Her Vindictiveness


He grabbed her wrist and twirl her so her back was in contact with his hard chest. "I am in love with you." He said in a deep voice and give her earlobe a soft and sweet kiss. She chuckled darkly. "Liar." He twirl her again and made her face him. "It's Truth, I want to marry you." He said, his lips displayed a genuine smile but she knows the consequences of trusting The Jeon. She smirked. "Again, Liar." She freed herself and exited the hall and entered the Balcony. He followed her, stand behind her and started running his fingers on her bare forearm. "It's Truth, My life is now in your palms." He voiced out. "Now that's Truth." Just in a snap of a finger he was against the railing and she pushed him hard. He was starting to fall when she gripped his hands, pulled him towards her and hugged him. She smirked. Be Aware, Jeon. Not every Pretty face has pretty heart. ••••••••••••••••• A Revenge Game. Two Players. A Big Scar. A Hunger of Blood. And A Dark Ugly Truth

Romance / Other
Park Vennie
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My breath was heavy but I can't stop.

My knees were bleeding but I couldn't fall.

My mind was foggy but it can't shut down.

My eyes were full with tears but I had to see ahead of me.

I have to run. Run for my family. Run for Myself. Run for The Revenge.

Mr.Jeon, I will come back and The day I will come back will be the last day You will breath fresh air.

"You can Run, EunJi But you cannot hide." He laughed. His jeep is just behind me. Challenging me to fight him. But I am not Dumb. This chip will not be in your hands, Mr.Jeon.

You destroyed my life just because of a chip, Now I will become your end. You made me become a Vindictive. Now, My vindictiveness will be much more than your greediness.

My legs were giving up. These roads were rough. There are only one way roads, I am running just beside the valley of the mountain.

"If you will give me the chip, I will let you live, Dear." He said. I scoffed.

My leg slipped and I rolled in the valley.

"EunJi." Mr.Jeon Shouted. "Dammit, My Chip."

Wait for Me, Mr.Jeon. I will get you. I tightened my grip around the intel chip.


So, I was a Wattpad writer. Who am I kidding? I still am. But I decided to write my book on both Inkitt and Wattpad. Wattpad is not much turstable app. Too many authors complain that there Books got deleted so I didn't wanted that thing to repeat with me, So I decided to write on both the apps.

Support me here.

My Wattpad ID : Park Vennie
My Wattpad Username : NoHanaNoLife
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