He was my Companion

Our Love Grows

Sporting a peach colored dress, Flora was taking a walk in the garden. Then she noticed some paintings made by Helia where kept in the shade. ‘Aren’t they supposed to be kept in the sunlight for drying? Maybe Helia would have kept it by mistake. If I keep it in the sunlight, he might be impressed that I know something about art though I am a dumb head in it.’ She thought.

“Sam, Sam!” Flora called out, making Sam reach to her as quick as he could.

“Yes Flora, what was the work?” He asked.

“Would you please keep these paintings there in the sunlight?” Flora asked and Sam answered it with a nod. Then he put all the paintings under the Sun. Flora smiled proudly, knowing that she did something good. Little did she know that the paintings were kept in the shade because they were made with special ink that chips off if it is placed under the Sun.

Helia was on a round to check whether if his paintings had dried up or not. Then it came to his notice that those paintings were kept under the sun. He touched it, and some of his beautiful art work chipped off. Anger conquered Helia. He clearly remembered that he kept them in the shade, then who would have… Sam. That boy doesn’t know anything about painting.

“Sam.” He called out but Sam didn’t come. “SAM?!”

“Yes.” Sam came running after hearing Helia’s yell.

“Who put these here?” Helia asked, in pure anger, making Sam flinch. Just at that moment Flora came out.

“They are paintings made of special ink, man! Am I crazy to put these in the shade?!” Helia shouted at Sam. Flora was too scared to even say that she kept them there; she had never seen Helia yell like this. “Go; put it back where it was.” Helia said, handing Sam the paintings. He then turned around to see the brunette. His angry look softened to a questioning look.

“Flora, do you know who put these here?” He asked.

“I didn’t see.” Flora lied, avoiding eye contact with him. Helia, who was too irritated to notice the uneasy look on Flora’s face, left the garden. Flora stood there alone, wondering what kept her from saying the truth.

The clock ticked to 8′o clock of night. Wearing a white dress with a black scarf, she entered Helia room to see Helia sitting on the recliner, flipping through the channels on the television. The windows were wide open. Flora shook her head, knowing Helia’s old habit.

“You should have at least closed the windows. All the mosquitoes come in at night.” Flora said while closing the window.

“So you came back, Madame, after registering all the complains about me to Dad.” Helia said, while straightening up.

“I came after praising you.” Flora said, with a smile.

“Really? Is that so?” He asked, making Flora nod. Then Flora again had the disturbed look on her face, remembering that she lied to Helia.

“What’s the matter, Flora?” Helia asked, noticing that Flora was keeping quiet from the afternoon.

“Nothing.” She replied.

“There is something wrong. Come on, sit here and tell me what the problem is.” Helia said, patting the foot rest. Flora gave in and came and sat.

“Helia, I have something to tell you. I… I lied to you this afternoon.” Flora said, as Helia listened to her with seriousness. “You went to the nursery and that’s when I kept those paintings under the Sun. I didn’t know those paintings were to be placed in shade. I don’t even know the basic of art. How, what should be made and how it is to be kept? I don’t know a thing about it. I thought you put those paintings under the shade by mistake, so I put those under the sunlight. I am so sorry; I spoiled all your work.”

“So, you have been worried about this little thing from so long? You wanted to tell me this?” Helia asked, quite surprised that this small thing disturbed her that much.

“I don’t lie, but you were so angry back then; I was too scared to tell you the truth.” Flora said, admitting the truth.

“And now you are not scared? I can even get angry right now.” Helia said.

“I am still scared but I can’t sleep after lying. I know it is a little thing but still, lie is a lie, right?” Flora asked and in response Helia nodded with a smile, impressed that she was so truthful. “My dad used to say that it’s only easy to lie for the first time, but after that you will have to face all the difficulties and telling the truth is difficult only for the first time, then everything becomes really easy.”

“You are a really good person.” Helia said, taking Flora’s hand in his. “In my entire life, I never saw a person better then you.” He said, making Flora blush.

“Always remain like this; your truthfulness and simplicity is very special and rare.” He said.

“Here have some juice.” Flora said, while giving Helia a glass of juice. He was sketching something. He smiled.

“You have all the qualities to win a heart.” He said, looking at her like she was the only thing existing in this world. “Even Alexa (The maid) could make the juice. I could have made it myself but you made it, I am very happy about that.”

“Just because of this little action?” Flora asked.

“Maybe, a human is always a child at heart. It feels good when someone’s there to take care of them. Like yesterday, when I came back from office you hade my clothes ready. You made tea for me. I really like it; it felt like all my tiredness vanished in thin air.”

