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Elijah’s Unknown Son (abandoned)


When I was just fourteen years of age, I had encountered a beautiful raven-haired girl by chance in the woods while doing morning chores. I had another encounter that night during the new moon bonfire celebration. With too much Ale false confidence and poor choices we ended up in bed together . . . both naked. I only got her name and a denial of the previous night’s events occurring before she fled the scene but not without passing mother. If I had known that more trouble would come from the night, we spent together then just a weird talking to from father I would have looked for the raven-haired beauty longer. I would have looked for as long as it took so that I could know my son for longer than I know him now. It is my biggest regret that I let the beauty blessed by Lady Freyja herself get away even more so knowing now that she had twins. It saddens me that my daughter lost her life what seems like seconds after drawing breath and it has been centuries before I was even made aware. I hope that both my daughter and her mother are in peace. I will always keep her memory outside of the red door, the memory of the raven haired, blue eyed, little wolf that stole my purity . . . Alisa Hale.

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