The Guitar God


You're a new student in school. You were kicked out of your last school for fighting and getting caught having sex with a girl, after you already had sex with at least 20 others - you had lost count. You've also been playing guitar ever since you could hold one. You live for music and fucking hot chicks. You learn that the school has a popular band that's all girls, your two favorite things. You find out they're all uptight, even better. So you show them what a real rock star can do, and what a real rock star does to loosen up (hint: fucking).

Erotica / Humor
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Chapter 1 - The God Cummeth

You showed up on campus at your new school. Other than you, there were only girls attending it. You didn’t know how things had wound up this way, but you had to say you couldn’t complain~

At your last school, you had been caught fucking a girl silly in the bathroom stall. She was pretty hot, not the best you had, but she could really get into it. You had no idea if someone had tattled on you, or if the two of you were just being too loud. You had lost count of how many girls you fucked up to that point, so there’s a chance some guy got too jealous and said something. Maybe one of the dudes you beat the life out of, you’d been written up for a few too many fights too.

And so, you were expelled from that school just to wind

You didn’t know what the hell those idiots at the district were thinking.

“Someone must have really screwed something up...” You muttered. “Bad for them, good for me~” You then wondered how long it would be before they noticed too many students were showing up late for class and having trouble walking.

You brought your trusty guitar with you, because you also heard there was a rock band of some kind at this school. It was, like, a club and everything. They didn’t have band clubs at your last school, other than the school band, but fuck that noise! You wanted to kick ass and fuck girls!

You found the room and let yourself in.

“Light Music Club...?” You muttered as you opened the door. “We’re gonna have to change that.”

You stopped because as soon as you walked in, there was already a cutey in the room. She had short brown hair and was tuning a Gibson Les Paul Sunburst model.

“Mm?” She looked up at you. She had...crumbs all over her face...

“Nice axe~” You smiled. “Wanna see mine?”
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