“But all wives do this for their husbands. It’s not anything special.” Flora said.

“But they are not like you, Flora. They don’t have a heart like you. You know what, I really feel lucky. Some times I feel as if I got you in return of some good deed, like someone has given you as a blessing from their heart to me.” Helia said, his voice rising and falling like musical tones, in a romantic way.

“Now, you are embarrassing me, I am not even that good.” Flora said. “Have the juice.”

“Do you like art?” Helia asked, after taking a gulp or two of the juice.

“Yes, but I can’t make paintings as good as you.” Flora said.

“It’s not a hard job.” Helia said. Flora looked intently at him, as he drew the sketch his facial expression also changed. She smiled in admiration. She could say he was handsome…. means really handsome. Adding to his charms, his sweet and caring nature, she couldn’t have dreamt of husband like him.

“Ma’am, are you done with getting ready?” Helia said to Flora, while tying his shoe laces, sitting on the recliner. Today was Krystal’s birthday bash.

“Just a minute.” Flora replied, while applying some red lipstick on her lips. “This is the first time I am going to Krystal’s house. I want to look my best.”

“Is that so?” Helia said, while getting up as Flora turned around to look at him.

“Yes.” Flora said, frantically nodding. Then Helia came really close to her, just a few centimeter’s space was left between them.

“Mrs. Knightly, whatever you do and whatever you wear, you always look really beautiful.” He said, making Flora lower her gaze and give a shy blush. This made Helia smile in admiration.

“If you’re done blushing, can we get going?” Helia asked.

“Sure, I will just get my clutch.” Flora said, while retrieving the clutch from the bed table.

Flora and Helia entered the beautiful mansion, which was owned by Krystal. As the couple made their way through the crowd of people, the lavender haired female at last notices them.

“Hey there, Flora and Helia.” Krystal said.

“Hello Krystal, Happy Birthday!” Flora greeted.

“Thank you. When are you gonna greet me, stupid?!” Krystal said, hitting Helia on his arm.

“Happy birthday to you, Krystal.” Helia said, with a chuckle. “I am sure you would have woke up like ‘Woho! It’s my birthday!’.”

“Just shut up your silly mouth. That’s not the way I woke up!” Krystal said, angrily.

“You know I was joking.” Helia said, between laughs.

“That’s why I am just gonna talk Flora.” Krystal said, taking Flora’s hand. “You’re boycotted, Helia!”

“Hey, that’s not fair!” Helia said, childishly.

“It is very fair. Flora, let me introduce you to my friends.” Krystal said, sticking her tongue out to Helia while pulling Flora with her.

“But Krystal-” Flora was about to say something when Krystal cut her in between.

“You are my friend, right?” Krystal asked, to which Flora responded with a nod. “Then let’s go.”

Once they reach two girls they stopped.

“Girls, meet Flora. She’s Helia’s wife.” Krystal introduced Flora to the two of her friends.

“Nice to meet you, Flora. I am Mitzi.” The girl with blackish hair said. She shared a hug with Flora.

“And I am Macy.” A girl with bluish black hair spoke, shaking her hand with Flora.

“By the way, her marriage with Helia took place in a really filmy situation. Like how it’s shown in movies ‘This marriage can’t happen!’ but Uncle Baron did the contrary with them. On gunpoint, he said that this marriage will take place.” Krystal said, indirectly insulting Flora, making her sigh. Helia, who was listening the entire conversation from a distance, was also a bit angry on Krystal for bringing up this matter.

“Krystal, this is too much.” Macy said, nudging Krystal. “Flora, please don’t mind what she said.”

“You are looking really nice. Are you going to any marriage after this party?” Mitzi asked, indirectly indicating that Flora was overdressed.

“No.” Flora said, shaking her head.

“Where are you from?” Macy asked.

“I am from Verolina.” Flora said.

“Are your parents still in Verolina?”

“No, they have passed away.” Flora said, with a bit of sadness.

“I am so sorry to hear that.”

“It was due her Mother’s health that Helia and Flora had to marry quickly and her father passed away a long time ago.” Krystal said, without a speck of emotion. “By the way, Flora, what did your father do for a living?”

“He was a math professor. He was the best professor of his time.” Flora said in a proud manner.

“For sure he would be.” Krystal said. Flora was getting a bit uncomfortable between these girls; don’t know why, this weird feeling down her stomach troubled her. She tilted her head towards Helia, who was now busy on phone. Noticing that Flora was looking towards him, he gave a smile; Flora forced a smile and turned back. Helia noticed it and understood that Krystal was troubling her.

