said, trying to act nice. While Krystal gave a questioning look, Helia nodded with a smile. They both walked to Helia’s cabin. As soon as they reached the cabin, Helia leaned against one of the office chairs.

“Krystal, I thing we have misunderstood Flora. When she went with me to the party yesterday, my friends really liked her. I know that they thought that she didn’t like to talk too much but she, for sure, didn’t look uneducated or unmannered at all.” Helia said, trying to defend the girl he had recently started falling for.

“That’s... That’s great news.” Krystal said, with a fake smile.

“I know.”

“I knew you would adjust with her as the time passes.”

“I think we were bias regarding Flora. She is a really nice and collected girl.” Helia said, with happiness all over his face. Krystal on the other side was totally not happy with the fact that Helia was kind of… falling for that girl. The way he defended her, it seemed like he won’t hear a word against her. With her frustration building up, she quickly left the office, driving herself to her home. As soon as she reaches her home, she saw her Mom going somewhere. Without even bothering to ask she sped up to her bedroom but only to be stopped by her mother.

“Krystal, you’re early home, everything alright?” Sara asked with a concerned face.

“Yes.” Krystal said with her depressed face.

“Krystal… what happened?” Sara asked.

“Even if I tell you, what would you do Mama?” Krystal said with an irritated look. “You’ll just give a ridiculous advice, what else?”

“Flora?” Sara said, sure that this certain girl was not acceptable by her daughter.

“Flora, Flora, Flora, Flora! After all, only Flora exists in this world! I don’t exist at all. I wish… like Flora, I could trap Helia with that heck of innocence like she does.” Krystal said, annoyed by her name.

“Krystal, what’s wrong with you? Why are you talking like that? And that too about a married man. Helia is married now, Krystal. Accept it. He’s not the one and only man on this planet.” Sara said.

“Mama please… I don’t need your advice. It might be a small thing for you but for me it’s the matter of life and death. Flora is getting in Helia’s life and I am getting out, she is trying to take my place and I am not gonna let that happen.” Krystal said while leaving to her bedroom.

Suddenly a phone buzzed in the two storey mansion of the Knightlys. Flora soon picked up her phone to answer, while walking in the area near the indoor garden.

“Hello?” Flora asked in the phone, not knowing who was speaking on the other line.

“Hello Flora. It’s Krystal speaking.” Krystal said from the other side.

“Krystal! How are you? Sorry that I didn’t recognize your number.” Flora said.

“Girl, save my number so that next time you recognize me.” Krystal said.

“Sorry I didn’t have your number… I will save it now.” Flora said.

“So... what’s going on?” Krystal asked.

“Nothing much. Just a bit of housework. Actually Uncle is having lunch at home so I thought of making two or three dishes of his liking.” Flora said.

“So what do you do all the day alone at home? I mean don’t you get bored?” Krystal said.

“No, not at all. Why would I get bored? There’s Uncle and Aunt, so many people. I do not feel lonely at all.” Flora said.

“Do you know; I was saying Helia that he should spend some more time with you. I mean all the day you’re at home, probably bored and alone.” Krystal said, with a smirk on her face. “And you know what, the previous evening he was insisting me to go to dinner with him, adamantly. But I made him remember that Sky was throwing a dinner party and he should go with you. I mean, you have no social life; we could to dinner some other day. So did my advice work?” Krystal said, not regretting the lies she just said.

“Yes, we went to the party.” Flora said who was a bit sad that Helia didn’t take her to the party with his own will.

“Good. Why don’t you come with Helia to my house, some time?” Krystal said, with a ridiculous smirk on her face.

“Yes, we will.” Flora said, with a depressed tone.

“If you need a proper invitation, I will give you one.” Krystal said.

“No, it is okay.”

“Okay take care. Bye Flora.” Krystal said, in a fake happy tone, which later turned into an annoyed face.

