The Crystal P*ssy


You discover a mysterious crystal inside a cave that ups your stats and your physique. That is when the fun begins.

Erotica / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - The Crystal Pussy

You finished work for the day with Aqua, and after drinking and eating a lot, you decided to take a walk.

You went to the fields outside of town. It was very beautiful and very peaceful.

You found a little hill and decided to go there to sit down for a while, but you found a hole in the side of the hill. It was a small cave.

Inside it was dark and there were cobwebs and rocks everywhere, but you could see a glowing light.

At the back of the cave, there was a glowing crystal, floating in the air.

“Whoa! Magical item!”

When you picked it up, you noticed it looked like a pussy. It even had a small hole in it.

“What a weird item...”

You didn’t know why anyone would want a crystal fuck toy, but it made you curious.

So you pulled your pants down and took out your long thick cock.

“This is so weird...Aqua would go crazy laughing at me if she saw this...”

You touched the hole with your tip and pushed inside.


You came immediately inside the crystal and a blinding light filled the cave!

Thank you, kind mortal... A voice spoke. My seal has been broken and you have freed my spirit. I am an angel of sexual desire. I was locked away in this crystal for many centuries, but your dick and your semen have freed me. I will grant you powers of irresistible sexual attraction. Women will not be able to resist having sex with you, even devils and goddesses won’t be immune to your bod. And any abilities you possess will be enhanced tenfold. Go forth and fill women with joy. Make their hearts light and bring peace to their minds.

The light and the voice faded away, the crystal didn’t glow anymore.

But your dick was now so big it could never fit inside the crystal, and you were now stronger! You picked up a rock and crushed it to dust in your hand!

But now you also wanted to fuck someone.

You left the cave.

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