“Anyways, what are you hobbies?” Mitzi asked. Flora was about to reply but Krystal interrupted.

“Now days she is playing role of a good housewife. Bu I have said her that Helia hates those girls who are obsessed with house work. I am sure she will take up some hobbies.”

Krystal said. “Flora, would you like to drink something?”

“No, thank you.”

“Oh then forget about it, let me show you my home.” Krystal said, dragging Flora along with her. They passed by Helia, who got alert when they passed by. Krystal turned round.

“Yeah, I am kidnapping your wife.” Krystal said, sarcastically. “Don’t worry. I am just showing her around.”

Helia, who was aware that Flora was now getting uncomfortable around his best friend, looked at her retreating figure in concern. She turned around, looking towards him, uncertainty flashing in her eyes.

“Flora?” She heard Krystal call from the floor above. She then turned to the stairs and climbed them up to reach the lavender haired female.

“What do you think? Wanna go to the beach?” Helia asked to his wife, who was sitting silently from a lot of time. They were heading towards their house in the convertible owned by Helia. “We can go to the beach, eat ice cream and then go home?”

Flora just gave a tired smile which again turned into a frown.

“What happened? Are you not in the mood to go out?” Helia asked.

“No, it’s just…. I am really tired. Can we go home?” Flora asked.

“Sure. But I am noticing that you are too silent. Is there something wrong?” Helia asked out of concern. Though he knew that Krystal had insulted her but he was still worried.

“I feel really tired. That’s why I am not speaking much.” Flora said, faking a yawn. Helia knew that she wasn’t tired, she was just… disturbed. But still, he nodded his head.

“Helia?” Flora asked.


“Can I ask you something?”

“Since when did you start to need you my permission to ask anything? Of course, Flora, ask.”

“Was I overdressed?” Flora asked, making Helia turn towards her in shock. “I mean... my clothes-”

“No, not at all. You were looking really pretty. What gave you the clue? I felt inferior standing with you, you were looking like an angel and I was looking like a common man.” Helia said.

“You are saying that to make me happy.” Flora said.

“It’s the truth, Flora. You were looking beautiful.” Helia said, with smile that could make any girl’s heart melt.

Sitting in the lounge, wearing a pink top paired with white capris, Flora was typing an email to her best friend.

Aisha, I am really happy with Helia. He really takes care of me. He is really nice. You must be surprised reading all this stuff. Shall I surprise you more by telling you my heart’s secret? I am in love with Helia. I love him a lot. I don’t know when or how this happened but I feel like changing myself according to his liking. I want o adapt to whatever he likes. I want to leave everything he dislikes.′ She typed.

The sliding door was slid by Helia in order to enter the lounge. He entered to find Flora doing something on the laptop, much to his curiosity. He cleared his throat, making Flora aware of his existence.

“Helia?” She said as he took a seat besides her.

“What were you doing?” He asked, folding his hands over his chest.

“I was writing an email to my friend.” Flora replied.

“You must have written something about me? So what are the complains you wrote against me?” Helia asked, casually resting an arm behind Flora.

“No, I have praised you.” She said.

“Really?” Helia asked, in return Flora nodded. “As in?”

“As in that you are really nice and you’re soft spoken…” Flora said, finding she didn’t have any thing more to say she hunched her shoulders.

“That’s it? You wrote only that? And didn’t you tell your friend how much you love me?” Helia asked, making Flora blush. ‘How on Earth did he get to know about it?!’ She thought. She lowered eyes, avoiding meeting his gaze. “And whenever I do something you stare at me. And when I look at you, you don’t look me in the eye. Just like now.”

Listening this Flora lifted her head to meet his eyes.

“Are you happy, Helia?” Flora asked.

“I am so happy that this word is too small to describe my happiness. Other’s fate is totally opposite to our’s. They first start to like each other, fall in love and then get married but our’s is a different story. I married you first, and then liked you and then I fell for you.” Helia said, confessing his love.

“Even though I didn’t want to marry you earlier, but now I thank God that He blessed me with a soul mate like you.” He said. Using his free hand he took Flora’s hand in his, while rubbing the back of her hand with his thumb.

Helia and Nabu were discussing about the presentation in Nabu’s cabin when suddenly Krystal entered.

“Where were you Helia?! I tried to find you everywhere and you’re here.” Krystal squirmed making Helia look up from his document.

“I was here.” Helia said, in a curt way. After discussing a bit of the business conversation, Helia left the cabin, leaving Krystal behind. Was he ignoring her? Making her way towards Helia cabin, she found Helia busy in his work.

“What happened?” Krystal asked, resting her weight on her hands which were on the table.

