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Korea a country which where ruled by three mafia gangs "The Kim's " , " The Choi's " and "The Jeon's ". A place where only murder and threat can be seen . But for a time being the three gangs decided to put it in a silence to all the works for the family . It been 10 Years that the mafias do all the business under control . No murders without reason no more threat to the Poor's. But once again all of it started when one of them broke the contract to which destroyed the three gangs . Choi Y/n the heir of the Choi gang . Well every girl want to be far from all this mafia's but you have a different opinion of it . You know that your family are one the greatest mafia in Korea . From your childhood you love to be the part of it to know more about the mafia . To be involved in mafia . But one incident changed everything which took away your loved one . A revenge or obsession which was restart to control all the things . " I hate you the most Kim " . . . . . . . . "My revenge will end when all of you will experience the same death that you all gave to my loved one ." " My revenge will be completed when all of you will die in my flame . You can say it as my revenge or obsession . " What happened that made the three mafia's into a big trouble . What incident force you to be the ruthless heir the cold hearted women . Who broke the contract and why ?

Mystery / Romance
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Name :- Kim Taehyung
Role :- Main Lead , Younger son of Kim Family .
Mafia/ N :- The Kim's
Nature :- Silence , Hardworking , Intelligent mysterious .

Name :- Choi Y/n
Role :- Main female lead , Younger heir of Choi Family .
Mafia /N :- The Choi's
Nature :- Stubborn , Intelligent , Cheerful
Strong , Powerful , Ruthless , Caring .

Name :- Jeon Jungkook
Role:- Second Lead , The younger heir of
Jeon family
Mafia/N :- The Jeon's
Nature :- Ruthless , Coldhearted , Arrogant , Strong , Destroyer , Powerful ,
Intelligent .

The three " Mafia Gangs " who are the
most powerful :-

The Kim's :-

Cast :- Mr. Kim (The head of Kim Gang)
Kim SeokJin : The eldest son of Kim
Kim Namjoon : The second son of Kim
Kim Taehyung: The younger son of Kim

The Choi's :-

Cast :- Mr.Choi (The head of Choi Gang)
Kim Jung-in (Kai ) :( The eldest son of Choi . He is the adopted son ).
Choi Baekhyun : ( The second son of Choi. )
Choi Y/n : (The youngest daughter of
Choi ).

The Jeon's :-
Cast :- Mr. Jeon ( The head of the Jeon
Gang )

Jeon Yoongi ( Suga ) : The eldest son of
Jeon .

Jeon Hoseok ( J-Hope ) : The second
son of Jeon.

Park Jimin : The third son of Jeon . The
adopted son .

Jeon Jungkook : The Youngest son of
Jeon .


(A/N : Sorry readers as i want all the members in my fanfiction I have to
make there titles according to there
gangs.😅So please don't be mad . Its
just for enjoyment . I hope you will
like my fanfiction. Thank you ).


Warning ~

It contains some harsh words , torchers
suicides and many more contents .
So don't read if you cannot bear .
It is the pure imagination in the fanfiction and it does not include any
real individuals . Its pure imaginary .

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