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"Strangers." | Kim Taehyung [X-reader]


Follow the story of a young broken youth who has to deal with life after losing her father and younger brother in a terrible car accident that took both of their lives but spared her own. Y/n being the sole survivor of the sudden tragedy, caused her to fall into smoking and underage drinking. Not only does she have to adjust to living with her Aunt since her Mother is terminally ill, y/n is forced to deal with the negative feelings from becoming overshadowed by her twin Sister. Who is much more successful than her. However, now there's a mystery guy that appears in her life who may bring more harm than good. Will he be a positive influence on her and bring her back to the girl she once was?

Drama / Romance
Amy Williams
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The Mystery Man

You woke up to your alarm like you did every morning. Your Aunt made you get up at 7:30 a.m. every morning for breakfast and for a different lesson you had to take, for your home schooling. Your Aunt Jenny was the one that gave you the work. She had a degree in developmental education. All you wanted to do was stay in your comfy space and sleep. You hated living. Ever since your little Brother Kieran and your dad died, you haven't wanted to do anything for the past month. You didn't like to think about it. In fact, most of the time you tried. It was difficult to forget those memories when it had happened so recently. Sometimes you cursed the heavens for plaguing your body with feelings. You felt guilty for being the one that survived.

"I guess... I better get up." You said groggily, still buried under your blankets. You were going to go back to sleep, but you knew your Aunt hated when you were late. You threw off your blankets and sat up. You look down at yourself, looking at the same exact clothes you'd been wearing for the past week.You didn't really care.

Who were you going to dress up for, anyways? Who would you impress? No one.
You didn't have a boyfriend because you ended the last relationship when half your family died. You were so heartbroken, you were unable to handle any kind of relationships with anybody. You were a mess and pushed people away. No boyfriend. No friends
You thought. Even to this day, you are still a mess. Breaking up with Park Jimin was one of the hardest things you had to do. You rolled your eyes just thinking about it. You were in need of something to take the edge off. You stuck the hidden cigarettes and flask of whiskey you stole from your Aunt's hidden stash, and shoved them in your pocket. You knew you were a bad kid for doing this stuff, but you didn't care. If Jenny didn't want you to indulge in this stuff, than she shouldn't keep it in the house. You slid your slippers on and quickly took your brush through your hair. After, you put your hair up in a messy bun. You had massive bags under your eyes from the lack of sleep. You didn't tell Jenny this, but you sneak out to go on midnight walks to relieve the stress every night. If she knew you did that, you'd be whisked away to another doctor's office and be forced to take yet another dumb, medicine you didn't need. On top of the therapist visits you had to endure twice a week, and the medicine for your depression and anxiety, you definitely didn't want to give her any other reason to throw you in a loony bin...or get doped on drugs. Luckily, you weren't into popping pills. Ironic, isn't it?
You shimmied over to the kitchen, following the scent of food being cooked. You were hungry due to the fact that you hadn't eaten dinner last night. You just came home and crashed. Your Aunt saw you and immediately shot you a dirty look.

"Y/N, you did not come down here looking like that. You're wearing the same clothes again." She sighed, setting a hand on her hip. You look at yourself again.
What was wrong with my gray sweatpants and my band shirt?
"What's wrong with it?" You ask, acting dumb.
"Everything. Go and change. Those are dirty."
She went back to cooking. "At least you made an effort to brush that rat's nest, you call hair."
She wouldn't shut up about it so you decided to go back to tour room. But not before glaring at her first.


You went to your closet to see what you had. You didn't really feel like looking. Therefore, you end up grabbing the first thing you saw and threw it on. You moved the cigarettes and flask into one of the pockets of your old black pants and go back to the kitchen. The food was put and ready, as your Aunt waited for you to come out. She just frowned.