On the other hand, Flora was depressed about the information given by Krystal. Shaking her head she thought ‘Who am I kidding? And why would Helia even like a girl like me? This is a forced relationship, he will obviously not fall for me anytime; I shouldn’t be sad.’ Looking towards the glass window next to her, she dusted off the dust that had accumulated on the window with her fingers (A/n: Wish she could consider Krystal as the dust and dust her off from her and Helia’s life.).

Helia’s POV:

I was solely concentrating on the strokes that I made with the brush. It has been a while since I have left painting; but I still get peace while doing it. The mixing of different colours to form a unique shade is that always had impressed me. As I took the pink with the white, I felt like someone was staring at me, I turned my head to see Flora but as soon as I look at her she looks away and walked ahead. She is really shy, and she looks cute when she is nervous. Flora is also a mix of different qualities to form a unique person. What am I thinking? I smiled as she left, as a drop of sweat left my forehead.


“Helia, even today you woke up early. At least sleep on holidays!” Lilliana said, pouring the steaming tea in her cup. The Knightlys were having their breakfast. Baron was reading a newspaper, Flora was spreading some butter over her piece of bread and Helia was cutting his apple into two halves.

“Mom, if I abandon exercise and jogging, I will become as fat as a balloon.” Helia said, making Lilliana laugh. “By the way, Flora is quite an early riser.”

“Helia is there anything special planned for today?” Baron asked, at last putting the news paper down.

“No, why?” Helia asked, as he munched his apple.

“It’s been a while we didn’t play chess. Want to?” Baron said, making Helia stop.

“Are you sure?” Helia said with a smirk, as if he was the only one who would win.

“Yes, hundred percent.” Baron said, with a speck of attitude.


“Get ready to lose, Mr.”

“Flora, when two of us play chess, it’s always with the mind-set to beat each other.” Baron said to his daughter in law. “And bring the tea to the lounge after the breakfast.”

“Flora, set the tea over the table and come and sit beside me.” Baron said to Flora as the brunette kneeled to keep the tray with the tea on the table. “And see how I beat Helia.”

“Come, sit over here.” Lilliana said to the younger female, making her nod in agreement.

“Yes, mummy.” Flora said, as she took one cup to give it to Lilliana, which made the two males turn to them in shock.

“Mummy?” Baron asked with surprise.

“Yeah. I told her to call me that.” Lilliana said as Flora seated herself besides her. “She can call you Uncle, but it was always my wish that my daughter in law call me mummy.”

“Well then….. What are you thinking?” Baron asked to Helia, with triumph in his voice. The younger male had been thinking from the last ten minutes to make a move. “Now you’ll see Flora, when he loses how upset and angry he gets!”

Helia then turned his face towards Flora, signaling her to give him some clue. He took the pawn and was about to place it when he again turned his towards the female who shook her head and by her eyes gestures she made him take the queen. Then he noticed that he never thought of that move. ‘I didn’t even think of that. That girl for sure is a brainy.’ He thought. He picked the queen and he attacked the horse that was in front of it. Then he kept the piece in front of the King.

“Checkmate.” He said as he placed it.

“Wow Mr. You hadn’t made a move in quite a while. And that you have, you flipped the entire game’s phase.” Baron said, wondering what could have made Helia make the move. Flora smiled, cheering inside her head.

“Because Dad I just don’t talk big, I play with silence and smartness.” Helia said, not disclosing the fact that he had taken secret help from Flora.

“Actually, I wasn’t feeling well today. Or else I would have defeated him!” Baron said, jokingly, making all of them laugh. “You win, Sir, you win!”

“Have you done all the workings, Nabu? Really so what’s the dividend coming?” Helia asked in the phone as he came out of the dressing room. It was nearly ten of night.

“2.5 into (multiply) 950,000… wait a minute, let me calculate.” He continued to say as he reached for the calculator on the side table. As soon as he took it…..

“2,375,000.” He heard a voice say, he found the owner was Flora. He was impressed. First the chess thing and now this calculation, she was really a genius.

