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I Can't Believe it's not Inc*st!


You catch your STEP-imouto Kirino masturbating to imoutos! Wat do? Call the lolice? The Federal Bureau of Imoutos? Say "get professional help" and call it a day? She's been really mean to you for as long as you've known her, and she doesn't want you to tell anyone about her lil sister secret. She will do anything~ Little do you know of the doors that this will open up for the two of you.

Erotica / Humor
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Chapter 1 - I Can't Help my Bratty Stepsister Heal from a Sports Injury!

Your step-sister Kirino has always been cold to you. She never talks to you and behaves as if you don’t exist. You’re just a normal guy, you go to school, you have a bomb-ass childhood friend with the sweetest voice and demeanor, you really don’t do anything to reward any kind of disdain or disgust. And yet, since day one, Kirino has always treated you like a living room lamp, or that one forgotten piece of furniture that no one really uses, but can’t throw away because it fits the decor.

This was until one day, Kirino came home with a sports injury from track and field, she had hurt her ankle and couldn’t walk or stand very well. Finally, for once in Kirino’s perfect life, something had gone wrong. You hoped that this might show her some humility.

Your mom tasked you with looking after her. She said it might finally bring some bonding between you.

You didn’t care if you and Kirino started spending more time together, you just wanted her to stop walking around with her nose in the air all the time and understand she was more human than she probably imagined.

Her injury didn’t seem to change much about her at all! You hoped she’d at least have turned into the meek injured little step sister you could finally dote on, at least a little bit. But no! She started making demands of you like you were her personal butler! She was a total pain no matter what her condition!

That was until one fateful afternoon after you came home from school...

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