Winner Takes All | Todoroki X Reader X Bakugou


You, the princess of a powerful yet beautiful kingdom faces a challenge, a challenge called love. When your guard and past friend fight for your attention it becomes a hassle for you and your new title as queen.

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𝕐𝕠𝕦𝕣 β„π•šπ•˜π•™π•Ÿπ•–π•€π•€? 𝕋𝕙𝕖 β„™π•£π•šπ•Ÿπ•”π•– 𝕀𝕀 ℍ𝕖𝕣𝕖.

Your maids were helping you with your corset as you awaited the prince of Silver Stead’s arrival. To be quite frank you had wanted nothing to do with the entitled brat that was the prince. Prince Katsuki, A prince that couldn’t care less for someone that isn’t himself. It was said that you and he were almost inseparable when you both were younger but as time progressed you two fell out of contact, and from the distant rumors you heard of him you didn’t want to get into contact with him EVER but your mother, the queen of your humble kingdom took it upon herself to reunite you and the lovely prince of Sliver Stead.

❝Are you ready, Your Highness?❞

Your maid asked as she fixed your crown and fluffed out your hair.

❝Ready? I don’t even want to meet him. He’s a disgrace to any Royal name! I can’t fathom how he’s even a prince.❞

You said with so much distaste for the ash blonde.

❝Your grace? It’s time for me to escort you to the garden.❞

Your personal guard, Todoroki said while bowing.

❝Thank you, Shoto. I’ll be there in a second.❞

You wore a simple off-the-shoulder white dress with beautiful flower accents, and the lace on the sleeves was simply to die for. You adjusted your tiara which held the most enchanting and vast jewels.

❝Let’s get this over with, Shall we?❞

You said gently taking hold of Shoto’s arm now walking out of the dressing room.

The walk was silent only the soft clicking of your heels could be heard as you walked through the large halls until a soft yet elegant song danced throughout the castle, so you hummed along to it your face ever so slightly touching Todoroki’s shoulder. Every once in a while without you knowing he’d look down at you and smile softly.

❝We’re here your grace.❞

Shoto said calmly, You untangled yourself from his arms now gracefully walking through the door to the garden the patter of the fountain and the fresh air that cupped your face was so refreshing until an unfamiliar scent made your face scrunch up.

You looked around your h/c locks flowing with your every movement until your eyes met some intimidating crimson ones.

Your heart skipped a beat as you scanned the male your e/c orbs expanded at the sight of him the man that you claimed to despise. You wanted to talk however, no words came out it made you furious, furious that the person you had so much detest for made you speechless, furious that before taking that silly glance at him you had so much to say, furious that your cheeks were flushed pink and finally furious at the fact that you wanted to make amends with him. It irked you that you had even thought of such a thing you were so disgusted with yourself that you had failed to notice his advances towards you.


The ash-blond commented as he gently took your hand and kissed it.


You said in a venomous tone while retracting your hand.

❝I will have to ask you to take a few steps back, Your Highness feels a sense of... Unease around you.❞

Todoroki said his eyes were dull and ominous.

❝I’d like to hear it from the princess.❞

The ash-blond glared at Shoto in return.


The sound rang out as Todoroki now had his sword drawn and positioned at Bakugou’s neck. Your eyes widened at Shoto’s odd display, You placed your hand on his shoulder which told him to withdraw his sword. He hesitantly did so now standing next to you.

❝My, My. This half and half bastard was ready to assassinate me. Just for this lovely rose over here.❞

Katsuki said grasping your chin with his fingers, Shoto growled smacking his hand away.

❝I'll be leaving now. Have someone escort you outside.❞

You glared at him, Your h/c hair was the last thing he saw being that you had stormed away. He looked at your figure in wonder as you left with your pesky guard.

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