“Okay, dude. I will talk to you tomorrow.” He said hanging up the phone. He kept the phone and calculator on the table as he threw himself on the bed.

“Amazing…. Kids learn multiplication from 1 to 20 and you know the table of 2.5!” Helia said to Flora, while taking off his watch. Flora smiled as her favorite topic came.

“I am really good at math. I used to score 100% in it.” Flora said, in a proud manner.

“Hmm?” Helia asked as Flora nodded.

“You know, my father was also a math teacher? He was the one who used to teach me.” Flora said.

“Your math indeed is really good but look at the poor old me. Though I got my MBA from Yale, it was for nothing. I was about to use the calculator and you knew the answer orally.” Helia said, quite impressed that his wife was more intelligent than him. “By the way, what did you study from Verolina?”

“This year itself I have completed my BSc Maths, Physics and Stats.” Flora said, much to the surprise of Helia.

“BSc?” Helia asked in a really surprised tone.

“Yes, why?” Flora asked.

“No, actually, you don’t look that old. It looks as if you just took admission in the third year of BSc.” Helia said, with a small laugh.

“I am not even that young.” Flora said.

“Didn’t you ever think of studying further in Math?” Helia asked.

“I was planning to do my Masters in Applied Math and my dad too really wanted it. But then Mum’s heath wasn’t so good. I thought that I would fail the last year.” Flora said.

“If you really want to, you can continue your studies. In fact I suggest that you do your MA in Applied Maths.” Helia said, while Flora had a really surprised look on her face, that he had allowed her to study after being married. Helia seemed to notice it.

“What happened? Why do you look so shocked?” Helia said.

“I am very happy.” Flora said, making Helia laugh, unintentionally.

“Happy? This is the first time in life; I have ever seen a person being happy like that.” Helia said. “Shall I turn the lights off or do you want to read more?”

“Switch the lights off.” Flora said as he kept the magazine aside.

“Flora?” Helia called out as he entered the mansion, back from his work. Flora entered with a yellow dress and a blue and white scarf, her hair held up in a firm bun.

“Hi.” She said.

“Hello.” Helia replied.

“How was your day?”

“Really good. Let’s go…” Helia said as he pulled Flora along with him.

“Where?” Flora asked, stopping on her way.

“Let’s go out, to eat something or to tour around?” Helia said.

“You just came back, you must be tired.” Flora said in a concerned voice.

“So? If you don’t wanna go then tell me.” Helia said.

“No, that’s not the thing…” Flora said.

“Then let’s go!” Helia said.

“Okay, at least let me get changed.” Flora said.

“No, it is not necessary. And for God’s sake, stop tying your hair in a bun.” Helia said, while unclipping her hair, letting her hair out. “It looks better untied.”

“Let’s go!” Helia said, with a smile as he gently grabbed Flora’s hand and pulled her along with him. This moment lasted until Helia’s phone rang. Helia picked it up. “Just a moment, Flora.”

“Hello?” Helia said in the phone.

“Helia, please come to my house, right now.” He heard a crackling voice say; he immediately recognized it.

“Krystal! Why are you crying? What happened?” Helia asked, as he sat on the edge of the couch. Hearing that Krystal was crying, worry crept over Helia’s and Flora’s face.

“Please, I need my friend; I need you to be here!” Krystal said, while sobbing.

“Okay, listen to me. Don’t cry; I am coming over.” Helia said, trying to cool down Krystal, unfortunately canceling the outing plan.

“Please! Right now, Helia! Please!” Krystal said.

“Krystal… Krystal I am coming, calm down.” Helia said, soothingly, while keeping the phone.

“What happened?” Flora said, totally confused about the situation.

“Nothing, I think Krystal’s sick. We’ll have to cancel the plan.” Helia said, keeping his hands over Flora’s shoulders. Flora nodded, knowing that Krystal was an important part of Helia’s life. Helia then left, leaving the brunette alone.