"Well, I guess that's better." She motioned for you to sit down and eat.
"Sage would have a heart attack if she saw you like this."
Of course she'd take every opportunity in bringing up your twin whenever she could. You rolled your eyes.
"Yeah, well. She's not here, okay? She got to graduate at 17 and go off to college. She doesn't have time to come over here and freak out over me and have a heart attack." You say harshly.
"Y/N, please. She's hurting just as bad as you. She's only 2 hours away, anyway. She can visit whenever she wants to." She didn't look at you when she said this, she was just eating.
"Whatever." You started started gulping down your breakfast after you filled it. You wanted out of here as fast as you could. You couldn't stand to listen to her.
"No, not whatever. You have to be happy for her. She's doing her best and so should you."
You rolled your eyes once more.
"And stop rolling your eyes at me. You need to change your attitude, Y/N. And stop with the smoking I know you're doing. It doesn't help anyone."
"I can't! Maybe it helps me, huh?! My Dad is dead and so is my Brother! Have you ever stopped to think about how that makes me feel?!" You yell, slamming your hands down. Your Aunt retaliates by slapping her fork down.
"Yeah!? Well my Sister is dying and my nephew is dead!! We all suffer, we're all suffering... But at least some of us are making the best of the situation and are trying to move on - trying to cope! Your Sister is going to school for medicine, and I recently got a better paying job. What are you doing with your life?!" She snapped, raising her voice louder than she usually does. You instantly started crying. It was silent, but still visible.
Her regret was instant as she saw your tears. Her face softened and she went to your side.
"I'm sorry, Y/N. I shouldn't have yelled and made you cry." She was speaking nicely to you now. She rubbed your back to help calm you down, as your body was shaking.
But you didn't want her comfort.
You shrugged her off and got up to leave.
"Y/N, where are you going? You need to finish your food."
"I'm leaving. I need out." You spat.
"No, you're not. You have an English test you need to take."
You walk off anyway and she followed. "Why does it matter? I'll just fail it, and embarrass you and Mom again."

"Don't say that. Besides, you can't go out looking like that because otherwise people will think I'm abusing you."
"Close enough!" You bark. She just stared at you.
"Y/N! You know I don't do that."
You sigh. She was right.
"I know."
She smiled, walking over to you and patting your back.
"Don't go. Take your English lesson, alright? If you pass, I'll take you to our favorite coffee shop."
Your face lit up like Christmas.
"What!? Really? We haven't been there since..."
She nodded and smiled.
"I know. How about it?"
You sigh and smile, shaking your head. "Okay, fine."
She jumped up and down, clapping like a little kid. Sometimes, you couldn't believe that she was 11 years older than you.


[12:00 p.m.]

You had your lesson and lunch after that. She made sandwiches and homemade potato chips. You both checked on Mom, giving her the food you made together. Aunt Jennie had left to go grade your paper while you sat on the couch to watch your favorite art program.

Regardless whether or not you pass, you were still going to sneak out tonight and go visit your favorite hang out spot to smoke and drink until your heart desires.
She came back into the living room, arms folded behind her back. She showed no emotion.
You frowned. "I failed didn't I?"
She giggled.
"Nah. You got an 86! A 'B,' Y/N. It's a passing grade! I can turn this into the school!" She handed it to you, in which you took from her and looked it over.
"What? Wow. I'm surprised."

"Yes! Now come, on. Let's go get your: ' venti, almond milk, no whipped cream, Chai latte!" She sang in a mocking tone.
You roll your eyes and threw the paper back at her.
"Yeah whatever."
She laughed. "Go get ready so we can leave. I'll talk to your Mom to see if she wants anything and I'll call the maid."
You agree with those terms and go back to your room to get ready. Once you're done, you come back after about 30 minutes to see that the worker is here so you both leave on your happy excursion.


You had a pretty nice time, other than the fact that Aunt Jenny repeatedly brought up Sage in the convo as she pointed to outfits that she would have worn if she were here. It was annoying. It pissed you off, because it was supposed to be about you. She ruined the trip. As you got home, she paid the maid for her time and quietly left. The trip wasn't a complete waste though. Because she shoved a couple bags into your arms that you knew for a fact were dresses she wanted you to wear. You actually tried them on and liked them. But that didn't mean you'd actually wear them.
You go to your room and flop down onto the bed.
"When will she learn that one coffee and a couple cute dresses won't fix the problems and help my shitty life get better?" You whisper out loud, closing your eyes. You quickly fell asleep and were unaware of it, until your phone ring tone woke you up. You got up and took it out of your purse to look.
You only slept for 20 minutes, but you notice that you had 5 texts and 2 missed calls from Jimin.
"Huh? Why is Jimin contacting me? Then again, I didn't know I neglected my phone this much."