“Nothing.” Helia replied, not looking at her.

“For God’s sake Helia, you’re downright ignoring me! Can I ask what’s wrong?”

“I said Krystal, there is nothing that’s wrong and I am not ignoring you.”

“Helia?” Krystal nearly yelled making Helia look up. “You know I can be a bit rude at times but I never meant to insult Flora, back in the party. And Flora is also my friend so I think she also understands the fact very well that I am outspoken.”

“There is a lot of difference between behaving in an unmannerly way and being outspoken.” Helia replied, shocking Krystal. He had never said such a thing to her before.

Cooling down a bit, Helia began to speak. “Look Krystal, I know that Flora doesn’t know the new fashion trends, she is ignorant of what color is in or out. But the way she is, she is really special to me. Be cautious that you never hurt her again. She is really sensitive and fragile; please be careful next time.”

“I am really sorry. I never meant to hurt her. Next time I will be careful, if you say I will go apologize to her but please don’t get so angry.” Krystal said, faking an upset face. “I will make it up to you, okay?”

“It’s alright. Thanks for considering Flora’s feeling.” Helia said, halfheartedly, knowing that Krystal would surely do something that will hurt Flora again.

Krystal was driving the car like she had gone crazy. Pressing the horn for no reason, she, in a frustrated manner, grazed her fingers over her forehead. ‘Flora is special to him. I can’t believe this! For a girl, who had just come a year ago, he yelled on me. His childhood friend for God’s sake! That girl really is a threat to Helia’s and mine friendship. I will never let her take my place. I WILL NEVER LET HER RUIN THE MOST IMPORTANT RELATION OF MY LIFE!’ Krystal thought, while wiping a tear that had fell from her eye.

Coming out of the walk in closet, Flora took two dresses with their hanger, showing them to Helia.

“Tell me Helia, which one will look better?” Flora asked to Helia, who was busy typing in his laptop.

“The red one’s craft is better. But the black one’s color is better, anyway, black looks good at nights.” Said Flora, not sure which dress was better. One was a red dress that ended just below her knees. It had a lot of embroidery. The second one was a black one, which was plain. Noticing that Helia had been busy in his laptop all the time, not listening to her nonsense, she arched her brows. Then she sat on the footrest that was in front of Helia.

“You are not listening to me, right?” Flora said to Helia.

“I am hearing.” Helia said.

“First of all, close this thing.” Flora said, taking and closing Helia’s laptop. “And listen to me carefully.”

Helia leaned near Flora, leaving just a few centimeters between them. “Yes ma’am, what do you wanna say?”

Flora, who was already irritated, rolled her eyes and said “Okay, I was thinking, that a girl should never marry a workaholic. They bring the entire office home.”

Helia was aware of the fact that Flora was really annoyed; he took her hand, making her look in his eye.

“My darling, every dress suits on you. Just like right now; you are looking just like a glass of mango shake (A comment on her yellow dress). .” Helia said, humorously. Flora’s eyes widened.

“I am seriously talking to you and you’re joking around.” She said, exasperated that Helia wasn’t taking anything seriously. She stood up and sat on the edge of the bed.

“I am also talking serious; I am not joking at all.” Helia said, while following Flora and sitting in front of her.

“Helia, I want to look good for the party.” Flora said. Helia’s smile suddenly went off. She never even cared about going to the party and today she was so serious about looking good for the party.

“Who are you comparing yourself to?” Helia asked, in shock.

“I am not comparing myself; I just want to look good standing besides you.”

“You are crazy to even think about that.” Helia said, with a bit of anger. “You took Krystal’s words that seriously? You need not become like Krystal. You are good the way you are because you are simple and innocent at heart. Just like you’re pretty from outside, you’re the same from inside. You need not join this fashion parade.”

Taking hold of Flora’s hand and pulling her near him, continued “Because I like the way you are. And you’re really beautiful the way you are. I think that is all that should matter.”

“Now you are making me nervous.” Flora whispered, making Helia smile. She really did have her own ways. He pulled her closer, making her blush.

“And now?” Helia asked, in a teasing manner. “Shall I say something?”

“Yes, why not!

“Put a little makeup on.” Helia said, making Flora pull away her hand from his grasp, blushing. Helia laughed. “Okay I didn’t knew that girl’s still are so shy and they even blush in the twenty first century.”

Coming near her, he said, “Flora, you are really special to me; very important to me. Never feel inferior in front of other people. Otherwise I will start to think that there was something missing in my love for you.”

“I promise you, I will always be like I am.” Flora said, with a smile, making Helia smile back.

“Now go get ready.” Helia said and Flora stood up.

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