“Here, drink some water.” Helia said, while offering the glass tumbler to Krystal. When he had come, he saw Krystal was crying like the world has ended, her eyes were red and puffy and her face was tear-stained. She took the glass, sipped some water and kept it on the bench.

“Would you tell me what’s wrong?” Helia said, with hands his hips.

“Mom wants me to get married, Helia. I don’t know why she looking up for these proposals. Today, I had a massive fight with her on this topic.” Krystal said, while wiping her tears away.

“Krystal, for this little thing, you made such a big issue. This is just beyond the limits! I was so worried; I came here as quickly as I could.” Helia said, quite annoyed that she had called him up just because she was having an argument with her mother.

“IT might a little thing for you, Helia but not for me!” Krystal yelled at him.

“But Krystal, what Aunt Sara is saying is right.” Helia said, knowing that sometimes Krystal could really be blown away by emotions.

“You can’t be single for the entire of your life. You have to get married! Like me, for example, when I got married to Flora I couldn’t accept it, but now I am getting adjusted.” Helia said.

“Don’t compare your situation with mine, Helia! There is a vast difference. You would have never thought about me in a romantic way but I never thought of anyone but you! I fell for you, you didn’t.” Krystal argued with him. Helia froze. Then he moved from his current position to sit besides Krystal.

“But I am married now. Krystal, you can’t waste your life like this.” Helia said softly, trying all his might to cool down Krystal.

“I accepted your marriage, Helia. I’ve also accepted that the way I wanted to be with you….. I can never be with you. But that doesn’t mean that I can give someone the place you hold in my heart. These are my feeling, Helia; these aren’t clothes that can be changed every now and then.” Krystal said, helplessly. “I need time, but, Mum keeps pressurizing me!”

“Krystal, but Aunty is also right, she cares for you.” Helia said.

“So am I wrong, Helia?! Tell me!” Krystal said.

“If you really need some time, it is your right to have it. Now, stop crying. I will talk to Aunty and I am sure she will agree.” Helia said. Krystal smiled and Helia smiled back.

“Okay, now calm down and take a deep breath. I support your thought, okay?” Helia said, as he got up and left.

It was a nice, fresh morning the other day. The plants were glowing with energy (Not literally!)And air was moist and clear.

“Good morning, Krystal! How are you?” Flora greeted as Krystal entered the gates of the mansion.

“I am fine. What about you?” Krystal asked.

“I am good. Come in, please.” Flora invited her inside.

“No, we should rather talk here. The weather’s really nice and I have come here for a small talk.” Krystal said, politely declining the offer.

“Okay.” Flora said as they walked to the garden sitting. “Didn’t you to work today?”

“I did, just came to get some rest from the horrendous work! Anyway, I was going with a friend to run some errand so I left early.”


“So, what’s with you?”

“I was busy with housework this morning so I thought to rest for sometime.” Flora said as they both seated themselves on the benches.

“Oh actually Flora I came here to clear a confusion; I thought it would be better if I clear it up face to face than on the phone.”

“What is it about?” Flora asked.

“Just because of me your plans with Helia got canceled.” Krystal said. “He came at my house instead; I thought you would mind.”

“Why would I mind?! You two are best of friends. You are his friend and I am his wife, these two relationships remain with a person forever, right?”

“Thank goodness, you didn’t mind. Flora, my friendship with Helia is so deep that sometimes I forget that now he is married and I disturb you guys unintentionally.” Krystal said.

“Please Krystal, don’t worry! I know about your friendship very well.” Flora said.

“That’s great. Thanks!” Krystal said, while leaving the place.

Later that day, in the evening, Helia was sitting in his home, working on his white laptop. He heard some footsteps approaching his room; he looked up to see Flora coming in with a cup of coffee. She set the coffee cup on the handle of the recliner and toke a seat on the bed.

“How’s the coffee?” Flora asked after Helia had taken a sip.

“You made it?” He asked. Flora nodded.