You shrugged the thought aside. You hadn't heard from Jimin since you ended things between you two. But, that shouldn't be a surprise because you literally ignore everyone. You don't reply to texts, or answer calls. You'd think they'd get the hint.
"Besides, Jimin is my ex. I don't want to see him or talk to him ever again."
You turn your phone off and put it away. You go out and say hi to your Mom and go have dinner with Aunt Jenny. You were about to go back into hiding until she stopped you.
"Please, Y/N... take your medication and get to bed at a decent time. It's already 9. I want you up before 8 tomorrow morning, so I can give you your Science and Math homework."
You look at her, then shrug and head to your door. But, she grabbed you by the arm.
"I mean it!"
"Okay, Jenny. Whatever. Can you let me go now?" You snarl, irritated.
"Only if you will do what I ask."
"I will! Okay?"
She gave you a stern look, but she reluctantly let you go and you were free. "Thank you."
You wave her off and go to your room, shutting the door. You wanted to hibernate until she went to bed. So, you wasted time by laying around and listening to music.


When it was well passed 11 p.m., you shut your music off to get ready. The house was quiet. It was time to take your leave. Getting to your window, you opened it and hopped out, making sure to close it again as to not let a draft inside.
You've done this every night for the past month. It was like second nature to you. You slip your phone in your pocket.
As you walked further away from your house, you lit a cigarette and took a drag. It was nice. Although you weren't old enough to smoke yet, you had some buddies who were over 18 and that provided you with them. It was a bad habit, but it was the only way you knew how to cope instead of lashing out at the family.


Arriving to the secluded park that was hidden away in the back corner of a neighborhood 6 blocks from you, you found your usual tree that you enjoyed and climbed it. You moved up high to one of the biggest branches there were and made yourself comfortable. You were finally getting the peace and quiet you deserved. Only the sound of the wind and crickets. No barking parental units to jump down your throat about how you need to stop grieving, and move on. Such bullshit.
You took a swig of the flask that was in the other pocket of your pants. You put in an ear bud and blasted music, mouthing along to the words.
You shivered as a cold breeze blew by you. Goosebumps littered your arms, causing you to rub them up and down.
"Guess I should've brought a jacket. It's kinda cold." You frown, bringing up your knees to your chest and light up another cigarette from your pack as you finished the other one. Suddenly, a deep male voice startled you out of your thoughts.
"Aren't you a little too young to be smoking? It's also a bit too late to be in a park by yourself, don't you think?"
You almost fell out of the tree. You peered down at the person where the voice had come from. It was very dark outside, so you couldn't see him properly. The cig hung out of your mouth.
"Aren't you a bit too old to be hanging around teenage girls and kids parks, too? Take your own advice."

You ignore him by leaning back your head and continuing to smoke.
"How about you climb down to safety, so we can have a proper conversation?" He said that so calmly. And that voice... It was... DEEP.
"Go away, I don't talk to strangers." You flick the ashes out in the direction of him. He stepped away in the line of light, to get away from it.
"You're talking to me now, aren't you?"
You click your tongue and peer down at him again. "Oh shut up. You're the one that came to talk to me, first."
You were about to put your other earbud in for your music, but he spoke to you again.
"That's because you looked distressed. I wanted to make sure you were okay."
You looked down at him again. You were able to see him properly since he was being illuminated by the park light. He was... beautiful. He had dark brown eyes and dyed gray hair. He couldn't have been much older than you.

"Well, I'm not! I'm fine. You wasted your time."
He looked up at you with the kindest smile. You blushed, your heart skipping a beat.
"Most normal people don't come out late at night to daydream in a tree, for no reason other than the fact that they are stressed out about something."
You flicked the cigarette bud away and had another drink of the alcohol.
He was getting on your nerves.
"Don't you know how to scram when you're obviously not wanted?!" You gaze at him, emptying the flask and putting it away. You were going to cuss him out, but the tree branch you leaned on snapped and you fell forward. You were unable to catch your balance. He lept forward quickly and caught you in his arms, but he ended up falling on his butt onto the ground.
Your fingers dug deeply into his arms from pure reflex. You were scared and you automatically held onto him without knowing. You blushed a bright pink color.
What the hell.
"Ah! Let go, pervert!" You jumped out of his arms, stepping away from this mystery man. You were furious.
"Well, I expected a normal form of gratitude, like a 'thank you,' but I suppose that will do." He laughed. But you were already walking away. He was way taller than you, so he caught up to you easily. You admit you didn't feel too well. Was it lack of sleep? The alcohol?

You stumbled from feeling lightheaded and you were in his arms again. You now had a better chance to see him. He really was beautiful. He has clear, gorgeous skin. Two beauty marks adorned his face. 1 on his left cheek, and the other under his right eye. He looked like a doll, or an angel. He didn't seem real to you.

"Woah, careful now. Are you... okay?" He asked with a concern look on his face.
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