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A New Life, A New Me

Emily"s POV

They stayed for dinner and we sat in front of the T.V. and watched horror movies. They went home after a tall man knocked on the door and asked if they were there. I said my goodbyes to them and went to bed.The dream started out nice but it soon turned into a nightmare. I was running in the woods near my house. Someone was chasing me. I heard laughter and screams. I was bleeding and I had a strange urge to turn around and kill whatever was chasing me. I stood still and I saw Toby, Timothy, and Brian, but they were the proxies and Slenderman was behind them. He was reaching out to me, beckoning me to come. I ran to them and took his hand. I woke up right there and I had the sign of a proxy on my hand.

I did my best to hide it but it felt wrong. It was as if I was covering up my dignity, the person I am. The next morning I got to the bus stop and saw Timothy, Tody and Brian sitting there waiting for the bus. I walked up to them and realized that they do like the proxies a little bit.

“Hey guys, how are you doing?” I said. I really don’t know what to say to them. The dream freaked me out a bit.

“Waiting for the goddamn bus,”says Timothy.

“ Well it is usually 15 minutes late.” I tell them.

“How did you sleep? You seem tired.” Brian said

“I had a weird dream but I slept pretty good. What is Toby doing?” I asked

“I am praying to the waffle gods. I am out of Eggos.” Says Toby.

The bus came before I could ask why. Timothy sat with me. It was nice. He let me sleep on his shoulder and I let him sleep on me. When we got to school I was surprised to see that they actually had waffles in the cafeteria. Toby’s prayers were answered. I laughed my ass off when he yelled “THANK YOU WAFFLE GODS!” Brian and Timothy just exchanged looks like “ Here we go again” or “Oh brother.” It was a nice day. Well except for Victoria being that the fucking whorey bitch she is. Other than that,. it was good. We are sitting in the lunchroom.

“Hey, Emily... Go with us into the woods tonight. They said there will be a full moon.” Toby asks. Brian and Timothy slap Toby upside the head.

“She probably wants to stay home, idiot. You don’t have to go.” Brian said.

“Yeah it really isn’t anything.” says Timothy.

I don’t know what happened but the sign showed somehow and I know they saw. “I woke up with it on my hand.” I tried to explain. I also told them my dream or in my personal preference a nightmare.

“You have to go into the woods with us tonight. No decision about it, okay?” Timothy says in a demanding voice.

“Okay... But what are we doing? Can I bring my pets? They will be good, promise.” I said.

“ Okay but if they do anything it’s on you.” Brian said.

Later when we got on the bus I sat with Timothy again. I don’t know why but he makes me feel comfortable. I wanted to ask what was going on but I figure I will run away from them and lock myself in. The bus finally stopped and I ran off. I made it home and I locked the doors and windows. I heard knocking at the door and tapping on the window. I got up and ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. The door opened even though I locked it. I didn’t stay. I ran to the back door when someone caught me. It was Timothy, but he had a mask on the side of his head. It was a girly mask. Timothy is Masky. I try to get away from him but just whispers.

“Come with me. There is something going on and we are here to protect you. Zolgo’s men are on their way. Hurry, get Yin and Yang.” he saids to me.

I got my puppy and kitten along with a gun and a hunting knife that belonged to my mother. He told Brian (Hoodie) and Toby (Ticci Toby) to get my things but I kept the gun and knife. Masky grabbed my hand and the three of us ran into the woods, but I kept thinking to myself “Can I trust them? What is going to happen?” I was scared for the first time in my life.

Author Note: Emily is 18 and she can legally own a gun so deal with it and I will be posting new chapters when ever I can so follow to keep updated. This is only Emily's POV next chapter will be Masky's POV. I hope you will leave a review or comment. Thanks for reading. I hoped you enjoyed this. Byee!

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