“It’s good.” He replied. Flora was going to say something but her shy nature always stopped her from being the conversation breaker. Helia noticed that she wanted to speak something.

“What happened? You seem like you wanna say something.” Helia said.

“Krystal came here, today.” Flora said.


“In the afternoon.”

“So then she must have met just you, right?” Helia asked.

“She came to meet me.” Flora said.

“Everything okay with her?” Helia asked.

“She wanted to talk about yesterday. She asked whether if I minded her and your friendship.” Flora said.

“So, what did you say?” Helia asked, taking a sip of the hot coffee.

“You both are childhood friends. Why would I mind?” Flora said, bringing a smile onto Helia’s face. “I like Krystal, as a person.”

“Yeah, she’s a nice girl.” Helia said, while closing his laptop. “She might be a little emotional, temperamental and outspoken at times but still she is good at heart.”

“You didn’t bring it (coffee) for yourself?” Helia asked.

“Oh, bad memory!” Flora said, hitting her head with her hand lightly. “I totally forgot. I’ll bring it.” She said, while heading towards the kitchen.

It had been seven moths already past Helia’s and Flora’s marriage. It was a good evening; Lilliana was working on her documents when her son entered the office. She had herself called him here.

“So, if your work’s over, can we get going?” Helia said taking a seat on the chair in front of Lilliana’s desk.

“Yeah, I will just shut it down. I hope I didn’t disturb you. My car broke down, that’s why I called you to drop me home.” Lilliana said.

“No, you didn’t disturb me at all. I was on my way to home.” Helia said.

“Good. Baron will be happy to hear that you are sooner home.” Lilliana said. “Are you happy with your marriage, Helia?”

“At first I wasn’t but now I am. You know mom, I had a biased impression about Flora. I had really rigid thoughts about her but she’s actually really proud. She knows how to speak and talk. But at the same time she has her innocence. She isn’t clever and witty (in a bad way) like other girls. She is quite different then my imaginings.” Helia said with quite a bright smile. “Mum, you do like Flora, right?”

“Of course, if my son likes her then I too like her.” Lilliana said. “Shall we go?”

“Let’s go.” Helia said while standing up. They both left to the house.

“What a boring seminar it was! I was feeling sleepy all the time.” Krystal said as she and Helia came out of the conference hall.

“You’re the one who wanted to go and that too desperately. But Krystal, it was really important seminar and I think one should attend it.” Helia said.

“You always say that.” Krystal said that in a monotonous tone. Suddenly Helia’s phone rang off. He picked it up.

“Hello? Of course yes! I am coming home. Why don’t you get ready in 20-25 minutes and I will be there. Okay, see ya!” Helia said into the phone.

“Were you talking to Flora?” Krystal asked.

“Yeah, actually I have to take Flora to shopping today.” Helia said.

“You know, that’s good. Don’t let her be alone. Wherever she wants to go, go with her. This all is very unfamiliar to her. I mean... coming from a poor background, now she is living in a big mansion.” Krystal said as Helia puts his head down in annoyance. “From simple clothes to designer clothes, I mean… she’s never seen these things before. She might get over independent (in a bad way, yet again).”

“Krystal, your observation about Flora is wrong. She might be from a poor household but she is self-righteous. This money, cars, mansion… luxuries, she doesn’t need them.” Helia said, defending his wife.

“Really?” Krystal asked to which Helia nodded. “Then why did she call you to go shopping with her?”

“Even that’s what I told her to do, because whenever I raise the topic of shopping she says she has plenty of clothes. She doesn’t need anything; naïve girl!” Helia said at which the lavender-haired girl laughed.

“You know what Helia, my observation for Flora might be wrong but my observation about you was right. I knew Uncle Baron’s decision would be good for you.” She said.

“Yeah, dad’s decision was right. Well, now I have to go. Duty is on, gotta take wife for the shopping. Bye” Helia said, leaving Krystal on her own, who was burning like lava, the expression clearly shown on her face.

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