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A New Life, A New Me


Emily is a strange girl there is no denying that but what happen when the creepypasta characters she loves turn out to be real. What will she do? Where will she go? Find out in my Creepypasta series What We Are.

Fantasy / Horror
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Emily's POV

Emily’s P.O.V

I’m sitting down on the bench waiting for the bus. I have my earbuds in trying to ignore the pain I’m feeling. It is so funny that I feel this pain everyday, but no one knows why, only I do. My phone goes off, I have a message.

Seth: “Hey girly, are you up or are you going to miss school again?”

Me: “Sup, yeah I’m going to school.”

Seth: “Sweet, see you soon!”

Seth is a really good friend, but he has his down sides. He’s a total pervert and an asshole but he is one of my closest friends. I see the bus coming, well another day in hell, yippy. The bright side is that I get to see my friends even if they are the only ones that believe me. I got on the bus and sat by myself for reasons that only I should deal with. I finally get off the bus after an hour but that is nothing like the hell I am about to face.

When I got in the building everyone stared at me as if I was wearing nothing but my underwear and bra. I see Seth looking at his phone with earbuds in. He is most likely to be watching pornography or something gay as fuck. I can’t really complain. I’ve watched fucking creepypasta ships and how to summon one on my fucking phone.

“Look, the killer is back. I bet she is mourning over her dead family like a pussy,” said Victoria.

“Well, at least I’m not the biggest whore in school, ” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Excuse me, what did you say killer?” Victoria siad.

I just walked away ignoring her. I walked over to Seth, but some randos ran into me. They said they were sorry and that they were new here. I offer to show them around with Seth. They all had brown hair but they each had a different eye color. One had blue eyes, another green, and the last one had black eyes. They were all very good looking but there was something off about them I just can’t put my finger on it.

“Yo fatass, we have new kids. I said we will show them around,” I said after I yanked his ear buds out.

“You go do it, you cunt. I have to wait for my girlfriend,” Seth said this as if it wasn’t a surprise. I have known Seth for a long time and he is not boyfriend material. Anyways I hope this school doesn’t eat the new kids alive.

I start off the conversation with the newbies. I can almost sense death coming off them.

“So, have you guys been to school before?” I ask because why not. Besides, they all look like they’ve been to school before.

“Yes, we actually have gone to school, but it hasn’t been the best experience for us.” said the boy with blue eyes. “ Let us introduce ourselves, my name is Timothy,” said the blue eyed boy. “ This is Toby,” He now pointed at the green eyed guy. “ And that is Brian, but we call him Hoodie” He pointed to the final boy and I can see why they call him Hoodie. He seemed to always have his hoodie up.

“Well, my name is Emily. The guy I was talking to early was my friend Seth.” Just when I think things are starting to go well.

“So, why are those girls calling you killer?” ask Toby.

I hate having to explain this but I can’t blame them. They’re new. “Well that is because everyone here thinks I killed my family but I did and I was proven innocent. I don’t like talking about it but you’re new so I’ll give you a pass. Just don’t ask me again. ’kay? If you have any other questions ask me.”

“ I have one... where do we get our schedule?” asked Hoodie. That is the first time I hear his voice.It’s strikingly deep and cold. Timothy’s voice is the same but it is a little sweeter. Toby’s voice is the most boyish like he is still a little kid.

“ In the media center. I’ll take you there.” I said, when we got there I told the lady that the boys were new and needed their schedule. She printed them out and handed them to me then told me to get out. “ Well, I don’t think you are going to need these.” I told them.

“Why?’’ ask Timothy. The boys gave me a curious look.

“Because you guys have all the same classes as me.” I tell them and for some weird reason I got chills down my spine. Something was about to go wrong. As we got to the class room the place went silent. I can feel everyone’s eyes on me. I try to ignore it but it feel like I’m fucking melting. I sit in a seat in the back Timothy, Toby, and hoodie in the same group as me. I feel a little better knowing that I am not sitting alone but it wasn’t going to last long.

“Hey look everyone! It’s killer... Oh, And it looks like she got herself some friends. Look newbies, everyone here know that this little bitch killed her so called “precious family” by starting a fucking fire. If anything, she deserves to fucking die.” Victoria said. That bitchy whore doesn’t know anything...

“Well at least I haven’t slept with every guy here. You also don’t know anything from the investagion so shut your fucking gaint ass mouth before I make you.” I really hate her. She was about to say something else but the teacher walked in.

Later during lunch I sat in the only part of the cafeteria that was quiet. Timothy, Toby and Hoodie sat with me. It was weird having them follow me around like lost puppies but they don’t know anyone else here and won’t talk to anyone.

“So, are you guys brothers?” I asked. It really doesn’t matter. I just want to have a decent conversation.

“No but we all live together. There’s other people that live with us but they’re either too old or too young to go to high school.” Toby said, “Do they serve waffles in the mornings here?”

“No but the food here isn’t that great. So I ....” I barely got my sentence going when I was interrupted.

“What about you? Do you live with anyone? ” Hoodie asked.

“No I live by myself. It fucking sucks sometimes but I have my own space” I laugh nervously because I never get asked questions.

“Are you into guys or girls?” Timothy asked

“ I don’t know Timothy. What do you think?” I say sarcastically. It is pretty obvious what the answer is.

“I think you like chicks... Oh and call me Tim please.” Tim said.

“...I like guys dumbass. I just don’t care to date right now.” I said.

Just then, the bell rang and told us that lunch was over. It was time for hell to start burning again.The bus ride home was interesting.The guys I met at school and have all the same classes with now are on my bus too. I was starting to get really creeped out. I walked to my front door and went in. I may be the only person in my home, but I am not alone. I have a cat and a dog. They are so loving and are very loyal to me. I enjoy their company, but I miss them even more, though I have these little guys. I finished my homework and took a rinse off. I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and there stood Timothy, Toby, and Brian (Hoodie).

“Hey guys, um….What are you doing here?” I asked because I was surprised that they were here. How did they know where I live?

“We came by to say hi and to see if you need company because you said you lived alone.” Toby said with a small smile.

“Well you guys can come in if you want, but I don’t have that much food or anything.” I said. I was a bit concerned that they might have followed me.

“Well that isn’t the only reason. We live next door and we got locked out and have to wait for one of the others to get home” explained Timothy.

“Hmm, if that is the cause, you guys are welcome to come over whenever you like. I would enjoy more company.” I said. I was at peace a little, because first off they didn’t follow me and second I like how they are honest.

“So why does everyone at school think that you kill your family? Why the name killer huh?” Brian asks. I told them not to ask that.

“Well, a few years ago there was a fire in the house I lived in with my family and everyone thinks I started the fire because I was the only survivor. Honestly, I don’t like talking about it.” I said. It sounded like I was going to cry.

“Sorry... I didn’t know,” Brian said. He looks down at his shoes and fiddles with his hoodie strings.

“Well, if I was going to kill someone it would definitely be Victoria. That fucking bitch doesn’t know a single goddamn thing about me,” I told them. They all laughed and so did I. We spent most of the time talking and telling stories. It was the most fun I had in years.

“I love creepypasta and I draw the characters how I see them,” I said

“Well who is your favorite?” they asked.

“That’s a tough question. But, I have to say the proxies are my favorite.” I said.

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